Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (5-й рік навчання) - М.О. Кучма - Богдан 2017 рік


Lesson 60 Waterfalls

1. Listen, read and remember the words.

2. Make up and act out short dialogues. Use phrases given below.



Let’s/Shall we…

I’d love to… but…

Why don’t we/you…

I don’t really feel up to it

We could…

I’d love to.

Would you like to…

That would be great.

I’m not sure I can.

Model: A: How about feeding the animals?

B: It’s a good idea.

1. see/waterfalls

2. create/a picture

3. move to/elevation

4. look through that magazine

5. eat an ice-cream/before it melts

6. spend the weekend at the waterfalls

3. Read about the waterfalls.


Ukraine has diverse geographic features, including waterfalls. A vast number of rivers run through the mountain ranges. The snow melts from the mountains, feeding the rivers, and sudden drops in elevation create many opportunities for waterfalls to form.

Most of the waterfalls in the Carpathian Mountains are short and cascade downward quickly. The highest waterfall is the Maniava waterfall, which is 14 metres tall.

The Maniava waterfall also boasts a small lake, where the water remains cool, even in the hot seasons. Fir and beech forests line the waterfall creating a very beautiful environment.

4. Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions given below.

1. How are the waterfalls formed?

2. Which is the highest waterfall in the Carpathian Mountains?

3. What lines the Maniava waterfall?

4. What kind of waterfalls can you find in the Carpathian Mountains?

5. What can you say about the lake at the Maniava waterfall?

5. Look at the photos and describe them.

6. Choose one of the sights in Ukraine and say what you know about it. Use the mind map below to help you.

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