Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас для спеціалізованих шкіл з поглибленим вивченням англійської мови - Л.В. Калініна - Генеза 2017 рік

Unit 1 Getting to know yourself

1.2. Becoming a Personality

Word Bank

• just;

• decent;

• to slander;

• perfectionist;

• disciplined;

• brainy;

• inquisitive;

• to flatter;

• mysterious;

• sensitive.

Phrase Bank

• to look puzzled;

• to help somebody out;

• to come to the rescue;

• to take something seriously;

• to be obsessed by something;

• to have nothing to do with;

• to have a great admiration for;

• to be considerate of other people.

Communication Box

• Talking of…

• It’s you all over!

• At times…

• No doubt,…

• …at that

I. Go Ahead!

Look at the photos. Describe each scene and say how it reveals teen’s personalities in them.

Example: I think the guys in the first photo are very romantic. They like to socialize and adore travelling.

II. Reading

Personality and Star Signs

Read the children’s talk. Do you or your friends have the personality described for your star sign?

Sam: Hey, Ann, what is it you are reading with such a great interest?

Ann: It’s my horoscope. I want to write down the main points for today.

Sam: Do you really believe in your star sign?

Ann: I do. It helps me to avoid unpleasant events. Our stars tell us what kind of person we are. According to my star sign, I’m good at creativity.

Sam: Right, you are the most creative person I know. I enjoy the parties where you sing and have a great admiration for your poems. No doubt, you are a talented person.

Ann: Thank you, Sam, you are so kind.

Sam: As a Virgo I am supposed to be hard-working and a perfectionist at that. But it’s not about me.

Ann: Don’t slander, Sam. You are a very responsible person and can work a lot when it is needed. And talking of a perfectionist, do you remember when you presented the best project about our culture? You were just perfect and, certainly, you worked hard on it.

Sam: I think I’m disciplined and…

Ann: And very brainy and inquisitive.

Sam: You flatter me, Ann, because you’ve always been considerate of other people. Look, here goes Helen. She is a very sensible person. Let’s ask about her star sign.

Helen: Hi, guys, you look so mysterious and puzzled. Can I help you out?

Ann: It’s you all over, Helen, always coming to the rescue. Sam and I are disputing if our star signs can speak about our personality.

Sam: Wait, wait, let me guess. You are sensitive, even idealistic at times.

So, you must be a Scorpio or Pisces.

Helen: Neither of them. I’m a Leo and I don’t take the stuff like that seriously when I read it.

Sam: That’s what I’m saying. So, Ann treats the star signs as a bit of harmless fun, but don’t be obsessed by them. Always remember that you are absolutely unique, just like everyone else.

Ann: But you are injust…

Helen: Let me stop your dispute, as there seems no end to it. Once Carl Gustav Jung famously said, “Personality is the supreme realization of the innate individuality of a particular living being”. Isn’t he right?

Sam: That’s the answer and star signs have nothing to do with the persona lity formation.

Ann: Ok, Ok. To each his own.

III. Language Track

1. From the text, reproduce words with the sounds /η/ and /ə:/ in their context. Practise saying them in your own sentences.

Example: What is it you are reading with such a great interest?

It was just perfect!

1. From the text, reproduce two personality adjectives with the opposite meaning. Illustrate them with your own examples.

Example: inconsiderate

You’ve always been considerate of other people.

I’m trying to be considerate of other people’s feelings and never hurt them.

• lazy

• imperfect

• undisciplined

• insensitive

• harmful

• unkind

• irresponsible

• just

• indecent

2. From the text, reproduce the words in context in accordance with their definitions. Say who of your friends or family members possesses these character traits.

Example: A person who is able to think quickly and learns easily - brainy My friend Denis is brainy. He has a good head for Maths. No wonder, he is the best mathematician in our class.

A person who:

• is reasonable and shows good judgments;

• believes that he/she should live according to high standards or principles;

• is the only one of its kind;

• is morally right and fair;

• is following moral standards that are acceptable to society;

• is interested in a lot of different things and wants to find out more about them;

• is confused and unable to understand something;

• behaves in a way that makes you want to know more.

3. Look at the photos of the characters from the text on p. 16 of your textbook and describe their personalities using the information from the text (p. 14). Add some more characteristics judging by the photos.




Example: I think Ann is not only good at singing herself. She likes little children and enjoys teaching them.

1. From the text, find the grammar constructions in bold and interpret their meaning.

2. Complete the instructions given. Make up your own sentences with them.

If you want to refer to a place or time, use a relative clause with … and

3. Read the story and fill in the correct relative pronouns.

At the age of 10, my mother brought me to a sports school … I met my future friends. I was not much of an athlete … I came there. I was very shy and my parents decided that I should be involved in some sport activities and chose the basketball school for me … experienced sportsmen started their career. It was the time … basketball was trendy. I still remember my first trainings … all members of my group helped me. I liked that place … I felt I could share my interests with others.

IV. Communicative Track


a) Look at the set of pictures and make up a story on them describing the personalities of teenagers in them. Use word and phrase banks on p. 13 of your textbook.

b) Pair up with your partner and ask each other questions suggested. Use the words in the box on the left to make statements about your findings. Present each other to the class.

In the whole class, discuss the question: What makes a personality?


a) Before you listen

You are going to listen to a part of the story “The Trumpet of the Swan” by E.B. White under the title “At the Lesson”.

Judging by the title try to predict:

• the characters of the story;

• the personality of a teacher;

• the presentations of students.

b) While you listen

Listen to the story and mark the true statements.

1. Sam joined the lesson of Maths.

2. Sam answered the teacher’s questions making calculations.

3. The children continued Sam’s answer.

4. The teacher wasn’t angry with the students.

5. The teacher liked her students’ ideas.

6. The girls in the classroom didn’t know the answer to the teacher’s question.

7. Linda Staple’s answer was based on her family experience.

c) After you listen In groups:

• discuss how Sam’s teacher of Maths developed her students’ personality;

• say in what lessons and how your teachers help you to develop your personality.


a) Before you write

• If you want to describe somebody’s personality, learn to write a descriptive paragraph.

• In groups, brainstorm with your friends what important points of a personality you want to describe.

• Make a list of words and phrases you can use describing a personality.

How to Describe Somebody’s Personality

Content Tips

Language Tips

• Write a topic sentence summarizing the ideas of the paragraph.

• I’d like to describe…

• The person is interesting for me because.

• Give examples or explanations to illustrate your main point.

• I find him/her…because

• What I appreciate most in him/her…

• Do not include details that are not to the topic.

• I feel a great admiration for him/ her…

• … deserves appreciation.

At Home: In your WB write a description of your role model.

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