Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (5-й рік навчання) - М.О. Кучма - Богдан 2017 рік


Lesson 37 Types of Tourism

1. Listen, read and remember the words and word combinations.

2. Match the terms with the definitions.

1. sports tourism

a) a type of tourism, which involves journeys for people who share the same hobby

2. leisure tourism

b) a type of tourism which involves tours for relaxation and entertainment

3. special-interest tourism

c) a type of tourism which involves tours with a lot of physical training, exercising and keeping fit

3. Read the descriptions, guess the types of tourism and match them with the corresponding pictures.

1. It is a type of tourism when a person goes on holiday. The purpose is recreation. The travellers want to go sunbathing, swimming and diving. They enjoy organized entertainment and sport, local sights, amusement or theme parks.

2. This tourism is a travel for business purposes. People often travel to attend a conference or a seminar, an international exhibition or a trade fair.

3. This tourism is a type of active holiday. Tourist companies offer hiking, cycling, boating, rafting and other kinds of tours. Very often such tours require preparation and special training.

Within this tourism there is water tourism, mountain tourism, downhill skiing, horse riding and many other types.

4. Work in pairs. Listen, read and role-play the dialogue given below.

A: I was wondering if we could continue talking about travel and tourism.

B: That sounds fine with me.

A: Are there many types of tourism nowadays?

B: Quite a lot! They depend on the purposes of travelling people. The more purposes the travellers have, the more types of tourism will be. The purposes are holidays, business, health, study, sports, etc.

A: What is a special-interest tourism?

B: Any hobby you can think of: cookery, painting, bird-watching, motor racing, horse riding, botany and survival.

A: Survival? It must be fantastic! Is it an adventure holiday somewhere on the uninhabited island?

B: Absolutely so!

A: Oh! The more you are telling me about tourism, the more ignorant I am feeling.

5. Write approximately 10 sentences about the most popular types of tourism with your family and relatives. Give the reasons.

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