Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (5-й рік навчання) - М.О. Кучма - Богдан 2017 рік


Lesson 18 Theatre

Whoever you like

Whenever you like

Wherever you like

Whatever you like

However you like

1. Reply to the questions using the words whoever, whenever, wherever, whatever, or however.

Model: A: Which programme can I take?

B: You can take whichever you like.

1. A: Where can I sit?


2. A: Who can I bring with me?


3. A: When can I come?


4. A: What can I wear to the theatre?


2. Work in pairs. Make up and role-play short conversations using the questions and replies from exercise 1.

3. Read the telephone conversation. Make up a similar one and role-play it with your classmate.

Alice: Hello.

Fred: Hello. May I speak to Jane, please?

Alice: Just a minute… Jane, it’s for you.

Jane: Hello.

Fred: Hi, Jane. This is Fred. Would you like to go to the theatre tonight?

Jane: I’d love to. I haven’t been to the theatre for a long time.

Fred: Good. I’ll pick you up around three-thirty, then. The performance starts at seven.

Jane: Fine, I’ll be ready.

4. Group the sentences according to the categories given below.

1. talking about permission

a) the present

b) the past

2. request

a) informal

b) formal

c) polite

1. You can entertain friends. 2. May I have some fast food? 3. Could you take some photos for me? 4. I could always eat out. 5. Can you show me your new cardigan, please? 6. They could always socialize. 7. We can videotape the appearances. 8. She could decorate churches.

May / might, як і can, вживається для вираження можливості.

5. Work in groups of three. Look at the events given below. Decide how likely you think it is that these events will happen to you at some time in your lives.

I will

I may/might

I will not

1. learn to drive

2. travel abroad

3. fall in love

4. go into politics

5. have children

6. own a car

7. own your own home

8. get married

9. run your own business

10. win a lottery

11. play a sport for your country

12. be on TV

6. Let representatives from each group call out their total results for each point.

Model: 1. We feel that the event «Learn to Drive» is quite likely to happen to us. (will)

2. The event «To Go into Politics» is possible, but we feel less sure of its likelihood. (may/might)

3. The event «Be on TV» definitely won’t happen to us. (will not)

7. Look at the events in exercise 5 again. Write which of the events you’d like to happen to you.

Model: I’d like to learn to drive…

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