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Unit 5 Youth culture

5.2. Youth Organisations

Word Bank

Phrase Bank

Communication Box

• free-will


• antithesis (to something);

• to promote;

• voluntary;

• badge;

• lifelong.

• to swear an oath;

• to set up something

• to develop intelligence/ practical skills;

• to do one’s best;

• to do one’s duty to somebody;

• to obey laws.

• Like ...;

• Unlike ...

• Conventionally ...

I. Go Ahead!

Look at the photos which show young people participating in different activities and say to what youth organizations they may belong. In which activities would you like to take part and why?

Example: The boys and girls in photo I are on a hike in the mountains.

They may be members of a tourist club. I wish I could join them as I’m a great lover of nature.

II. Reading

Read the extracts from four articles about youth organizations and match the photos to the proper articles.

Popular British Youth Movement

Youth and youth movement have become important factors in the life of the country. In Britain, numerous youth organizations have been formed since the Second World War, uniting young people from all classes and sections of the population. There are about 60 youth organizations in Great Britain. The British Youth Council represents the youth of the country both nationally and internationally. All youth organizations can be divided into three large groups:

1. non-political organizations; 2. youth organizations associated with political parties;

3. youth organizations controlled by religious bodies.

The two largest non-political youth organizations are the associations of the Boy Scouts and the Girl Guides. There are about 1300000 boys and girls in them. The membership is voluntary. The Scout Association was formed in 1907 by General Baden-Powell. His idea was to train boys in mapping, signalling, knotting, first aid and all the skills that would arise from camping and outdoor activities. Most important of all for a Scout was to make a promise that he would do his best to do his duty to God and the Queen, to help other people and to obey the Scout Laws. The Boy Scouts have a left-handed handshake, a special badge and the motto “Be Prepared”. The Scout Laws embrace “honour, obedience, cheerfulness, thrift and cleanliness in thought and deed”.

The Scout movement was intended for boys from 11 to 14 (15), but in 1916 Robert Baden-Powell introduced a programme for younger people. He called them Wolf Cubs. They had a special uniform, badges, a special training system and the motto “Do your best!” The Wolf Cub pack is based on Kipling’s “Jungle Book” about learning to survive.

The Girl Guides Association was founded by Robert Baden-Powell in 1910. It’s divided into three sections: Brownies (from 7.5 to 11), Guides (from 11 to 16), Rangers (from 16 to 21). The programme of training is planned to develop intelligence and practical skills including cookery, needlework, and childcare. Like a Scout, a Girl Guide must be a friend to animals.

Plast, Ukrainian Scouts

Plast was established in 1911, soon after scout movement was founded by Robert Baden-Powell in 1907, and already in 1912 in Lviv, Ukraine its members swore the First Plast Oath. Among the founders of Plast there were Dr. Oleksandr Tysovskyi, Petro Franko (son of Ivan Franko - famous Ukrainian poet, writer, political writer and public activist), and Ivan Chmola. The word ‘Plast’ comes from Ukrainian word ‘plastun’ which was the name of Scouts of Ukrainian Cossacks.

The goal of Plast is to promote an all-round, patriotic education and selfeducation of Ukrainian youth on Christian principles. In order to reach this educational goal, Plast uses such basic principles as free-will membership, education and learning through game and work, a gradual system of studies and trials, self-governing in a circle, encouragement of initiative and selfmanagement, perception of nature and living in nature, support of special interests and talents in children and youth.

Unlike most scouting organizations in the world where membership is limited by the age of 25 years, membership in Plast is lifelong. Conventionally, membership falls into four age groups: Cub Scouts (age 6-12), Rover Scouts (12-18), Older Plast members (18-35) and Senior Plast members (those who turned 35). All educational and administrative work in Plast is performed by Older and Senior Plast members solely on a voluntary basis.

Plast in Ukraine unites about 10.000 members of different ages and by that is the biggest scouting organization in Ukraine. It conducts more than 100 educational outdoor camps with different specializations: sporting, marine, aeronautical, archaeological, arts, skiing, horse-riding, ecological, etc. At these camps, Plast members master their knowledge and practical skills obtained during the year at weekly studies. Among the biggest events carried out by Plast on all-Ukrainian level are: the intellectual-art competition “Or- lykiada”, the creative festival “Den Plastuna”, the sporting event “Sparta- kiada”, the tourist contests “Stezhkamy herojiv” and “Osinniy reyd”.

(Adapted from the Internet source: http://www.plast.org.ua/en/ )

Across Cultures: Great Britain

The British Youth Council (BYC) - is a UK charity that works to empower young people and promote their interests.

Kipling, Rudyard (1865 - 1936) - an English writer born in India, where his stories and poems are set, He is best known for his Jungle book, the poem If, and stories for children he received the Nobel Prize for literature in 1907.

III. Language Track

In the text, find and reproduce the words with two stresses in their contexts. Practise saying them in your own sentences.

Example: organi'zation Numerous youth organizations have been formed since the Second World War

1. In the text, find and reproduce the sentences with the compound nouns and/or adjectives. Match them to their forming pattern and illustrate in your own sentences.

self + noun/adjective

self-governing, ...

noun + noun

childcare, ...

noun + adjective

lifelong ...

adjective + noun

free-will ...

adjective + -ed/ -ing

left-handed ....

2. In the text, find the words which are the derivatives from the following nouns. Interpret their meanings.

Example: number - numerous










3. In the text, find the sentences with the following words and word combina- dd 2-3 logically connected sentences.

Example: to do one’s best

Most important of all for a Scout was to make a promise that he would do his best to do his duty to God and the Queen, to help other people and to obey the Scout Laws.

• To do one’s duty

• To make a promise

• To develop practical skills

• To master one’s knowledge

• To perform on a voluntary basis

• To obey laws

1. From the text, read out the infinitive of purpose in bold and interpret its meaning in context.

2. Complete the instructions.

• If you want to describe the purpose or reason for an action, use...

• If you want to sound formal, use...

3. Answer the following questions using the infinitive of purpose.

1. Why do young people join youth movement?

2. Why did General Baden-Powell set up the Scout Association?

3. Why was the Girl Guides Association founded?

4. What is the goal of Plast?

5. Why is membership in Plast lifelong?

6. What is the purpose of Plat’s camps?

IV. Communication Track


a) Your foreign pen-friend is interested in Plast. What can you tell him/her about it? Use the guiding questions.

1. When was Plast established?

2. Why do you think your foreign pen-friend should know about Plast?

3. How does Plast differ from other scout organisations?

4. What are the biggest events carried out by Plast?

5. What do Plast’s camps specialize in?

b) Pair up with your friend. Look at the photo, identify yourselves with the characters and continue the dialogue.

- Hi, Helen, where are you going?

- To the archaeological outdoor camp.

- Wow! ...

c) In the whole class, dispute over the slogans of Plast’s members:


a) Before you listen

You are going to listen to the speech of an American scouting leader. Read the following key words and phrases and say what the speech may be about.




character development

citizenship training

personal fitness

b) While you listen

Fill in the gaps in the following sentences.

1. There are ... million members of the Boy Scouts of America.

2. Scouting’s adult volunteers provide ... at the unit, district, council, and national levels.

3. Many volunteers are ... of Scouts.

4. Scouting uses a fun program to promote citizenship training for every

5. Youth ... in the Boy Scouts of America is open to all boys and young adults who meet the joining requirements.

6. Achievement of leadership in Scouting units is open to all youth without ... to race or ethnic background.

c) After you listen

If you had membership in the Boy Scouts, what fun program would you choose? Give your reasons.


a) Before you write

If you want to encourage young people to join a youth organization, write a notice.

• Brainstorm with your friends and say what information about a youth organization you want your readers to know about.

• Make a list of words and phrases you’ll use writing a notice.

How to write a notice for joining a youth organization

Content Tips

Language Tips

1) Start with the most urgent belief or interest of the group.

2) Be precise characterizing its advantages.

3) Sound convincing while inviting.

4) Leave your contacts.

• If you are ...

• Are you concerned about ...?

• Have you got any ideas ...?

• Do you feel like ...?

• You are the right person ...

• You are sure to like ...

• Without doubt you ...

At Home: In your WB, write a notice for joining a youth organization you want to set up at your place.


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