Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (5-й рік навчання) - М.О. Кучма - Богдан 2017 рік


Lesson 65 Sights of Great Britain and Ukraine

1. Say which of the following adjectives you will use to describe the sights of Great Britain and Ukraine. Give the reasons for your choice.

noisy, lively, dangerous, exciting, lovely, disgusting, fascinating, historical, attractive, amazing, aggressive, superb, ancient

2. Look at the pictures (exercise 3, lesson 63). Which place would you like to visit? Give the reasons for your choice.

3. Work in groups of four. Discuss and then explain the following quotation in your own words:

Few wishes come true by themselves. June Smith

4. Look at the pictures of towns. Compare and contrast them. Use phrases given below.

Comparing and Contrasting

• The main/greatest/most important/most significant difference between the … is that …

• The most striking/obvious similarity is that…

5. Work in pairs. Create a plan of your ideal town. Bare in mind all the sights you have learned about. Form groups with another pair and exchange your ideas.

6. Divide the words in the box into 3 groups: 1) those which were used to describe the sights of Great Britain; 2) those which were used to describe the sights of Ukraine; 3) those which were used to describe the sights of both countries.

splash, worship, parliament, twinkle, spiritual centre, luxurious, admire, cathedral, a holy place, monk, erect, ancient, cave, royal residence, natural beauty, cruise, explore, the Golden Gates, sample, invader, century, castle, waterfall, capsule, Ferris Wheel, waxworks, rotate, National Park, mount, folk, souveniers, museum, noble, gates, bridge, exhibition

7. Group all the sights you’ve learned according to their similarities. Describe each group.



1. Complete the sentences with the words which start from the given letters.

1. U… C… is surrounded by bastions equipped with canons. 2. Most of the w… in the Carpathian Mountains are cascade. 3. In a small lake near the Maniava waterfall the water remains cool even in h… s… . 4. The G… G… is a remarkable monument of the 12th century architecture. 5. P… is a unique open-air museum of Ukrainian architecture. 6. M … … Castle includes «the upper castle», «the middle castle», and «the lover castle». 7. The B … … is dedicated to human history. 8. You can walk around inside F … … capsule.

2. Choose the correct item.

1. There isn’t__________ here who can help you.

a) anyone

b) someone

c) no one

2. There’s___________ here.

a) anyone

b) no one

c) nobody

3. Is there__________ here who’s a doctor?

a) somebody

b) someone

c) anyone

3. Write five sentences about your favourite sight.


1. Match the words with their definitions.

a) a process in which something becomes active or strong again

b) a building or structure with parts that turn around in the wind, used for producing electrical power or crushing grain

1. castle

2. exhibit

c) a place where water from a river or stream falls down over a cliff or rock

3. admire

4. windmill

5. worship

d) to show something in a public place so that people can go to see it

6. revival

7. waterfall

e) to respect and like someone because they have done something that you think is good, or to respect their qualities or skills

f) a very large strong building, built in the past as a safe place that could be easily defended against attack

g) the activity of praying or singing in a religious building in order to show respect and love for a god

2. Supply the derivatives of some/any in the following sentences.

1. I know __________ who can help you.

2. He sat at the table, but he didn’t have__ to eat.

3. Is there________ here who can speak German?

4. Does__________ want a second helping?

3. Write 7-10 sentences about the sight you would like to see.


1. List as many words as you can under each heading.





waterfalls, lakes, rivers

2. Supply the derivatives of some/any in the following sentences.

1. There’s________ in the clothes basket. It’s empty.

2. Is there________ in the clothes basket? — No, it’s empty.

3. I’ve tried phoning, but every time I phone there’s in.

4. I’ve prepared_______ for dinner which you’ll like very much.

3. Compare and contrast your favourite sights.


Assess your progress in this unit. Tick (✓) the statements which are true.

I can name and talk about the sights in Ukraine.

I can talk about Pyrohiv.

I can talk about St. Sophia’s Cathedral, Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra.

I can talk about the Golden Gates.

I can compare and contrast different sights.

I can invite, accept or refuse the invitation.

I can compare and contrust.

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