Підручник Англійська мова (9-й рік навчання) - Алла Несвіт - Генеза 2017 рік


In this unit will:

Listen, read and talk about…

summer holidays

basic secondary education in Ukraine

your studies at school

verb tenses

prepositions and phrasal verbs

an article about your school experience

plans for this school year

Lesson 1-2. Back to School

1. Look at the photos and talk about them. What do they remind you of?

• to get acquainted with somebody • to spend time outdoors • to keep the body fit and mind calm • to have a break from schooling • to chill out in front of TV • to wind down • to head off for a week in the sun • to soak up the sun on the beach • to pack a lot into one’s holidays •

2. Listen and read the dialogue. Say why the pupils think this school year is different from those they’ve had before.

Ann: Hi, dear! It’s good to see you again. I missed you all so much during my summer holidays. I hope we all had a chance to wind down a little.

Tom: We definitely did. And what about you?

Ann: So did I. Holidays are a time when we are kind to ourselves. I like to pack a lot into my holidays. A good rest was necessary for us all. This year is different from those we’ve had before. We’ll take our final exams at the end of the year.

Dan: So we’re going to work hard all the year round to pass them successfully. I wonder if we are going to have time for anything else but school lessons and tests.

Ann: School life is not only lessons. I hope we’ll have wonderful school parties and interesting trips. We need to plan our daily routine carefully and organize our own learning. Then we’ll find time for our leisure as well.

Tom: School teaches us to manage our time and become the highest achievers in all walks of life. And, what is also good about school - there are holidays after each term.

3. Read the statements. Use the information from the dialogue to comment on them.

1. The ninth form is different from the other school years.

2. School life means lessons and leisure time as well.

3. It’s important to organize your own learning.

4. Everyone can become successful in all walks of life.

4. Work in two groups. Discuss the topic with your friends and draw a spider- gram. Complete it with the verbs, nouns and adjectives.

Group A. Your topic for discussion is «Summer Holidays».

Group B. Your topic for discussion is «School».

5. Speak in class. Put the spidergrams on the blackboard. Then talk about your summer holidays and school. Ask your friends questions or add information.


A: School starts again and I have six lessons a day but only a few weeks ago I enjoyed my summer holidays at the seaside. I sunbathed, swam in the sea and went on excursions.

B: As for me, I used to spend a lot of time with my friends but now they are all busy again and we can meet only at the weekend. Etc.

6. Fill in the correct prepositions where they are necessary. Then make sentences with the phrases you get.

To go (1) …. school, to be interested (2) ….. a subject, to be good/bad (3) …. a subject, to take (4) …. a test, to cheat (5) …. a test, to pass/fail (6) …. a test, to be bored (7) …. school, to skip (8) …. classes, to get (9)… your exams.

7. Put the names of the school facilities into the columns. Explain what they are used for. Say which of the facilities in the list you have or would like to have in your school.

• a school assembly hall • a library • the Information Technology Classroom • a language laboratory • the Music Room • a gymnasium • a football field • a swimming pool • the Art Studio • a school canteen • a snack bar • a science laboratory • a swimming pool • the secretary’s office •

For Study

For Sport

For Food

For Parties


8. a) Work in pairs. Choose the five most important characteristics of a good teacher and a good pupil and make a list of them.

b) Discuss your choice with another pair. Then choose a speaker for your group and compare your views with the rest of the class.

• to keep a contact with somebody (the parents, friends and teachers, etc.) • to maintain discipline and order • to share his/her views with the others • to work hard • to remain up-to-date • to openly admit a mistake • to try to help where it is possible • to set high standards • to use a lot of different materials and equipment • to make lessons • interesting • to help the pupils to organize their own learning •

9. Write about your plans for this school year. Use the words and word combinations from Ex. 4 and 6. The questions given below can help you.

• Why is this school year important for you?

• What tasks have you got for this year?

• What does it mean for you to be ’a good pupil’?

• What characteristics do you need to develop in yourself?

• What do you like about the school you study at: facilities, teachers, school subjects, etc.?

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