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Unit 2. Nature around us

2.5. Test Pack

A. Use of English

1. Read the text below. For questions (1-10) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

There is an example at the beginning.

Save Animals!

Perhaps the most famous B animal is the panda. Twenty years ago it was nearly 1. It’s been become a symbol of 2 conservation. There is a serious habitat problem 3 of a number of reasons. After 4 of habitats (the natural home of plants or animals) it takes many years 5 again. Destruction and pollution change the balance of nature. Each 6 in a habitat helps the rest. If one animal, bird or insect disappears, all 7 suffer too.

Unfortunately, habitats and animals 8 in Africa, Asia and Europe. Houses, farms, cities, streets, roads and factories 9 the place of these green natural places. There is only one way to save wild animals and wild habitats - conservation, that means protecting animals in 10 by law creating necessary conditions for their life. If this doesn’t happen, many rare wild animals will soon have just one habitat - the zoo.






















so that









to become

to grow

to bloom

to raise










the others



are disappearing



will have disappeared


have taken

had taken


will take






2. Complete each sentence with words/ phrases in bold.

It was very hot and I took off my coat.

‘as’ I took off my coat as it was very hot.

1. Tom didn’t whitewash the fence. As a result aunt Polly scolded him.

‘because’ Aunt Polly scolded Tom_______________ the fence.

2. I took the dog to the vet. I wanted to find out what was wrong with him.

‘so as to’ I took the dog to the vet______________ with him.

3. Make a birdhouse. It is possible that the birds may be hungry.

‘in case’ Make a birdhouse____________________ hungry.

4. The bear died in the wood because of the habitat destruction.

‘due’ The bear died in the wood___________ the habitat.

5. The cars emitted gases into the air and the air was polluted.

‘consequently’ The cars emitted gases into the air_____ polluted.

6. We can’t wait. All fishes will die.

‘until’ We can’t wait__________________________ die.

7. We saw the smoke and we ran to the forest.

‘as soon as’ We ran to the forest___________________ smoke.

8. The boys hid in the bushes. They didn’t want to frighten the birds.

‘not’ The boys hid in the bushes___________________ the birds.

9. It was unusual. Bob continued to watch the birds.

‘since’ Bob continued to watch the birds_______ unusual.

10. We want our city to be clean. We take part in recycling.

‘therefore’ We want our city to be clean___________ in recycling.

B. Reading

Read the text about nature and environment protection in the USA and answer the


1. What problem did President Teddy Roosevelt see?

2. What did the president create to avoid this problem?

3. Who protects the park system?

4. What is not prohibited in the park zones?

5. What does EPA mean?

6. What can EPA agents do on behalf of the public?

7. What guidelines does EPA provide?

8. Why were the children not allowed to go outside in Los Angeles in the 1980’s?

9. What programmes appeared in the USA in70s?

10. For whom ‘curb-side’ recycling programmes are made?

“Thou Shalt Not Kill”

The United States is a large country with great natural beauty and resources. However, it also has a quickly growing population and industry. President Teddy Roosevelt saw, over one hundred years ago, that there might be a time in the future when there would not be any wild places left in America. To prevent this, he created the National Park system. The park system includes large areas of natural beauty, which are owned by the federal government and maintained and protected by federal rangers. Famous national parks include: Yosemite in California, Yellowstone in Wyoming, Grand Teton in Idaho, and Niagara in New York. Individual states followed this example and now there are state parks maintained by the states as well. Both national and state parks are kept in a wild and uncultivated state and no human activity is permitted within the boundaries of the park except for tourism.

The federal agency which oversees the protection and preservation of natural resources is called the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA. This agency is responsible for enforcing the laws regarding the environment. The EPA inspects industries and cities, and monitors air and water supplies for pollution. They can find individuals, companies or communities who pollute, or prosecute polluters on behalf of the public. The EPA also provides guidelines for acceptable levels of cleanliness and works with communities to make sure they are meeting the requirements. For example, in Los Angeles during the 1980’s the air pollution was so bad on some days the city government would not allow children to go outside. However, the state government of California worked with the EPA in making very strict laws against air pollution and now the air in Los Angeles is cleaner and safer for people to breathe.

Since the 1970’s the political and social environmental movement has also succeeded in making recycling programs common in the United States. Most cities now have “curb-side” recycling programs, where individual households put paper, glass, and aluminum in bins outside their house. These materials are picked up and sent to a recycling center where they are recycled rather than thrown away. These programs have been very successful, and have brought about more environment awareness.

C. Listening

Listen and mark True /False.

1. Joseph believes that global warming isn’t just a buzz-word.

2. He is horrified that “climate migrants” appeared in our century.

3. Patricia doesn’t believe that travelling by air does the environmental harm.

4. In her opinion travelling by plane combines comfort and speed.

5. For Thailand the problem of global warming is less disastrous.

6. Thailand people are suffering from floods and draughts.

7. Leon expresses his concern about fresh water supply in Thailand.

8. Martin says that due to global warming there are more draughts in Australia.

9. Luckily, the draughts in Australia are not very long.

10. Draughts and floods influence agriculture.

D. Writing

You are asked to describe an environmental situation in the place you live in. Write a news report to your local newspaper about it.


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