Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас для спеціалізованих шкіл з поглибленим вивченням англійської мови - Л.В. Калініна - Генеза 2017 рік

Unit 1 Getting to know yourself

In this unit, you will learn how:

• to talk about the real you;

• to speak about someone’s personality;

• to describe a teenager’s world;

• to discuss teenager’s worries and problems;

• to check your knowledge and skills getting ready for your independent testing;

• to upgrade your sociocultural competence through reading.

1.1. Discover Yourself

Word Bank

Phrase Bank

Communication Box

• to socialize;

• hangout;

• to nag;

• to bully;

• affection;

• frequent;

• timidity;

• costly.

• to be good at doing something;

• to know much about something;

• to focus on something;

• to feel lack of privacy;

• to be up to something;

• to be a show-off;

• to be dressed up;

• to be very specific about something;

• to mind something;

• to cheer somebody up;

• to feel a bit down;

• to be a shoulder to cry on;

• to broaden the mind;

• to hurt somebody’s dignity.

• definitely… ;

• nevertheless… ;

• moreover…

I. Go Ahead!

Look at the portraits of teenagers. What can you say about the characters they may have?

Example: I believe the girl in the 1-st picture likes to socialize with her peers. Definitely, she is good at dancing and knows much about fashions.

II. Reading

Read what teenagers say about themselves and say if they have much in common.

Hi, my name is David. I live in Denmark, which is in northern Europe. Well, I think I am a normal teenager. I often have hangouts with my friends and do teenage things. My friends mean a lot to me and I like to socialize with them. My easy going nature made me popular in school. My parents are always nagging when I do badly at school and say that I should focus more on my study. Of course, I feel lack of privacy like many teenagers as my parents also want to know what I’m up to. It’s impossible to keep anything in secret! But I love them and try to build up a bridge.


* * *

I’m Susan and I am from England, from Brighton, to be exact, which is near the sea. I hate being on my own, that’s why I spend a tremendous amount of time with my friends. We hang out in the park or elsewhere and make the most of our time.

Moreover, I love companies because I love to be in the centre of attention. Some people think that I’m a show-off. But it’s not true. I just love being with people, all dressed up and having a good time. Maybe thus I try to overcome my timidity. At parties I sing rap and I’m always in a good mood. I’m a real party person. I can’t stay away from discos that are often held in my city because it’s my idea of a great evening out. I tend to be very specific about dancing music. At the last party, I was learning how to dance waltz which is not easy for me. And now I’m quite good at it. I feel I can be a real hit as a dancer.


* * *

I’m Adam. I live in Warsaw which is in the heart of Poland. I’d like to say a couple of words about my friend and me. We frequent the city International club ‘Planet’. Really, it’s a good magnet for teens.

There are always young people from all over the world there and we can talk on different problems, dispute with them, and learn a lot of interesting things. Moreover, we can meet many talented people that have other cultures. It is exciting for me to learn how people behave them-selves in different situations, what they say and do. It’s a good place where you can exchange your views on life, share your experience or just broaden the mind.


* * *

Hi, everybody. My name is Ann. My native place is Baltimore which is a historical centre of the USA. I’m a teenager and as teenagers everywhere, American teens are interested in music, movie stars, dancing, avoiding parents and schoolwork and concerned about being liked by other teens. As I like music, I socialize more with those who don’t mind my likes.

Most teens, 17 or older, own a car so they have to get a job to afford it. Going to the movies, clubs or fast food restaurants by car is very popular for us but also quite costly. A common place for teens to walk or to hang out in America is a shopping mall. We stick up for our mates and cheer each other up having fun together. I like our attitude to each other. If a friend is feeling a bit down by being bullied, then we are always there for him/her as a shoulder to cry on. We never hurt anybody’s dignity. I appreciate it.


* * *

I’m Andrew and I’m a Ukrainian. As many Ukrainians, I’m a big fan of animals and birds. A lot of teenagers in Ukraine have pets, which they keep at home. Some of them are common like cats, dogs or hamsters. My pet is a budgie whose name is Windy. The bird is so funny! He often looks at himself in the mirror and even dances in front of it. Every morning I open his cage and take him out. Windy’s beak touches my lips. It is his morning ‘hello’. My friend Alice also has a pet, but it is a parrot that she is teaching to speak. There are two words in the bird’s vocabulary:

‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’. Alice has found out that parrots can copy human speech, while budgies can’t. Nevertheless, I adore Windy for his affection for me.


Across Cultures

Denmark forms a part of Scandinavia and the people there are called Danes.


Brighton - a large town on the Southern coast of England, popular for holidays.


Across Cultures

Warsaw - the capital city of Poland on the river Vistula.


Baltimore - a city in the Eastern coast of the USA, in the state of Maryland.


III. Language Track

1. In the text, find introductory phrases of sentences and reproduce them with correct intonation, following the pattern. Practise this intonation pattern in chain in your own context.


1. Study the difference in meaning. From the text, reproduce the words in context and interpret their meaning. Make up sentences by analogy with them.

to lack - not to have enough of something. It is used with abstract nouns.

Example: The teacher said the child lacked confidence.

to be short of - not to have enough of something. It is used when talking about object or material.

Example: We are short of sugar, go and buy some, please.

couple - a) two things of the same kind, but which don’t make a pair.

Example: Will you give a couple of books?

b) a small number of things, not necessarily two.

Example: He’s only been here for a couple of weeks.

pair - an object which is made from two similar parts.

Example: Yesterday I bought a lovely pair of shoes at the Footwear.

2. From the text, reproduce sentences with words or phrases which have the same meaning as the underlined ones.

Example: I adore my Windy for his fondness for me.

I adore my Windy for his affection for me.

1. I like to communicate with my friends.

2. My teacher wants me to concentrate on my report.

3. Alice keeps asking me to fix her lamp, but I really can’t do it.

4. You are wrong. I’m not the person who tries to show how skilled and clever I am.

5. I have the news which will make you feel less sad.

6. Communication helps you to understand and accept other people’s beliefs and customs.

7. This is a particular place to spend much time with friends, you know.

Complete and expand the sentences with the correct information from the text.

Example: David sometimes has misunderstanding with his parents because they are nagging when he does badly at school. I think all parents do this, because they want their children to study well, to broaden their mind.

1. David’s parents always want to know what he is up to, that’s why … .

2. As Ann likes music … .

3. If American teens own a car … .

4. Ann appreciates the attitude of friends, who … .

5. Adam enjoys talking with people from other countries as … .

6. Susan is a very sociable person and … .

7. Andrew is interested in ....

1. From the text, reproduce the grammar constructions in bold and interpret their meanings.

2. Complete the instructions given and illustrate them with your own examples.

• Relative clauses are introduced by relative ………………………………

• Relative clauses are introduced by relative we …………………………

3. Look at the portraits of teenagers who spoke about themselves (p. 7-8 of your textbook) and give additional information about them using relative clauses.

IV. Communication Track


a) Make a personal profile for your friends/classmates. Use the guiding plan:

Guiding Plan

1. Give a brief information about:

ü yourself: name home, town, age etc.;

ü your family members;

ü your school life;

ü hobbies and interests.

2. Give a description of your personality.

b) Pair up with your friend and complete the dialogue.

If it isn’t Ally? You look terrific! Where are you going to all dressed up?

Hi,____________ . There’s no special occasion. I usually look this way.

I feel comfortable in smart clothes.


c) In the whole group unquote the words of famous people.


a) Before you listen

You are going to listen to an interview. Look at the picture and think what questions the journalist may ask Ben. Write 5 possible questions.

b) While you listen

Listen to the interview and correct the mistakes.

1. You feel protected but not safe in the family.

2. We can never say angry and rude words to each other.

3. Dan supports me but sees life through his eyes.

4. He says I’m too energetic.

5. We have nothing in common with my friends.

6. Ben has a head for languages.

7. Ben’s friends are good at designing computer programmes.

8. Relations with friends are much stronger for Bob.

c) After you listen

In the whole class discuss who and what makes your personality.


a) Before you write

• If you want to apply for a summer job, write a cover letter, which is a one-page document that says who the person is.

• Brainstorm with your friends what reasons teenagers may have for applying for a summer job.

• Make a list of words/phrases you can use to sound convincing.

How to Write a Cover Letter

Language Tips

Content Tips

1) Communicative Skills

• Dear personnel Director,

• I’m writing in reference to…

• In the meanwhile, you may reach me …

• I look forward to hearing from you …

• Regards,…

2) Concise pres entation of experience and qualification

• Your advertisement fits my experience and qualification.

• I have achieved high marks in my…

3) Level of professionalism

• I feel I would be suitable for this position for a number of reasons.

• I may become a close fit to… needs.

• I hope I can become a productive member of …

4) Issues to the person’s personality

• I believe that I have good communicative skills.

• I have always taken a keen interest in …

At Home: In your WB write a cover letter applying for a summer job.

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