Підручник Англійська мова (9-й рік навчання) - Алла Несвіт - Генеза 2017 рік

Unit 3 Environment and Greener Living

Lessons 6-7. SOS: Endangered Species!

a) Look at the photos and say what you know about these animals.

A. An orangutan B. A tiger C. A green-cheeked parrot

b) Listen to the environmentalist talking about the endangered species of animals and complete the sentences.

1. An endangered species is …. .

2. Many countries have laws offering …. .

3. The conservation status of a species is …. .

4. Many factors are taken into account when …. .

2. Work in small groups. Discuss the questions.

1. Why is the protection of animals important?

2. What different factors threaten their existence?

3. What endangered species of animals do you know?

4. Do you think endangered species of animals should be bred in captivity or live in the wild?

5. Do you think zoos are good and useful places, or prisons for animals?

6. What are the most popular pets nowadays?

7. Are there any organizations which try to save the animals for future?

3. Work in groups. You are going to read the children’s letters to the editor of a youth magazine. What endangered species of animals do the children write about?

Group A

Group B

4. Read and say if the statements are true or false.

1. The children write to a newspaper to offer their opinion about endangered animals around the world.

2. The children use facts to explain what they worry about.

3. Both children write what they have decided to do personally.

4. Both children ask the editor to give them a piece of advice about what they can do to protect the endangered species of animals.

5. The children ask questions and expect the editor to answer them in different newspaper issues.

5. Look at the pictures and match them with the words. Which of these animals would you most like to save?

6. Work in pairs. Student A reads the information on page 284, student B reads the information on page 285. Take turns to read out the information piece by piece about the different animals and guess what animal from the photos of Ex. 5 is being described. The student who guesses correctly gets one point. The winner is the person with the highest score.

Writing Lab

Formal Transactional Letter

A formal transactional letter is a letter you write to respond to the information you’ve read in a newspaper or a magazine, or a programme you’ve watched on TV. When you write this kind of letter, follow the recommendations:

1. Use the appropriate greeting. (Dear Sir, …; Dear Mr Brown,…; Dear Editor,…)

2. Explain your reason for writing.

3. Introduce your first point. (First of all, …; To start with, …).

4. Cover all the points in any notes you are given.

5. Introduce further points. (Secondly, …; Also, …).

6. Introduce your final points. (Finally, …).

7. Introduce any opinions or suggestions you make. (In my view, …).

8. End the letter in an appropriate way.

9. End with ’Yours faithfully'' after ’Dear Sir’ and ’Yours sincerely’ when you use the person’s name.

7. You’ve read an article in a local newspaper about the endangered species of animals in the place where you live. The journalist has invited readers to write about the ways to keep the animals safe.

Work in pairs. Discuss the ideas for your letter and write a plan.

8. Write a letter to a newspaper about saving one of the endangered species of animals in the place where you live or about the one from Ex. 5. Use the information on pp. 284-285.

1. A steppe grasshopper 2. A bison 3. A snowdrop 4. A black stork

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