Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас для спеціалізованих шкіл з поглибленим вивченням англійської мови - Л.В. Калініна - Генеза 2017 рік

Unit 7 Your English-speaking world

7.5. Your Self-Test Pack

A. Use of English

1) Read the text and fill in the missing words from the box.


You ___1___need special permits to enter, pass through, or camp in certain areas of Australia.

Aboriginal lands

The laws vary - on some lands you __2__ pass through on “main roads” or stop in a community for fuel, on others you __3 __ to show a permit just to put your little toe on __4__ land. If you are on __5__organised tour, the operator or guide will be __6__ to deal with that, otherwise you will __7__ to apply well in advance to the land council.

National parks and desert parks

You have __8__obtain camping and visiting permits in advance. If you are planning a visit to Witjira national Park in South Australia, you __ 9__ need a desert parks Pass. You can purchase one at various shops in the northern part of the state, or through __ 10__ South Australian National Parks and Wildlife service.

2) Insert the prepositions if necessary:

1. The World Heritage sites in Canada have been recognized ... UNESCO.

2. Canada played a major role in setting ... the World Heritage Convention.

3. Studying ... Australia offers international students more than academic achievement and a globally recognized qualification.

4. Australia’s universities have made important breakthroughs ... modern technology and science.

5. Student exchange with WEP Australia can open your eyes ... the opportunities and wonders of the world.

6. New Zealand is ... the Roaring Forties.

7. Tramping is Kiwi-speak ... hiking.

8. Bungy jumping ... the Kawarau Bridge prompts a heady adrenaline rush.

9. What’s the use ... going international?

10. It has given me a good chance to see the world ... a different perspective.

C. Reading

Read the first part of story written by Laura Crockett, an international student from

the USA, and fill in the correct forms of the words.

Laura Crockett Auckland, New Zealand

Self Discovery and Stereotypes in New Zealand

Part One

I had been _______ 0 anticipating (anticipation) my arrival in New Zealand for months.

Over the past month of immersing myself in Kiwi culture, the minimal cultural __1__ (to differ) here have allowed me to realize that I am growing and changing as a person.

My very first interaction with a Kiwi in New Zealand was __2__ (pleasure) and set the tone for the rest of my visit. The Kiwi bus __3__ (driving) drove ten university students to our hostels, and did not make me pay even though I had forgotten to fill out the __4__(requirement) form for requesting airport pick up. The__5__(friend) of the driver is indicative of the atmosphere here in New Zealand.

The culture of New Zealand displays many __6__(similar) to the culture of the United States. Perhaps some__7___ (evidence) differences are a more relaxed atmosphere where people live __8__(casual) and work to live rather than live to work. This allows American __9__ (to visit) to feel comfortable in __10__(familiarity) environment that is a little more relaxed and welcoming.

D. Listening

Listen to the continuation of the international student’s story and mark the following statements true or false.


1. Laura doesn’t study hard in New Zealand. _______

2. She has come to study business there.________

3. Academic English in New Zealand is identical to that in the USA. _____

4. Most students do their personal best in New Zealand. ______

5. New Zealanders pay much attention to sport. ______

6. Laura has overcome her fear of talking to strangers. _______

7. The student did bungy jumping back in the USA. ____

8. Laura’s NZ experience helps her to develop. ___

9. The girl finds New Zealanders very sociable. ___

10. Laura is satisfied with her international experience.

E. Writing

Write a report about an international experience of your choice.

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