Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (5-й рік навчання) - М.О. Кучма - Богдан 2017 рік


Lesson 22 Favourite Film

1. Read the text.


Hollywood in California in America is the film centre of the world. You can visit the film studios there, and see the houses of famous film stars.

In Hollywood in 1900s the first films were exciting adventures and love stories. The most popular films that directors make nowadays are cartoons and science fiction films.

2. Look at the pictures. Match the type of the film with the picture. Describe what is happening in one of the pictures.

3. Explain why you can’t go to the cinema. There is a model to help you.

Model: I. A: Shall we go to the cinema tomorrow?

B: I’m sorry. I can’t. I am going to visit my grandparents tomorrow.

4. Read the text.


I like to go to the cinema. When I have time I always go to see some new films. There is a cinema not far from my house and I often go there with my friends. I prefer feature films and amusing comedies. I also like true-to-life films describing the life of ordinary people, their feelings and problems. As a rule, such films leave a deep impression on me. My favourite film, which I have seen lately, is «Titanic». It is an American film that was produced and directed by a famous director James Cameron. This film tells us about the real tragedy of the British passenger liner «Titanic». It was supposed to be unsinkable but it struck in an iceberg and sank off on its first voyage in 1912. There were many victims — 1513 lives were lost. While watching the film I was mostly impressed by special effects. A young American actor Leonardo DiCaprio and an English actress Kate Winslet played the leading parts. This film achieved a world-wide fame. It won 11 Oscars in 1998, the highest annual motion picture awards of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts of the USA for the best picture, best director, best cinematography, best screenplay, best scenery, best costumes, best sound and best music. This film was very popular with cinema-goers and I like it a lot.

5. Use the photos below to speak about «Titanic».

6. Tell your class about your favourite film.

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