Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (5-й рік навчання) - М.О. Кучма - Богдан 2017 рік


Lesson 19 Choosing a Performance

1. Match the words with their definitions.

1. billboard

a) seats in the part of a theatre nearest to the stage

2. box office

b) a place where hats and coats may be left

3. the stalls

c) programme

4. the gallery

d) a placard, notice, giving information about a play

5. cloak-room

e) the highest balcony where the cheapest seats are placed

6. cast

f) the main role

7. play-bill

g) an office for booking seats in a theatre

8. the leading role

h) a set of actors in a play

2. Read the text and answer the questions after it.

If you want to go to a theatre you must first look through the billboard to find out what is on. Some people don’t like to have seats far from the stage. They get tickets for the stalls. If you have little money you take seats on the gallery. When you come to any theatre you leave your coat in the cloak-room.

If you want to know the cast you buy a play-bill. You look through it to find out who plays the leading role in the performance you are going to see. After this you take your seat and wait for the lights to go down. Soon the lights go down, the curtain goes up and the play begins.

1. How can you find out what is on?

2. Do you like to have seats far from the stage or near it? Which tickets are the cheapest ones?

3. What is the cloak-room for?

4. What do you do if you want to know the cast?

5. How do you know that the play begins?

3. Practise saying the names.

4. Work in pairs. Make up and role-play the dialogue(s). Use the sentences given below.

1. Where would you like to go?

2. What about going to______ ?

3. Do you know what is on today?

4. Let’s go over to the billboard and see what’s on.

5. Who is it by?

6. Is it worth seeing?

7. How long will it take us to get there?

8. How will we get there?

9. Let’s go.

Should, ought to

виражають моральний обов’язок, пораду, рекомендацію.

5. Read the sentences. Pay attention to the translation.

You ought to go there. Тобі слід піти туди.

You should visit her. Тобі слід/варто відвідати її.

You oughtn’t to go there. Тобі не слід/не варто йти туди.

You shouldn’t visit her. Тобі не слід/не варто відвідувати її.

6. Choose the word that best completes each sentence.

1. Neighbours________________ to help each other.

a) ought

b) should

c) could

2. You really_________________ be more careful.

a) ought

b) should

c) have

3. You are 18! You_______________ to be able to look after yourself.

a) ought

b) have

c) should

4. He focus more on his family.

a) ought

b) have

c) should

7. Write about the performance you’ve seen recently. Use the key sentences given below.

1. The play______________ by____________ is exciting (boring).

2. It was so dull to watch this play that I felt like walking out.

3. I could not help crying (laughing).

4. The acting was first-rate.

5. The play deals with__________ (e.g. the events of our time).

6. It was an evening/matinee performance.

7. The house was full/half empty.

8. The house burst into applause.

9. The performance was a great success with the public.

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