Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (5-й рік навчання) - М.О. Кучма - Богдан 2017 рік


Lesson 44 On Tour. Preparing a Daily Programme

1. Work in groups of three. Talk about the negative aspects of the place where you are living now.

Model: I think that (name of town) is too far from the sea and it’s not sunny enough.

There are too many restaurants and there aren’t enough theatres.

2. Write under each heading the features of your ideal place to live.

(environment) e.g.1 near the sea

(weather) e.g. dry

(people) e.g. friendly

(places to visit) e.g. art galleries

(places to do sport) e.g. football grounds

(places to go in the evening) e.g. theatre

(other) e.g. good transport

3. Look at your notes in exercise 2 and make up sentences using too or enough.

4. Tell the class about your ideal place to live.

5. Work in pairs. Take turns to ask and answer the questions.

1. Have you ever been on a coach tour or guided tour that you have either really enjoyed or really disliked? Where was it? What did you see?

2. What made the tour successful/unsuccessful?

3. What problems do you think can occur on a guided tour, either on coach or another form of transport?

6. a) What do you know about the places in the picture?

1 e.g. = for example

b) Why do you think tourists would visit them? What types of tours might they go on — for example: cruises, walking tours, museum visits?

7. Make up a story, using the following key expressions.

1) to pack one’s luggage;

2) to walk up and down the platform;

3) to see off;

4) to have heavy luggage;

5) to catch the train/to miss the train.

8. Prepare and write down a daily entertainment and activity programme. Put originality and effort into your programme. Make every day different and make it special. The ideas below will help you.

bungee jumping aqua aerobics scuba diving white-water rafting fitness centre spa centre shopping disco swimming talent competition pedal boat

trip to a museum or art gallery trip to a theme park candlelit dinner

making things and playing games

spa: all kinds of massages and spa services

You may start like this:

My programme for today would cover all the principle sights of Kyiv from the Golden Gates to St. Sophia’s Cathedral. In the evening I would…

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