Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (5-й рік навчання) - М.О. Кучма - Богдан 2017 рік


Lesson 64 The Dnipro. The Thames

1. Read about the Dnipro.


The river has something for everyone. If you enjoy peace and natural beauty, then the gentle and often remote stretches of the Dnipro will suit you. In Kyiv, the river springs to life. Here you can take a cruise, hire a motor boat, just sit in the sun, or play volleyball.

2. Make up 5 sentences using the table.

If you enjoy peace

If you are energetic


the part of the river which springs to life

you may take a cruise

the gentle Dnipro

will suit you

If you enjoy travelling

sitting at a riverside

watching the people who play volleyball

3. Report about the Dnipro.

4. Read about the Thames.


It was the Thames that gave birth to the capital. The Thames meanders its way through beautiful countryside and historic settlements with an enormous variety of places to visit. In the central part of London every foot of the river has a tale of former days — palaces, docks, cathedrals and churches, fine bridges, theatres, and museums. Here you can spend many happy days exploring the city’s past, both on foot or by boat, shopping in the luxurious malls along the river and sampling fine foods at the numerous riverside pubs and restaurants.

5. Answer the questions.

1. Which river gave birth to the capital?

2. Where does the Thames run?

3. What tells of former days of the Thames?

4. What is situated along the river?

5. Can you sample fine food in cafes and restaurants in Ukraine?

6. Why do you think the Thames is so important for the people of Great Britain?

6. Report about the Thames.

7. Look at the photos. Compare and contrast them. Use phrases given below.

Both photos show…

In comparison to photo A, photo B is…

The photos show different…

In this photo … while in the other photo…

8. Choose the words that best complete the sentences.

1. Look! Nick ________ for his friend.

a) is waiting

b) waits

2. He often _________for him after classes.

a) is waiting

b) waits

3. She an interesting book now.

a) is reading

b) reads

4. She usually _________books and newspapers in the evening.

a) is reading

b) reads

5. The moon________ round the earth.

a) goes

b) is going

6. I _________he will be back soon.

a) think

b) am thinking

7. She is sorry, she_______ French.

a) doesn’t speak

b) isn’t speaking

9. Look at the photos again (exercise 7). Say what river appeals to you more. Why? Would you like to take a cruise?

Model: The Thames appeals to me more. There are a number of reasons for this. First of all, my favourite subject at school is History, so I’d like to take a cruise along the Thames and visit palaces, cathedrals and churches. Secondly, I like English. While shopping in the luxurious malls, sampling fine foods, and going on excursions, I would be able to practise my English.

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