Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас для спеціалізованих шкіл з поглибленим вивченням англійської мови - Л.В. Калініна - Генеза 2017 рік

Unit 5 Youth culture

5.5. Your Self-Test Pack

A. Use of English

1. Open the brackets using the proper conditionals:

Example: If it (to rain) we (to stay) at home.

If it rains, we’ll stay at home.

1. If you (to like) to take pictures, (to take) your camera with you.

2. If I (to meet) a Scout, I (to ask) him about his outdoor activities.

3. We (to join) this subculture if we (to know) more of it.

4. Nelly (to take) up art if her parents (to persuade) her.

5. If the boys (to catch) fish, we (to cook) fish soup on fire.

6. If my dad (to find) a good swap, we (to have) a nice vacation.

7. If it (to be) warm enough, we (to lie) in the sun.

8. If I (to be) a computer programmer, I (to design) a new programme for learning English.

9. If you (to want) to see this TV programme, (to come) home earlier.

10. We (to win) the game if we (to train) well.

2. Insert the prepositions if necessary:

1. Last summer I struck ... acquaintance with an extremely interesting person.

2. I like to read fantasy ... my leisure.

3. Ann can rave ... her hobby for hours.

4. When a good film is on, it is impossible to drag me the screen.

5. Many youth organizations perform ... a voluntary basis.

6. Some teenagers show... to express their individuality.

7. When my dad suggested a holiday in Britain I jumped ... the opportunity to go there.

8. A new cookery club was set ... at our school last year.

9. The boys are striving ... becoming city champion.

10. Some subcultures rebel ... standards of the society.

B. Reading

Read the text and fill in the correct form of the words.

A Walking Tour

If you want to enjoy (enjoyment) a walking tour, go alone. Then you will be __1__(ability) to stop and go and follow this way and that, as the whim takes you. You won’t __ 2__ (dependence) on anybody or anything. You must be open to all __3__ (to impress) and let your thoughts take colours from what you set. You should be like a pipe for any wind to play upon. There should no __4__ (noisy), at your elbow, to jar on the __5__ (to meditate) silence of the morning. As long as the man is __6__(reasonable) he cannot surrender himself to that fine __7__ (to intoxicate) that comes in the open air. During the first day or so of any tour there are moments of __8__ (bitter), when the __9__ (to travel) feels more than coldly towards his knapsack, when he is half in a mind to throw it away. Yet it soon becomes better. It becomes __10__(magnet); the spirit of the journey enters into you again ...

And surely of all possible moods, this in which a man takes the road, is the best.

C. Listening

Listen to the story and correct the mistakes in the following statements.

1. My younger cousin came to stay with us just before our daughter’s birthday.

2. My cousin loves meals in the open air.

3. The cousin agreed to come with us much to our regret.

4. It was a good day for an experienced picnicker.

5. We all had a refreshing bath before lunch.

6. We were having meals under chestnut trees.

7. Suddenly a herd of elephants came to the field.

8. When my cousin saw the animals, she gave a shriek of joy.

9. My daughter drove away the animals and shut the gate.

10. A hot cup of coffee helped her to restore composure.

D. Writing

Write a notice for your favourite leisure time activity.

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