Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (5-й рік навчання) - М.О. Кучма - Богдан 2017 рік


Lesson 3 Leisure Time

1. a) In your exercise book evaluate each activity:

1. the sports and pastimes you participate in, are interested in, or watch (S);

2. the ones that other members of your family take an interest in (+);

3. the games and pastimes you dislike or disapprove of (x);

4. the ones you might take up or get interested in one day (?).

b) Underline your favourite activity in each category and add any which are missing.

c) Work in groups. Compare your lists. Present the information to class. 2. Make up a dialogue, using the key questions given below.

What sports do your friends go in for?

Who is good at basketball?

Where do they train?

How often do they go to the gym?

3. Read how members of Mark’s family spend their spare time.

Hi! My name is Mark. I’m fourteen. I cannot say that I’m a couch potato, but I’m quite happy to stay at home most evenings. I usually watch TV, read interesting books or play computer games.

My sister’s name is Mary. She is nine. She has very energetic interests and hobbies. She loves playing tennis, basketball, dancing and hiking. But she hates collecting labels or coins.

My father is a football fan. He is a Dynamo supporter. He goes to all their matches when they play at home.

My mother is an absolutely wonderful cook. She makes fantastic dishes.

4. Look at the pictures. Tell about Mark’s family.

Student 1: Where_______________ ?

St. 2: I am going to my school gym.

St. 1: Why____________________ ?

St. 2: I’ll have my training there.

St. 1: How often________________ ?

St. 2: I have my training every other day.

St. 1: Who________ ?

St. 2: Petrenko is my coach.

St. 1: Do_________ ?

St. 2: Of course I do.

6. Make some notes about yourself. Use the ideas below and those from exercises 1 and 2 and add more ideas of your own. Present the information to class.

1. Sports and hobbies

I play a little___________________

I used to play__________________ but now______________

I like to go____________________ (+ verb with -ing)

I collect____________________

2. Cultural interests and holidays

(books) I like__________________

(music) I like__________________

(films) I like___________________

(magazines) I like__________________

Would expresses past repeated actions and routine.

Used to expresses past states or habits.

Model: Grandma would always make me porridge for breakfast (also: used to make). When I was young I used to live in Lviv (Not: would).

7. Work in groups. Discuss the changes in your lives over the years.

Talk about:

1. hobbies

4. personality

7. daily routine

2. sports

5. food

8. favourite books

3. clothes

6. likes/dislikes

Use used to.

Model: — What were your hobbies and what are they now?

— 5 years ago I used to play football but I don’t play it any more. I’d rather play the guitar.

8. Write 10-12 sentences about how members of your family spend their spare time. Then tell your class about it.

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