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Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас для спеціалізованих шкіл з поглибленим вивченням англійської мови - Л.В. Калініна - Генеза 2017 рік

Unit 1 Getting to know yourself

1.6. Text Files

a) Before you read

You are going to read the story “The Blue Patch” by D. Bateson. Before you read do the activities which will help you to understand the story better.

• Content anticipation

Read the opening paragraph of the story and say what worries Jackie and why.

“Ma,” said Jackie, “when can I have those new trousers?” She did not look up from her sewing. “When your father gets a job,” she said at last. “In October, perhaps”.

• Language Anticipation

Sometimes teenagers don’t have the best time in their lives. Make a list of words and word combinations that may characterize their emotional state at that time.

• Cultural Anticipation

Teenagers like to take sports in their leisure time and often participate in sport competitions. Think and decide what sport or sport competitions English teens enjoy.

• Prediction

Read words and phrases below and try to predict what the story may be about.

• trousers;

• asking for help;

• a blue patch;

• a thread and needle race;

• race;

• a wheelbarrow race;

• prize;

• a ball and knife for a sixpence;

• to win the 1st prize;

• deserved admiration;

• a partner;

• a lame excuse;

• a tempting suggestion;

• no other way out;

• a complete failure;

• as quick as lightning.

b) While you read

I. Read the story and say why Jackie decided to take part in the race.

II. Read the plan of the story below and enlarge it with suitable items from the box.

1. A Firm Decision



c) ______________________________________________

2. The Unlucky Race

a) ______________________________________________


c) ______________________________________________

3. A Friend in Need

a) ______________________________________________


c) ___________________________________________________________


By D. Bateson

“Ma,” said Jackie, “when can I have those new trousers?” She did not look up from her sewing. “When your father gets a job,” she said at last. “In October, perhaps”.

Jackie ran out into the street. He threw his ball at the wall of the house and caught it again. October ... he had to wait three months before he could say good-bye to the blue patch in his trousers. And everybody could see the patch. Penny Dale, the girl who lived on the hill, could see it too.

Jenner came up the street and asked, “Going to the races2, Jackie?”

Jackie threw his ball at the wall again. “No, I don’t think so,” he said.

“There are prizes,” Jenner said. “Seven and six and half a crown33 for first and second places.”

Jackie thought: “If win a first prize, I can buy those trousers myself. Then Ma won’t have to worry.”

“I’d like to go,” he said. “How much do you have to pay to take part in. the races?”

“Only sixpence,” Jenner said.

“Only!” Jackie said. “And where can I get sixpence?”

“I’ll give you three pence for that ball.”

“But I need sixpence!”

“- And another three pence tor your knife,” Jenner said.

1 a patch /pæt∫/ - заплата

2 Going to the races? (розм..) = Are you going to the races?

3 Seven and six=seven shillings and sixpence British money: a pound (J1) = 12 shillings (12s); one shilling (1s) = 12 pennies (12 d); one crown = 5 shillings; a halfcrown = 2 shillings sixpence (2s 6d)

Jackie thought about it, but not long. Ten minutes later, they, were on their way to the races, Jenner wearing his new white shirt and white trousers, Jackie in his old shirt and brown trousers with the blue patch.

For many weeks, Jackie had thought of going in for something - just for the idea of winning. But he had not, because of the patch. He didn’t want to show all the other boys and girls the blue patch in his trousers. But how could he get rid of1 the patch if he didn’t run? When the man shouted “First race - boys, seventy yards,” Jackie gave him his sixpence and went to stand in the starting-line with the other boys.

He tried too hard at the beginning of the race, and couldn’t make his legs go fast enough at the end. But he won second place, with Jenner just behind him, and the man gave him half a crown.

Next was a thread-and-needle race. Jackie wanted Penny Dale for a partner, but a girl named Helen took his arm, and they went together to the starting-line. Jackie saw Penny Dale near him, with Jenner. Helen went to the end of the field and held her needle ready. Jackie put the piece of thread into his mouth, and when the man shouted “Go!”, he ran like the wind towards Helen. He was the first boy to get to his partner. But he was so excited that his hands were shaking, and he had difficulty threading the needle.

“How slow you are!” Helen said, waiting to run back to the starting-line with her threaded needle.

The other pairs threaded their needles quickly, and the girls ran back. Penny was second. Helen was last. When Jackie returned slowly with his hands in his pockets, Helen didn’t look at him. She walked away without a word.

Jackie’s last chance for a big prize was the whelbarrow2 race. You had to run on your hands in the wheelbarrow race; a girl behind you held your legs and pushed you. But now nobody, he thought, wanted to be his partner. Nobody wanted to help him to get the money for those new trousers.

So that was how Penny Dale saw him looking unhappy and alone.

“Would you like to help me?” she asked.

His eyes became bright, but he said, “You can have anyone for a partner.”

“I don’t want anyone,” she answered. “I’d like to have you.”

His heart was full of joy, but he thought of Penny behind him and of the blue patch in his trousers. “I can’t,” he said. “I’m no good at sport.”

“Please, Jackie!” she said. “Look, they’re about to start.” And she pulled his hand.

He tried again as they moved towards the line. “I have never won a first prize.”

But Penny didn’t answer. They were in the line now, and she took his legs and he heard the man’s voice: “Ready? Go!”

Jackie forgot his purpose in coming to the races. He stopped thinking about Ma, and Jenner, and Helen. He even stopped thinking about the prizes. He could only think of the blue patch in his trousers that Penny could see. He ran forward on his hands. He only wanted to get to the end of the field as quickly as possible, to give Penny less time to look at that patch. He ran on and on, and didn’t see that now all the other pairs were behind them. But he saw the white finish line. When they came to the end of the field, he ran across the white line and fell down.

1 to get rid of - позбутися від

2 wheelbarrow /'(h)wi:l,bærəu/- тачка

“We won, Jackie, we won!” Penny cried as she sat down near him on the grass.

And he saw that there was only admiration in her eyes.

c) After you read

• Talk

Luckily, Jackie managed to solve his problem himself. Say if you solve your problems yourself. If not, who usually helps you out.

• Conversation

Pair up with your friend and discuss Jackie’s feelings and worries in the race.

• Discussion

With your classmates prove the truth of the old proverb “A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed”.


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