Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (5-й рік навчання) - М.О. Кучма - Богдан 2017 рік


Lesson 55 Snowdonia

1. Listen, read and remember the words.

2. Read abour Snowdonia.


Snowdonia is the most famous of the three National Parks in Wales. The highest mountain range in Wales is in this area. The highest peak, Mount Snowdon, is 1 085 m above sea level. It is the highest mountain in England and Wales. You may reach the summit on foot or by Snowdon Mountain Railway, which is 7 km long.

Many people come to Snowdonia each year for special holidays. These include a large number of outdoor activities such as walking, climbing, riding, water sports and fishing.

3. Write in the vowels. Find these words in the text (exercise 2) and read the sentences with them.

rlw, pk, clmbng, rng, fms

4. Say whether the statements below are true or false. Correct the false ones.

1. Snowdonia is a famous mountain range in Wales.

2. Mount Snowdon is higher than Hoverla.

3. You may reach the summit only by Snowdon Mountain Railway.

4. People come to Snowdonia to skate and sledge.

5. Complete the sentences with some, any or their derivatives.

1. I need __________________________ money. I want to buy

2. Can you speak_____ foreign languages?

3. Unfortunately, I cannot take _________ photos.

4. Do you have_____ tickets to Snowdonia?

5. Is there______ in the classroom?

6. Compare and contrast Snowdonia in Wales and a National Park in Ukraine. Use the phrases given below.

Comparing and Contrasting

• The main/greatest/most important/most significant difference between the … is that …

• The most striking/obvious similarity is that…



1. Complete the sentences with the information from Unit 5.

1. Nelson’s Column is_____

2. William Shakespeare was born in _______

3. Edinburgh is the capital of _______.

4. The Houses of Parliament has more than_ rooms.

5. Madam Tussauds is a_____ in London.

2. Correct the mistakes in the sentences given below.

1. The Golden Gates are awesome as the Big Ben. 2. The Dnipro is spectacular as the Thames. 3. Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra is as remarkable St. Sophia’s Cathedral.

3. Write the numerals in the words.

10, 25, 150, 270, 987

4. Write five sentences about your favourite sight in Great Britain.


1. Match the words with their definitions.

1. spectacular

a) the group of people who are elected to make a country’s laws and discuss important national affairs

b) a structure built over a river, road etc. that allows people or vehicles to cross from one side to the other

2. valley

c) an area of lower land between two lines of hills or mountains

3. bridge

4. tower

d) extremely big

5. artifact

6. parliament

e) a tall narrow building either built on its own or forming part of a castle, church etc.

7. ancient

f) belonging to a time long ago in history, especially thousands

8. giant

of years ago

g) an object such as a tool, weapon etc. that was made in the past and is historically important

h) very impressive

2. Make up and write down the sentences with as + adjective + as.

1. Trafalgar Square is the most beautiful place in the world. (St. Sophia’s Cathedral …) 2. The giant Christmas Tree is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. (The sparkling water in the fountains …) 3. Big Ben is the most spectacular landmark in London. (The Golden Gates …)

3. Write the numerals in the words.

97, 29, 305, 615, 790

4. Write down 7 questions about the places of interest in Great Britain.


1. Write down as many words and word combinations as you can under each heading.






Big Ben

The Houses of Parliament

Madam Tussauds

The London Eye

2. Make up and write down 3 sentences with (not) as + adjective + as.

3. Write the numerals in the words.

198, 345, 779, 821,963

4. Write down 2-3 sentences about every sight of Great Britain.


Assess your progress in this unit. Tick (✓) the statements which are true.

I can name the sights in Great Britain.

I can talk about Trafalgar Square, Edinburgh, Stratford-on-Avon, Snowdonia.

I can talk about Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament.

I can talk about Madam Tussauds, The London Eye.

I can explain the meaning of words in English.

I can understand and use as/so…as in spoken and written forms.

I know numerals from 100 to 1000.

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