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Unit 4 Science and technology

4.6. Text Files

You are going to read a part of the story by I. Asimov “The Bicentennial Man”. Do some pre-reading activities which will help you to understand the story better.

a) Before you read

• Content anticipation

Robots are widely used in many branches of science. Group up with your friends and say what role they play in science. Support your ideas with examples.

• Language Anticipation

In pairs, write a list of 5-8 words and phrases which can be attributable to robots.

• Cultural Anticipation

In the whole class, discuss what countries are famous for designing robots. How and where they are used in Ukraine?

• Prediction

Look at the pictures and try to predict what the story may be about.

b) While you read

1. Read the text and say why Mr. Martin brought the robot to robopsychologist.

2. Read the story again and correct the statements.

1. Andrew had little resemblance to a real man in appearance.

2. Andrew was brought to Mr. Martin to do babysitting.

3. Once Andrew carved a wooden horse for Little Miss.

4. Mr. Martin made designs for Andrew.

5. Robot said he disliked to make furniture.

6. The robopsychologist managed to explain everything to Mr. Martin.

7. Mr. Martin believed that all other robots were like Andrew.

8. Robot Andrew made different things with wrong proportions.

9. The robopsychologist wanted to have this robot for himself.

10. Mr. Martin agreed to give his robot to the company.

The Bicentennial Man

(Adapted from "The Bicentennial Man” after I. Asimov)

Andrew had appeared much more a robot when he had first been manufactured. He had then been as much a robot in appearance as any that had ever existed smoothly designed and functional.

He had done well in the home to which he had been factors brought in those days when robots in households, or on the planet altogether, had been a rarity.

Andrew had been intended to perform the duties of a valet, a butler, even a lady’s maid. Those were the experimental days for him and, indeed, for all robots anywhere save in the industrial and exploratory; factories and stations off Earth.

The Martins enjoyed him, and half the time he was prevented from doing his work because Miss and Little Miss wanted to play with him. It was Miss who first understood how this might be arranged. “We order you to play with us and you must follow orders.”

It was for Little Miss that Andrew had carved a pendant out of wood. She had ordered him to. Miss, it seemed, had received an ivory pendant with scrollwork for her birthday and Little Miss was unhappy over it. She had only a piece of wood, which she gave Andrew together with a small kitchen knife.

He had done it quickly and Little Miss had said, “That’s nice, Andrew. I’ll show it to Daddy.”

Sir would not believe it. “Where did you really get this, Mandy?” Mandy was what he called Little Miss.

When Little Miss assured him she was really telling the truth, he turned to Andrew. “Did you do this, Andrew?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“The design, too?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“From what did you copy the design?”

“It is a geometric representation. Sir, that fits the grain of the wood”.

The next day, Sir brought him another piece of wood - a larger one - and an electric vibro-knife. «Make something out of this, Andrew. Anything you want to,» he said.

Andrew did so as Sir watched, then looked at the product a long time. After that, Andrew no longer waited on tables. He was ordered to read books on furniture design instead, and he learned to make cabinets and desks.

«These are amazing productions, Andrew,» Sir soon told him.

«I enjoy doing them, Sir,» Andrew admitted.


«It makes the circuits of my brain somehow flow more easily. I have heard you use the word ‘enjoy’ and the way you use it fits the way I feel. I enjoy doing them. Sir.»

Gerald Martin took Andrew to the regional offices of the United States Robots and Mechanical Men Corporation. As a member of the Regional Legislature he y had no trouble at all in gaining an interview with the chief robopsychologist. In fact, it was only as a member of the Regional Legislature that he qualified as a 7 robot owner in the first place-in those early days when robots were rare.

The robopsychologist, Merton Mansky, listened with a growing frown and more than once managed to stop his fingers at the point beyond which they would have irrevocably drummed on the table. He had drawn features and a lined forehead, but he might actually have been younger than he looked.

«Robotics is not an exact art, Mr. Martin,» Mansky explained. «I cannot explain it to you in detail, but the mathematics governing the plotting of the positronic pathways is far too complicated to permit of any but approximate solutions. Naturally, since we build everything around the Three Laws, those are incontrovertible. We will, of course, replace your robot - 2».

«Not at all,» said Sir. «There is no question of failure, on his part. He performs his assigned duties perfectly. The point is he also carves wood in exquisite fashion and never the same twice. He produces works of art.»

Mansky looked confused. «Strange. Of course, we’re attempting generalized pathways these days. Really creative, you think?»

«See for yourself.» Sir handed over a little sphere of wood on which there was a playground scene in which the boys and girls were almost too small to make out, yet they were in perfect proportion and they blended so naturally with the grain that it, too, seemed to have been carved.

Mansky was incredulous. «He did that?» He handed it back with a shake of his head. «The luck of the draw. Something in the pathways.»

«Can you do it again?»

«Probably not. Nothing like this has ever been reported.»

«Good! I don’t in the least mind Andrew’s being the only one.»

«I suspect that the company would like to have your robot back for study,» Mansky said.

«Not a chance» Sir said with sudden grimness. «Forget it.» He turned to Andrew, «Let’s go home, now.»

c) After you read


Robot Andrew turned out to be very creative. What’s your opinion: is it a myth or reality? Prove your point of view.


In pairs, role play the conversation between Mr. Martin and robopsychologist.


Robot Andrew could express his fondness for Little Miss. In the whole group, discuss if the robots can experience any human feelings.


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