Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (5-й рік навчання) - М.О. Кучма - Богдан 2017 рік


Lesson 46 Trafalgar Square

1. Listen, read and remember the words and word combination.

2. Complete the sentences with the words from the box.

exciting, admire, splashed, attractions, twinkle, carol singers

1. There are many … in the world. 2. I … my father. 3. The stars … in the sky. 4. In Ukraine at Christmas … sing carols. 5. A little boy … in a lovely fountain. 6. What a(n) … sight!

3. Explain in English.






4. Read the letter.

5. Complete the sentences according to Olia’s letter.

1. A visit to the capital would be incomplete without admiring the … and feeding … . 2. The square was built to … . 3. The square was named after … . 4. The giant Christmas Tree is especially nice after dark, when … . 5. Floodlights illuminate … . 6. Each year in December … .

6. Listen to the dialogue and role-play it with your classmate.

A: Excuse me, officer, is there a bus from here to Trafalgar Square?

Officer: Yes, sir, any bus’ll take you. There’s a bus stop just over there. Ask the conductor to put you down at Trafalgar Square.

A: Thank you.

Does this bus go to Trafalgar Square?

Conductor: Yes, sir. Come along, hurry up.

A: And will you tell me when we get there?

Conductor: Trafalgar Square. This is where you get off, sir.

A: Thank you.

7. Match the pictures to the sentences.

1. Trafalgar Square is in the central part of London.

2. This is Nelson’s Column with 4 giant lions at its base.

3. People are admiring the lovely splashing fountains.

4. Children are feeding the pigeons.

5. An enormous Christmas Tree was erected in Trafalgar Square.

6. Floodlights illuminate the sparkling water in the fountains.

8. Answer the questions.

1. What is one of Britain’s great tourist attractions?

2. What makes Trafalgar Square so beautiful and attractive?

3. What can you see at the base of Nelson’s Column?

4. Do the people of Norway send a present of pigeons or of an enormous Christmas Tree to Britain?

5. What is one of the unforgettable sights of London?

6. Would you like to walk on Trafalgar Square? Why?/Why not?

7. What would you prefer: to see the 4 giant lions at Nelson’s Column base, to admire the lovely splashing fountains, or to see the giant Christmas Tree after dark? Why?

9. Tell about Trafalgar Square.

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