Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (5-й рік навчання) - М.О. Кучма - Богдан 2017 рік


Lesson 33 Favourite Writer

1. Read and learn the first column of a poem.


T Shevchenko

When I am dead, then bury me

In my beloved Ukraine,

My tomb upon a grave mound high

Amid the splendid plain.

So that the fields, the boundless steppes,

The Dnieper’s plunging shore

My eyes could see, my ears could hear

The mighty river roar.

Translated by John Weir

2. Work in pairs. Read and role-play the dialogues with your classmate.

1. A: Where are you hurrying?

B: Haven’t you heard? We are having a party today.

A: I remember! Devoted to T Shevchenko, right?

B: Right you are. Join me.

A: With pleasure.

2. A: By the way, what facts from Shevchenko’s biography do you know?

B: I know that he was born in a serf family. From the very childhood he learned misery.

A: Which of his works do you like best of all?

B: «The Mighty Dnieper».

A: What is this poem about?

B: It’s about Taras’ love to his native country, Ukraine.

A: Is he your favourite poet?

B: Yes.

A: Then, you will enjoy the party.

3. Complete short conversations with indefinite pronouns.

1. A: has taken my book. Has _______ seen it?

B: No,__________ took it. It’s over there.

2. A: The fire destroyed everything. We couldn’t find ____ afterwards.

B: Right you are. There was______ left.

3. A: If ________ calls, just take their number and say I’ll call them back as soon as possible.

B: OK.

4. A: I am looking for ___________ who speaks French.

B: I can speak French and German.

A: Great!

5. A: Do you want______ else?

B: No, thank you.

6. A: I didn’t bring my money with me.

B: Don’t worry, I’ve got __________ .

7. A: Aren’t there_______ other jobs she could do better?

B: Of course, there are.

4. Split into small groups. Take turns to talk about given topics. You are allowed to pass and miss a turn. The group, which talks about more topics, will win.

1. three cities you’ve been to in the last year

2. a beautiful place you’ve visited

3. something dangerous you’ve done

4. any new words you’ve learnt today

5. someone interesting you’ve met recently

6. something delicious you’ve eaten this week

7. the most expensive thing you’ve bought

8. something you’ve given up

9. something you’ve dreamt about recently

10. a film you haven’t enjoyed

5. Work in small groups. Discuss:

1) what book by an English, American, or Ukrainian writer you have read,

2) whom it was written by,

3) what it is about,

4) what your impression of the book is,

5) if you want to read another book by the same writer.

6. Make a library research. Write and then tell about your favourite writer/ poet and his works.

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