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Unit 3 Preparing For The Future

3.2. Make Your Decision

Word Bank

• lawyer;

• fashion- designer;

• an accountant.

Phrase Bank

• to be in two minds;

• to work on minimum job;

• to follow somebody in profession;

• to be better suited as... than ... ;

• to make a good salary;

• to reach one’s goals;

• to get a certificate;

• to have a secure future;

• to be down to earth.

Communication Box

• This way or the other...

• Are you saying you would rather...?

• It’s hard to imagine...

• It’s ideal if ...

I. Go Ahead!

Look at the photos and say what job you may enjoy. What skills are important for it?

an interpreter

a mechanic

a journalist

a researcher

an actor / actress

a hair-dresser

Example: As I am good at English, I’d like to become an interpreter.

Besides, I like to communicate with people. My friends say I have a way with words.

II. Reading

Read how your international friends discuss their future careers and say if all of them made decisions about their future.

Katie: School is over, guys. Time to decide what to do with our lives. George, have you made up your mind about what to do after school?

George: I’m going to university, to Oxford or London. This way or the other but I’d like to do sciences. Oxford University is my first choice. And you? Have you decided?

Katie: I’m still in two minds. I’d like to be a fashion designer. My sister is a model and she says it’s a very creative and challenging profession. I may go to one of the London Art Schools or maybe I’ll stay at home, find a working place and try to learn on the job.

George: And you, Sam, are you planning on going to college?

Sam: Of course, I have to go to college if I want to follow my dream and become a doctor. What are your future career plans, Amy?

Amy: Well, I don’t plan on working on my minimum wage job forever. But I’m not sure what I want to do with my life.

Sam: I think it’s best to do something that you like and it makes you feel happy. My father is a lawyer and he is very disappointed that I don’t want to follow him in that profession. But I really want to help sick people and of course make lots of money.

Amy: I really like animals but I don’t think my grades are good enough to go to veterinary college. Maybe I’ll become a hairdresser or a barber. What do you think about it?

Gorge: You may become a hairdresser as you always did the hair for all your friends. But you could start by becoming a veterinary assistant. I think you can get a certificate for that at a college. My cousin works as a medical laboratory technician and it only took her two years to get her training and certification.

Amy: I think you are right about finding a job that makes you happy. My father hates his job.

Katie: What does your father do?

Amy: He works as an accountant in a bank.

Katie: Why doesn’t he like it? Accounting may be interesting.

Amy: Are you crazy?! All those numbers!

George: My mother was a teacher before she married my father. She told me once that she liked teaching very much but that it didn’t pay a very high salary. She manages a shoe store now and makes a good salary but doesn’t like it as much as teaching.

Katie: Why do adults care about money so much?

Sam: Well, don’t you think it’s important to support yourself and be able to buy things that you want?

Katie: Yes, but not if that means I have to be miserable at some boring job 40 hours per week.

Sam: Are you saying you would rather be poor and happy than rich and miserable?

Katie: I don’t know. It’s hard to imagine a miserable rich person.

Sam: It’s ideal if you can combine a good, satisfying job with a high paying salary. But it doesn’t happen very often. I hope that I will be happy and successful as a doctor.

Amy: Well, you certainly work hard enough. I am sure you will reach all your goals if you keep working this hard.

Sam: Thanks for the compliment, Amy. I like to be known as a hard worker.

Amy: You’re going to make a great doctor, Sam, and have secure future.

Across Cultures: Britain

London University — the 3rd oldest university in England, which consists of several different colleges in London.

Oxford University - one of the two oldest and most respected universities of the UK, established in the 13th century. The university is made up of 35 separate colleges.

III. Language Track

1. From the text, reproduce general questions with correct intonation following the pattern. Practise them with your partner.

A: I say, Olha, have you made up your mind about what to do after school? B: Unfortunately, I’m still in two minds.

1. Study the difference in meaning. In the text, find and reproduce the sentences with them in context and make up your sentences by analogy.

salary - a monthly payment from the company or organization one works for.

Example: He has got a salary of sixteen thousand.

barber - a person who cuts men’s hair.

Example: John wants his hair cut, he must go to the barber’s.

wages - a payment made for work done, calculated by the hour, day, or week, by the amount produced and usually received daily or weekly.

Example: Sam earns good wages for his work.

hairdresser - a person who shapes people’s hair into a style by cutting,


Example: I want to look smart tomorrow so I’ll go to the hairdresser’s.

2. From the text, reproduce words and phrases which friends use if one of them wants:


ü to ask about their future plans.

• Have you decided what to do?

ü to say what university he prefers;

ü to say that she/he hasn’t decided yet;

ü to say that she/he wants to get experience working;

ü to speak about his / her dream;

ü to say that he doesn’t want to have his / her father’s profession;

ü to say that she/he doesn’t study well in school;

ü to say that he / she disapproves of her / his parents’ professions;

ü to say that a person earns much money;

ü to compliment his / her friend;

ü to express his / her belief in future.

Practise saying them in your own sentences.

3. In the text, find necessary words and phrases to fill out the fishbone diagram for friends. Say what piece of advice you can give to those who haven’t decided yet what to do with their lives.

1. From the text, reproduce grammar items in bold and interpret their meanings and functions.

2. Read micro-dialogues under the photos and use ‘may be’ or ‘maybe’ and roleplay them.

- Are you planning on going to college or working?

- I’m in two minds, maybe, I’ll find some job.

- Alex ... become a student. He has a good head for maths.

- ...you are right.

- We can’t find Ann.

- I think she ... at home.

- Agreed. ... , she didn’t pass the exam.

- It’s a pity we don’t have flowers to present Amy with.

- ... Steve has already bought them, but I’m not sure.

- I don’t see my name, do you?

- ... they’ve missed it.

- It ... cold. You’d better put on a sweater.

- Sure, but you ... wrong.

4. Read some incomplete pieces of advice, restore them using ‘may be’ or ‘maybe’ and enlarge with 2-3 sentences.

Example: It’s very important to use your common sense when making a decision or you may be wrong in choosing a career. It’s dangerous. You may be unhappy and dissatisfied with it.

• It’s not a good idea to change your mind before exams ...

• I strongly recommend you to work hard ...

• It’s very important to follow your dream ...

• If you want to make a good salary ...

• It’s necessary to think everything over before the final decision...

• It’s advisable not to waste your time ...

• It’s not a bad idea to think about your future in time ...

• It’s important to consider all points of view while making a decision ...

IV. Communication Track


a) Make a list of your personal abilities and qualities. Give it to your friend and let him help you to make a decision for your future in accordance with them. The following phrases may be helpful.

• Judging by your abilities...

• Without doubt, ... is yours.

• I strongly recommend you ...

• Taking into consideration your personal qualities...

• If you enjoy...then...

• Your interests lie in...so...

• You say you have a head for...why not...?

• If I were in your shoes.

• My advice is.

b) In pairs, discuss your plans for the future, as in the pattern below.


A: - ..., are you planning on ... ?

B: - Of course, I ... because ... .What are your plans?

A: - Well, I don’t plan on ... . But I’m not sure ... .

B: - Well, I think it’s best ... .

A: - I really like ... , but ... .

B: - You could start by ... and then ... .

A: - I think you are right about ... . It’s important ... and be able to ... .

B: - Yes, but not if that means ... .

A: - Are you saying you would rather ... .

B: - I don’t know, it’s hard to imagine...

A: - It’s ideal if ... . But it doesn’t happen .... I hope ... .

B: - Well, you certainly ... . I’m sure.

A: - Thanks for the compliment, ... . I’d like to be known as ... .

B: - You are going to make ... .

A: - I hope so.

c) In the whole class comment on the quotes.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of a dream”.

(Eleanor Roosevelt)

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals”.

(Zig Ziglar)

“When you know what you want and you want it bad enough, you will find a way to get it”.

(Jim Rohn)


a) Before you listen

You are going to listen to brother’s and sister’s ideas about their views on life.

Brainstorm with your friends and decide whether they’ll have much in common or differ.

b) While you listen

Listen to the teenagers and match Jim’s (brother) and Helen’s (sister) ideas to the correct portraits.



• I like to study and work hard.

• I often raise my hand to answer the questions.

• I prefer to spend more time playing computer games.

• I care about my grades.

• I know what I want to be.

• I want to have a secure future and a well-paid job.

• I am not an exception.

I’m at the top of my class in Mathematics and Science.

• I enjoy watching action films.

• I’ll try to get higher education.

c) After you listen

In the whole class, think and decide if you agree with what you’ve just heard. What is typical of siblings in Ukrainian families?


a) Before you write

If you decide on searching for a job, learn how to write a CV (Curriculum Vitae).

• Brainstorm with your friends what information may be included in a CV.

b) While you write

• A Curriculum Vitae is written by a person who is searching for a job.

• It should begin with giving some important personal details, in case the employer wants to contact you.

• In a CV, a job seeker should write a detailed lengthy and structured listing of his/ her education, awards, work history, skills, and interests.

How to Write a CV

Language Tips

Content Tips

1) Personal information

• your name;

• address;

• date of birth;

• telephone number;

2) Education

• your form;

• the name and address of your school;

3) Work experience

• your summer and Saturday job’s;

• descriptions of your achievements;

• new skills, knowledge you’ve got (if you don’t have work experience, write about your potential: describe your participation in school projects, competitions, conferences, etc.);

4) Skills

• your strong points: subjects and activities you are good at (never undersell yourself, be positive about your abilities);

5) Interests

• your significant achievements related to your interests (don’t only list interests, add a few details).

At Home: In your WB, complete a CV as if you are looking for a summer job


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