Матеріали для Нової української школи 1 клас - планування, розробки уроків, дидактичні та методичні матеріали, підручники та зошити

Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас для спеціалізованих шкіл з поглибленим вивченням англійської мови - Л.В. Калініна - Генеза 2017 рік

First Aid Kit


• to break out

• to focus on

• to bring up

• to get back

• to care about

• to get on with

• to carry on

• to get over

• to chase after

• to give up

• to cheer up

• to go on

• to come on

• to help out

• to come up with

• to hurry up

• to deal with

• to look after

• to decide on

• to put off

• to dress up

• to take to

• to drink up

• to think over

• to drop in

• to work out

• to fill in

• to worry about

• to find out

Writing samples

1.1. Discover Yourself

Sample of a Cover Letter

Our town has become one of the greatest attractions for tourists thanks to its unique churches and ancient buildings.

Tourist office is looking to employ guides during the summer to show tourists round.


• good knowledge of English;

• communicative skills;

• history knowledge.

If you feel you are suitable for this position, apply for it as soon as possible.

City Tourist Office

777 Pearl St. Rm. 1001

Eugene, ORE 97401

Dear Personnel Director,

Your advertisement in the “Teen Job Opportunities” newspaper for a tourist guide fits my experience perfectly and I am writing to express my interest and enthusiasm for this position. My career achievements have included one summer experience with my international friends, namely:

• showing them round the city;

• making excursions to some ancient churches of the region;

• presenting the exhibits of our local history museums.

There are many reasons why I would be great at this job. Firstly, I have achieved high marks in my English language. Secondly, I was born in this town and I think I know much about it. And finally, this job offers exciting opportunities for my future career. If you agree that I’m a close fit to your needs, I would be delighted to become a productive member of your team.

In the meantime, you may reach me at (762-685-1991) or via email at bringhton.f@vahoo.com. I look forward to hearing from you.


Kelly Brown

1.2. Becoming a Personality

How to Describe a Personality: a Descriptive Paragraph

I’d like to describe a personality of my Godmother. She is my role model because she is a unique personality. My Godmother’s uniqueness lies in her great knowledge of everything. Whatever I ask her, she is sure to give me the

answer. Oksana Petrivna is so intelligent, well read and many-sided. I feel a great admiration for my Godmother. Now I know what personality I want to have.

1.3. Teenager’s World

Sample Advertisement about a Leisure-time Activity

You are tired and exhausted, disappointed and worried, right? It does happen to everyone sometimes.

We can help you out and teach how to use that kind of aggressive energy and at the same time to feel proud and free.

Join our dancing club and you’ll see energetic Ukrainian dances is the ultimate way of expression.

You’ll dance off all your troubles. We are available every Wednesday and Saturday

6.00-8.00 pm.

Kyiv, Sosnova str., 5

2.1. Sample of News Report

A conference on animal extinction has taken place in Ryga this week. The scientists claim that a number of rare animals and plants iscurrently threatened with extinction, including the hippopotamus and rhinos.

According to the statistics, rare exotic animals are being bought and sold over the Internet illegally. Scientists express their concern. They counted that between fifteen and two hundred species are already disappearing every week because of different reasons.

“If we don’t stop this process”, the chairman of the conference said to the reporters, “our future generations will see animals only in the pictures and photos”.

2.2. Sample Warning Leaflet

How to Avoid Wildfire

Wildfire is one of the most destructive forces, because it destroys wilderness, property and lives. One of ten wildfires is human-caused as the result of people’s carelessness. To avoid the negative effect of wildfires observe the following warnings:

• Inspect a wild land area you are going to stay in: if there is no accumulation of fuel in the form of fallen leaves, branches and excessive plant overgrowth.

• Don’t park cars or buses on dry grass.

• Apart from this, take notice of the weather forecast. If it’s windy, don’t start a fire.

• In case of calm weather, examine your campsite if you decide on making a fire.

• Be careful not to make a fire on dry grass with many trees and bushes around.

• A warning should be given to parents - don’t allow your kids to play with matches.

• Before leaving your camp site look around if nothing flammable is left.

2.3. Sample of a Newspaper Review

Winter is a marvellous season but it has a great disadvantage. During winter snow and ice build upon the roads, making it dangerous for people to drive. The pavement is also covered with slippery ice and snow which makes it impossible to walk on it.

To avoid it a special kind of salt is spread on the roads to melt ice and snow. But when they melt, the salty water runs off into lakes, rivers and streams. This salty runoff can kill fish and other animals, affect the growth of plants and contaminate drinking water.

It’s an open secret that salty runoff spoils our boots to say nothing of our feet. We believe that it’s necessary to invent a better way to make roads safe for travel during snowy and windy weather. It’s a region-wide concern, I’m sure.

One of the ways out may be the use of less dangerous chemicals for melting ice and snow or just remove them with the help of special electrical means. Some decisive measures should be taken.

3.1. Application Form Sample

Complete fully and mail to The Admissions Office. Providence College. Otterbume, Manitoba ROA 1GO

Applying to begin studies In Fall Term (Sept) 20

Winter Term (Jan) 20____ Summer Term (May-Aug) 20

Name__________ Male_________ Female______

Mailing Address_________ Telephone №: home___ mob________

Birthdate Place of Birth_______________________

Citizen of which countries ?___________________

First Language_____________________________

TOEFL Score (If first language is not English)______

Parents names, address______________________

High school information

Transcripts of your High School work are required for admission. Please ask your school to send a transcript directly to The Admissions Office, Providence College

High School

Attended _____________________________________


Highest Grade Fully Completed____________________


Grade Now Attending Applicable___________________

Post high school information

If you are no longer attending High School, list in chronological order any post-High School studies and / or other studies completed with corresponding dates.

Current Occupation_____________________________

Are you applying to other Colleges this year? If so, which ones?

3.2. Sample of a CV

My name is Ann Voitenko. I was born on April, 25, 1999. My telephone is 243680.

I’m a student of the 9-th grade of the Humanitarian Gymnasium № 23, Liatoshynskogo st. 14, Zhytomyr, Ukraine.

I participated in summer language camps in 2015 and 2016 and was pleased with my job. My seven-year-old pupils won prizes in some sports and music competitions. They showed their creativity as I organized project work which involved this skill.

I am good at playing the guitar and sing well. I wrote some songs for my last language summer camp and children enjoyed singing them.

I love to work with small children and my teachers say I can do well with them. I think being very sociable myself I can communicate in different situations.

3.3. Sample autobiography

College Daze

I never understood the concept of building a “permanent record” to impress college admission directors until my Junior year. That’s too bad because I could have gone to almost any college if I had done as well in my freshman and sophomore years as I did in my junior and senior years.

As it worked out, I wound up at St. John’s College - “the great books” college - in Annapolis, Maryland. I actually learned to read Greek (I didn’t understand it, though), and my mind was stretched discussing Plato, Aristotle, Herodotus, Thucydides, and Aeschylus. What a year!

My second year wasn’t so much fun. At St. John’s, there are no electives. Everyone takes the same classes and reads the same ‘great books’. In fact, I got so bored reading St. Thomas and St. Augustine (though I enjoyed reading the New and Old Testaments cover-to-cover) that I became a radical and traveled to Cuba during spring break.

That trip quickly got my mind out of the Middle Ages and Into the front pages of the New York Times. I transferred from St. John’s to New York University, so I could study political science and economics instead of classics ...

4.1. Sample Summary

“A Brief History of Time”

Two major questions considered in this internationally acclaimed masterpiece are: Was there a beginning of time? Is the universe infinite or does it have boundaries? The book begins by reviewing the great theories of the cosmos from Newton to Einstein before diving into the secrets which still lie at the heart of space and time. This book can be recommended to a wide range of non-specialist readers as it marries a child’s wonder to a genius’s intellect.

4.2. Sample Speech on a Scientific Invention

I’d like to start by saying that science has always been of great help to people. Great things were discovered and invented by famous people around the world. I’d like to give a speech about the greatest discovery which helped to conquer pain. It’s “anaesthesia”.

In the year 1846, Oliver Wendell Holmes coined the term. A scientific research suggests that the original definition of this term is «the blockage of sensation».

Some people may argue that anaesthesia was used much earlier. This view is supported by the fact that in pre-historic times, even in the year 4200 BC, opium poppy was collected to make it as a herbal anaesthesia. That’s true.

But only with time it made some of the most dangerous medical operations on the heart or brains to be possible. Doctors of the world use anaesthesia operating patients without hurting them, making their pain and suffering easier.

In view of all that, I consider anaesthesia to be the greatest scientific discovery of the world.

4.3. Sample Presentation about a Scientist

I’d like to start by saying that Cesar Milstein is one of the greatest biochemists of the 20th century. His works of antibody research are known far and wide.

Going back to the scientist’s early years, it is necessary to say that he was born in Argentina, to a Jewish family. After finishing school, he entered the University of Buenos Aires from which he successfully graduated and obtained a PhD on kinetic studies.

In 1958 Milstein joined the Biochemistry Department at the University of Cambridge. The major part of his research career was devoted to studying the structure of antibodies and the mechanisms by which antibody diversity is generated.

It’s important to stress that in 1975 he together with Georges Kohler developed the hybridism technique for the production of monoclonal antibodies - a discovery recognised by the award of the 1984 Nobel Prize for physiology and medicine. Scientists claim that this discovery led to an enormous expansion in the exploitation of antibodies in science and medicine.

Importantly, Milstein himself made many major contributions to improvements and developments in monoclonal antibody technology and inspired the development of the field of antibody engineering.

In the way of summing up, I’d like to say that much of his work in recent years was devoted to the understanding of mechanisms of multinational process and, indeed, he contributed a manuscript for publication on tills topic a week before he died. Quite apart from his own achievements, Milstein acted as a guide and inspiration for science and scientists in less developed countries.

5.1. Sample Questionnaire

Teenagers’ Leisure Time Activities

1. What is your favourite activity with computer?

Playing games

Watching recorded programmes

Searching the Internet style

2. How often do you watch TV?


1 or 2 times a week

3 or 4 times a week

Nearly every day

3. Do you often use a library?



4. Have you got any pets?

Yes (Answer the following question)

No (Skip question 5)

5. How much time do you spend with them?

6. Where do you like to socialize with your friends?

7. How much time does it take?

8. Are you a cinema or theatre goer?

Yes (Answer the following question)

No (Skip question 9)

9. What films or plays do you like to see?

10. What is your favourite leisure time activity

11. How much time do you devote to it?

5.2. Sample Notice

Sample Notice for Joining a Youth Organization

5.4. Sample Flyer

Sample Flyer for a Meeting of a Special Interest Group

Learn Scuba Diving in California

Are you interested in under the water world? Do you feel like examining sea wild life? Then come alone or with friends and explore the fascination of the world!

Don’t hesitate to join our special interest group at the coming meeting at 4 on April 19!

Contact us now for free information pack.

6.1. Sample Opinion Interview

An interview with Joshua Meirowitz by Barbara Osborn

In your award-winning book No Sense of Place: The Impact of Electronic Media on Social Behavior, you deal with television’s role in blurring traditional distinctions between public and private spheres.

How have TV and other electronic media connected the home to the outside world?

The family sphere used to be defined by its isolation from the public sphere. The private sphere was supposed to be isolated from the nasty realities of adult life. For both better and worse, television and other electronic media tend to break down the difference between those two worlds. TV takes public events and transforms them into dramas that are played out in the privacy of our living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms.

What impact has this had on the family?

Parents used to be the channel through which children learned about the outside world. They could decide what to tell their children and when to tell it to them. Instead, it presents the same information directly to children of all ages, without going through adult filters. TV takes our kids across the globe before parents give them permission to cross the street.

What challenge does television present to adults?

TV makes us aware of all the places we can’t go, all the people we can’t be, all the things we can’t possess. TV makes us so aware of the larger world that many of us - especially women, children and minorities - begin to feel unfairly isolated in some corner of it...

(Adapted from the Internet source: http://www.medialit.org/reading-room/altered-states-how-television-changes-childhood )

6.2. Sample Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

After February 17, all fuel-power TV stations must switch to broadcasting only in digital. I would like to suggest how residents need to prepare for the digital TV transition.

If an individual uses a rooftop antenna with their analog TV, they must take action to be prepared for the digital TV transition. They have options including buying a converter box; connecting the TV to cable, satellite or other pay service; or getting a TV with a digital tuner.

In closing, I encourage your readers to learn more about the digital TV transition by visiting our website.

Sincerely, John Glew Thornbrough, Buckingham

6.3. Sample Topic Outline

Thumbs are the New Fingers

I. Technology causing physical mutation

A. Using thumbs in a completely different way

1) Using both thumbs ambidextrously

2) Minimal movements

B. Using thumbs for other tasks

1) Replacing the finger’s jobs

2) The thumb tribe

II. Research on the thumb generation

A. Cybernetic culture

1) Data on mobile phone users

2) The Japanese trend

B. Social impact of technology

1) Social networking

2) Multitasking

7.1. Sample Cultural Tips

When in Britain ...

1. Remember that Great Britain as an island is home for three nations, that’s why don’t call a Scot or a Welshman English.

2. Britain has traditionally been a divided society (upper class, working class, middle class) so try to use the language appropriate to each group.

3. Don’t forget that the British are known as reserved people, that’s why familiarity in inter-personal relations is considered awkward and impolite.

4. Communication is often made different in Britain because the British tend to avoid personal contacts. Don’t impose or insist on them.

5. Remember that academic titles are not often used, so use first names, which are commonly accepted.

6. The British dislike people who take themselves too seriously. Don’t forget that humour is a necessary part of business and social life.

7. The weather is always a good start for a conversation. Try to follow this tradition while talking with the British.

8. The British love working in a team. So it’s advisable to offer your help, which will be appreciated.

7.2. Sample Public Sings

Look at the signs and match them to the areas where they can be placed.


7.3. Sample Informative Report

To: Dr. Davis, Head of the International Student Exchange Program

From: Lisa Dunford, post-graduate student

Subject: Canadian Identity

Date: December, 2, 2010

As requested, this is a report concerning the subject of Canadian identity which is to be included into the orientation kit for international students.

Canada is a land of new beginning, both for the native population and for generations of immigrants from more than 150 countries. Early settlers gave Canada its name. It is a strange name for such a vast territory - the word “Kanata” in the Iroquois Indian language means ‘village’.

The Indians and Inuit (the general name for the Eskimo peoples) have lived in Canada for thousands of years. The Vikings sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and settled in Newfoundland over a thousand years ago. They were the first Europeans to settle in North America.

Canada’s population is over 31 mln. There are about 554,000 native Indians, 41,000 Inuits, 210,000 Metis (of mixed aboriginal and European ancestry). About 35 % of Canadians are of British origin; about 20% are French descendants. The third largest ethnic group is German. Other major groups are Italian, Chinese, Ukrainian, Dutch, Greek, Polish and Scandinavian.

Multi-ethnic Canadian population is like a tossed salad, each ‘ingredient’ preserving their cultures and contributing to Canadian identity.


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