Підручник Англійська мова (9-й рік навчання) - Алла Несвіт - Генеза 2017 рік

Unit 3 Environment and Greener Living

In this unit you will…

Listen, read and talk about…

different sources of pollution

the environmental protection

endangered species of animals, birds and plants

greener living and sustainable development

Learn how to…

give a piece of advice

predict the content of an article


First Conditional

the structures You’d better…/It would be better…

the Present Continuous Passive Voice

Write / Make…

a formal transactional letter

a report a short presentation

Lesson 1-2. Environmental Protection

1. Look at the photos and say what has happened to the environment because of the people’s activities.

2. Work in pairs. Talk about different forms of pollution. Give examples to support your ideas.


Nowadays more and more chemicals are used by farmers to increase the amount of food produced. But these chemicals pollute the soil as well as our rivers. I don’t think this should be allowed.

Read the information from the newspapers. Say what environmental issues are highlighted there. What similar problems do we face in Ukraine?

Recycle More!

In the UK we produce 330 million tonnes of rubbish every year. Three quarters of this ends up in landfill.

Bag Ban Spreads

Nearly 17 billion plastic bags are used in Britain every year. That’s about 300 for each man, woman and child. Most of them are used once and then end up in landfill where they take 500 to 1,000 years to break down. It is estimated that each year over 200 million end up as litter on our streets and beaches.

Bush Tucker Provides Healthier Meals

It’s not just in Britain that people are being encouraged to eat traditional homegrown foods. ’Bush Tucker’ is the traditional food of Australian Aborigines. They didn’t grow crops, they just found their food in the wild.

Water for Kids

We take a look at a charity project that brings clean water to the villages in Uganda.

Monkey Nuisance

There are now thought to be over 5,000 rhesus macaque monkeys running wild on the streets of Delhi in India. More and more have moved into Delhi as their forests have been cut down for urban development.

Acid Rains

Acid rains damage soils, vegetation, rivers and lakes.

4. Look through the paragraphs given above and explain the meaning of the highlighted words from the context. If you have any difficulties, consult the dictionary.

Vocabulary File

• rubbish • to end up • landfill • homegrown foods • charity • to cut something down • the urban development • a crop •

5. Find a word or a phrase in the paragraphs that has the opposite meaning to each of these words and phrases. Read the sentences with them.

1. To begin - …. .

2. Dirty - ….

3. A village area - …. .

4. To continue to live in the area - …. .

5. To plant - …. .

6. A project for profit - …. .

Listening LaB

6. Listen to the children talking about environmental problems. Complete the sentences.

1. …. have polluted some of the land in our city.

2. The amount of …. is increasing.

3. Pollution is the question of …. everywhere in the world nowadays.

4. Most environmental problems are due to …. .

5. We need to ….. and work hard to …. it.

7. Read and act out the dialogue. Add examples from your personal life experience.

Ann: Past industrial activities have polluted some of the land in our city. This land may be dangerous for people’s health and the environment unless it’s cleaned up.

Dan: The world’s population continues to rise, and people want to expect more and more things. More and more housing is needed. Most people want to own cars. More cars require new roads to be built. The amount of waste and rubbish is increasing. Pollution is the issue of major concern everywhere in the world nowadays.

Ann: Most environmental problems are due to a lack of care about industrial and waste management. Bad industrial practices and accidents released potentially harmful substances into the land or pour them into the rivers. Should we continue like this?

Dan: Definitely not. We need to stop destroying the world and work hard to protect it.

Ann: In many countries this may mean people have to change the way they live.

Work in pairs. Discuss the questions.

1. Why do people have more health problems nowadays?

2. Why do people cut down forests?

3. Why has littering become the issue of current importance, especially in big cities?

4. What industrial practices and accidents harm the environment?

5. What do you think is to be done to stop the process of pollution?

9. In recent decades we have become more aware of all the problems that humans have created for the Earth. Acid rains, the greenhouse effect, the destruction of the ozone layer and deforestation are only some of them.

Write about a recent event that has caused environmental damage. Have a look through newspapers or use the Internet if you have access to it. You can work as a group to produce a wall display of recent events while you are studying this unit.

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