Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (5-й рік навчання) - М.О. Кучма - Богдан 2017 рік


Lesson 42 A Place to Stay

1. Listen, read and remember the words and word combinations.

2. One of the places to stay when you are travelling is a hotel. Complete the dialogue and role-play it with your classmate.

A: Hello, I’m Mr Smith. I’d like to book a single/double room for two nights. Have you got any vacancies?

B: Yes. The room costs $ 50 per night.

A: Is breakfast included?

B: No.

A: Do I have to pay a deposit?

B: Yes, please.

A: Is there a discount for children?

B: Yes. That’s 10 % discount.

3. Now you are at the hotel. Complete the dialogue and role-play it with your classmate.

A: Good evening, sir/madam. How can I help you?


A: Could I just see some identification, please?


A: And will you be using a garage?


A: Will you be paying by credit card?


A: Could I just have your card please, to swipe it?


A: Could you sign here, on the registration card, please?


A: And this is your key card.

4. Look at the hotel plan. Say how you would answer the questions below.

1. Excuse me, where is the hairdresser’s?

2. Excuse me, do you have a gym?

3. Excuse me, are there toilets near the wellness area?

4. Excuse me, is there a business corner in the hotel?

5. Have you got a swimming pool?

5. Work in groups of four or five. Make a list of all the services a hotel can offer in the following areas.

1. eating and drinking

2. recreation and relaxation

3. business services

4. room service and facilities

5. local transport and other services Model:


Fax and photocopying services are available at Reception.

Prices on request.

There is a modern socket in each room for internet connection.

Any calls that are made will be charged to your account.

6. Another place to stay when you are travelling is a campsite. Work in pairs. Role-play the dialogues at a campsite.

1. Camper: Could we stay for a night at your campsite? There are four of us, and we have mountain tents with us.

Receptionist: Are they family tents?

C: No, no. They’re small tents.

R: And is that four tents?

C: No. Only two.

R: Have you got a car?

C: No, we’ve got bikes.

R: Motorbikes?

C: No, they are normal bikes. You know, pedal bikes.

2. A: Can we park our car here?

B: Yes, of course.

A: What a beautiful river over there! Can we swim there?

B: No, I’m afraid it’s too dirty. But there’s a swimming pool five minute’s walk from here.

3. A: Where can we get something to eat?

B: There is a restaurant on the camping site. You can also buy some food and drinks at the local shop.

4. B: How long do you want to stay?

A: About a week, I think. Depends on the weather.

B: Oh, we’ve had sunshine all week. I’ve read a weather forecast for tomorrow. It will be a bright clear day with sunshine.

A: Just the right weather for camping!

7. Interview your classmate. The questions below will help you.

1. Where do you usually stay when you travel?

2. Do you like staying in hotels? Why/Why not?

3. How do you think people who travel a lot feel about hotels?

4. Have you ever made a reservation of a hotel?

5. Have you ever stayed at a campsite?

8. Imagine that you are travelling somewhere. Write 10-15 sentences about the place you stay. Give your reasons.

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