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Unit 2. Nature around us

2.3. Becoming Green

Word Bank

• to alter;

• habitat;

• to facilitate;

• to encourage;

• sophisticated;

• everlasting;

• to recycle.

Phrase Bank

• to shape the planet’s future;

• to become knowledgeable;

• to conquer nature;

• to make an impact on...;

• to know something not by hear-say;

• to live in harmony with nature;

• to make a contribution to...;

• to solve nature’s mysteries;

• to become green.

Communication Box

• That’s it!

• Don’t you agree?

I. Go Ahead!

This is the symbol of recycling. Look at the pictures and say which things may be recyclable and what we should do with them.

Example: I think all kinds of paper are recyclable. We shouldn’t throw paper away, because new paper will be made of it.

II. Reading

Read about the meeting of one ecological club and say what Ukrainian children think of environmental protection.

The participants of the meeting:

Oksana - head of the ecological school club;

Bohdan - a correspondent of the newspaper “Zeleny Swit”;

Nina Petrivna - a teacher of biology, the supervisor of the school ecoclub; Helen - a newcomer;

Vasylyna - a member of the “Green Guard” organisation:

Borys -a member of the eco-club.

At the Ecological Club Meeting

Part I

Oksana: I’d like to welcome all environmental activists who have un derstood the environmental damage of the last century, those who over time have finally understood that nature is suffering and the effect of humanity’s influence is considerably greater now. In short, those who want to become environmentally friendly, welcome to our meeting of the ecological club.

Nina Petrivna: I’m glad that so many children of our school are environmentally conscious people. Time has come to help scientists to manage the living planet, to determine the quality of human life and environment well into the 21st century.

Borys: Let’s remember the surprising observation a great Ukrainian scientist Volodymyr Vernadsky made nearly 70 years ago. He wrote that people were becoming a geological force, shaping the planet’s future just as rivers and earthquakes had shaped its past; that global society, guided by science would soften the human environmental impact and the Earth would become a ‘no-osphere’ - ‘a planet of the mind’, life’s domain ruled by reason.

Bohdan: So, the great geochemist’s words have come true. Today many scientists say that Vernadsky’s thinking has already been proved correct because people have significantly altered the atmosphere and influenced strong eco-systems and natural selection. Today this influence is a lot stronger. Now that people become far more knowledgeable, they ventured to conquer nature creating sophisticated satellites, supercomputers, making experiments and ...

Helen: That’s true, but don’t forget that for many centuries man has been trying to solve nature’s mysteries, to discover its laws, to make it serve his necessities.

Borys: That’s it! And in doing so, people change this world. New discoveries and inventions, new technologies make a dramatic impact on the planet. And mind, it is our habitat!

Vasylyna: I’m with Borys on that. Due to the great achievements of the human race the life of people became more interesting, but at the same time many of them have been much more harmful to the environment and led to real disasters. Ukraine knows it not by hear-say. Remember the Chernobyl disaster and its consequences.

Nina Petrivna: Don’t you argue! We all understand that being nature’s child, we must be able to protect it. And we’ve gathered today because we want to find a solution, to see what we can do to help to save our environment.

Part II

Oksana: Since the problem of environmental protection is a world wide concern, let’s see what youth organisations are involved in this process and if we can join any of them.

Vasylyna: There’s the world’s most experienced indepen dent organization which has millions of supporters and a global network in more than 100 countries - The World Wide Fund of Nature. Its main aim is to stop degradation of the plan et’s natural environment, to build the future in which humans will live in harmony with nature. I’ve got their symbol.

Here it is.

Bohdan: I’ve also made a slightly different, but very important, contribution to our search and found the information about the world’s largest youth environmental organization - Kids for a Clean Environment (Kids F. A.C.E. in short). It has similar aims with our green party newspaper “Zeleny Svit” - to provide information on environmental issues to children, to encourage and facilitate youth’s involvement with effective environmental actions. By the way, membership is free to children and teachers. There’s also their symbol.

Oksana: Thank you, it’s pretty good, Bohdan. I also have a good piece of news for you. We’ve got a letter from PETA’s.

Helen: PETA? What’s this?

Oksana: Wait a minute and I’ll tell you. You know, many members of our club have pets at home. This year we have set up a small ‘zoological park’ at our school. So we decided to write a letter to PETA because we wanted them to inform us of their activities. This title is a bit shorter than the whole one - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Nina Petrivna: Let me explain, guys, PETA, is one of the largest animal rights organisations in the world, which is dedicated to establishing and protecting the rights of all animals. The organisation focuses its attention on the areas in which the largest members of animals suffer most intensely for the longest periods of time: on factory farms, in laboratories, in the clothing trade, in the entertainment industry. Their principle is very simple: animals are not to eat, wear, experiment on, they are our friends and need our protection and this task is far more important.

Oksana: So, let’s think and decide how to become green and what to begin with. There’s much to choose from, isn’t there?

Across Cultures

Volodymyr Vernadsky - a well-known Ukrainian geochemist, mineralogist, crystallographer, philosopher of science, the author of the fundamental studies on the regularities in the composition and structure of Earth.

PETA - a US organization founded in 1986 that works to prevent cruelty to animals.

Kids F.A.C.E. - the world’s largest youth environmental organization started in 1989 and has more than 300.000 individual members.

III. Language Track

1. In the text, find and reproduce words with the sounds /w/ and /v/ in their context. Practise saying some of them in the sentences of your own.

Example: /w/ — well

I’d like to welcome all environmental activists.

I welcome those who want to become environmentally friendly.

1. Study the difference in meaning (p. 58). In the text find and reproduce the sentences with them in context and make up your sentences by analogy.

green — colour.

Example: In spring new green grass appears.

green - (only before noun) connected with the environment or its protection.

Green - someone who belongs to or supports a political party which stands for the protection of the environment.

Example: He is a member of the Green party.

Example: The Greens have won in their struggle.

2. In the text, find phrases with the word ‘environment’ and its derivatives and say what people must do if they want to protect nature.

Example: I believe we must unite our efforts if we want to preserve our environment.

3. Read a microdialogue and fill in the missing words and phrases from the box (p. 59).

Say what you think and do in this respect.

A Recycling Pick-up Day

Tim: Hey, Ben, taking out your recycling, I see?

Ben: Yes, it’s a ... (1) . Where are you ... (2), I wonder?

Tim: Oh, well, separating all that garbage is such a headache. I just don’t bother with it.

Ben: Tim, It’s not that difficult. ... (3) are very important for the preservation of our environment. We can’t continue ... (4) our country, otherwise we will have no clean areas left. We must become ... (5) .

Tim: Ok, ok - so much pressure! I’ll start ... (6) this week. You can see how well I’ve done next Saturday. I know that recycling programmes have brought more ... (7) .

Ben: Exactly. ... (8) has become very popular and strong in many countries. You should also ... (9).

recycling programmes;

• recycling containers;

• to pollute;

• environmentally friendly;

• recycling;

• environmental movement;

• environmental awareness;

• become green.

• a recycling pick-up day;

1. In the text, find the words and phrases in bold and interpret their meanings in context.

2. Complete the instruction and illustrate it with your own examples.

• If you want to express the reason for something, introduce clauses of reason with...

3. Look at the photos and comment on reasons of the events depicted in them.


mountain torrent

water pollution



Example: I think that landslides occur due to deforestation. The roots of the trees protect the land. On the account of the fact that there are many treeless places in the mountains, the land starts sliding.

IV. Communication Track


a) Read the results of one class’s poll - “What steps do you take to save the Earth” - and complete the sentences with the mussing information. Comment on the class’s steps, using the format below and say how green you are.


What steps do you take to save the Earth?





1) Recycling bottles




2) Walking more




3) Using reusable grocery bags




4) Cleaning up litter in parks and forests




5) Planting more trees




6) Taking care of birds in winter




7) Planting flowers in lawns, squares, etc.




1. Most of the students________________________________ .

2. They almost always________________________________ .

3. 46% of students___________________________________ .

4. A great number of students prefer_______ than__________ .

5. Sometimes_______________ , but it’s not______________ .

6. It’s important to stress that__________________________ .

7. According to the poll________________________________ .

8. The desire of the students to__________________________

also deserves a high appreciation.

9. Luckily, only 4% ________________ , as_______________ .

10. The results of the poll say___________________________ .

11. They do their best to______________________________ .

b) Suppose you and your friend are going to join an ecological organisation. In pairs, make up a dialogue following the pattern:


A: Hey ... . I’m glad that ... .

B: Time has come ... as ... .

A: That’s true. Getting more knowledgeable ... .

B: That’s it. People change the world and ... .

A: I’m with you on that. ... lead to real disasters and my friends and I ... .

B: It’s pretty good. What ... ?

A: There’s much to choose from. For example ... , but I haven’t decided yet.

B: I’ve read much about ... . It focuses on ... and its principle is ... . If you are a great lover of ... why not ... ?

A: It sounds good. It’ll help ... . Besides ... . Would you like ... ?

B: Thank you for the invitation, but I’ve already decided on ... . My elder sister ... and I want ... .

A: That’s great. Whatever organisation ... , we’ll contribute to nature protection.

B: Agreed.

3. In the whole class, dispute over the words of the Dalai Lama.

“Mother Planet is showing us the red warning light - ‘be careful’- she is saying. To take care of your planet is to take care of your own house”.

(Dalai Lama)


a) Before you listen

You are going to listen about one environmental activist’s worries. Read words and phrases below and try to predict the activist’s worries:

• the suburbs of the city;

• developed industrial areas;

• to spread out over a wide areas;

• endangered health;

• by-products;

• the sprawl of large cities;

• ill-affected products.

b) While you listen

Listen to the information and complete the sentences.

• Mark Scott is actively trying_________________________ .

• He used to live___________________________________ .

• Once a beautiful countryside now_____________________ .

• Mark believes that by AD 2200_______________________ .

He is sure that unrestricted urbanization_________________ .

• Mark says that the very existence______________________ .

• He tries to warn people against________________________ .

• Mark claims that urgent steps should be taken____________ .

• He used to organize_________________________________ .

• Now Mark Scott is working with________________________ .

c) After you listen

In groups, say what you know about urbanization in Ukraine. In your opinion, is it that dangerous as Mark thinks?


a) Before you write

Suppose there is a competition announced by the Green Party of Ukraine. Participate in it writing a newspaper review.

• Brainstorm with your friends: on what of the major issues of environmental protection you would like to write a review.

• Make a list of words and phrases you’ll use in your newspaper review.

b) While you write

How to Write a Newspaper Review

Content Tips

Language Tips

• Think of a striking title of the review.

• Summarize all the background information about the issue.

• Present the main points of the issue in the 1st paragraph of the body.

• Add general comments of the issue.

• Conclude the review explaining briefly why you decided to write it.

• ...is one of the urgent problems.

• Most people believe that...

• It’s an open secret that...

• ...is a region-wide concern.

• ...can’t leave anybody indifferent.

• If we don’t take measures...

• One of the main reasons why...

• We should unite efforts until...

At Home: In your WB, write a newspaper review.

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