Підручник Англійська мова (9-й рік навчання) - Алла Несвіт - Генеза 2017 рік

Unit 7 Career Magic

Lesson 8. Test Your Skills

1. a) You'll hear people talking in three different situations. Listen and choose the correct item to answer the questions.

1. Where are the people at the moment?

Dialogue 1:

a) in the office

b) at the baker’s

c) in a cafe

Dialogue 2:

a) in the restaurant

b) at school

c) in the office

Dialogue 3:

a) at the cinema

b) on a farm

c) in the shop

2. Who is talking?

Dialogue 1:

a) a shop assistant and a customer

b) a doctor and a patient

c) a taxi driver and a client

Dialogue 2:

a) a chef and a waiter

b) an accountant and a manager

c) a boss and a secretary

Dialogue 3:

a) two zookeepers

b) a zookeeper and a visitor

c) a father and a son

2. Complete the sentences with might be and the words from the box. Use a dictionary if it is necessary.

• a businessman • a chef • a farmer • a gardener • a lawyer • an opera singer • a flight attendant • a politician • a vet • a musician • a teacher •


Little Henry likes animals. When he grows up he might be a farmer or a vet.

1. Angela loves flying aeroplanes. She might be …. .

2. George is interested in the finance market …. .

3. Ann is fond of singing and she has a very loud voice …. .

4. Peter studies law at the university …. .

5. Alice dreams of being a Member of the Parliament …. .

6. John is good at cooking …. .

7. Mary likes planting flowers and trees …. .

8. Olia enjoys playing the piano …. .

9. Nancy adores playing with children …. .

10. Brian’s family has got a farm. The boy spends hours helping his parents …. .

3. Read and choose the correct item to complete the text.

A Day in the Life of a Radio Producer

(1) …. as a radio producer for the last three years, but (2) …. a disc jockey at a small radio station for two years. Before that, (3) …. for a film studio. (4) ….. into a new office here in London, which I’m really happy with. (5) ….. all morning to write the news stories from the information collected from today’s newspapers. Now I’ve got them all ready for the next news programme. So, at 12 o’clock (6) …. a news reporter. Luckily,

(7) … . free half an hour later as Mr Brown, my assistant (8) an interview with one of the celebrities. ( How (9) …. to arrange one?) I don’t think I’ll have nothing to do. If it were a bigger station, (10) …. be re sponsible for everything here.

1. a) I am working

b) I’ve been working

c) I worked

2. a) I’ve only been

b) I’m only

c) I was only

3. a) I’ve worked

b) I’ve been working

c) I worked

4. a) I just move

b) I’ve just moved

c) I was just moving

5. a) I try

b) I’ve been trying

c) I’m trying

6. a) I’ll become

b) I become

c) I have become

7. a) I am

b) I’ll be

c) I’m going to be

8. a) are having

b) was having

c) is having

9. a) does he manage

b) did he manage

c) did she manage

10. a) I wouldn’t

b) I would

c) I will


It’s good to help other people. - Helping other people is good.

Travelling is marvellous. - It’s marvellous to travel.

1. It is important to get a good education.

2. It’s fun to organize a school party.

3. It’s enjoyable to learn about different cultures.

4. Learning a foreign language is difficult.

5. Being a real professional is wonderful.

6. Working on a computer is exciting.

4. You are going to read the text on how to be a good team member.

Some words are missing from the text. Your task is to choose the most appropriate word from the list (a-n) for each gap. There is one extra word that you do not need to use.

How to Be a Good Team Member

Your class is your first team. When your work (1) …. with others on the project or while (2) …. for a school party, you learn to be a good ’team member’. You are developing your social skills which will be necessary for you in future.

When you are (3) …. at a job, it is important to be a «team player». A team player works well with the other people on the (4) …. Employers like it when their (5) …. get along very well with one another and still get the job (6) …. .

There are many things you can do (7) …. a good team player. When working with others, be (8) …. to compromise. Think of ways to solve problems. Do not demand (9) …. your ideas are used.

Show loyalty to your team. Be committed (10) …. the team’s growth and improvement. Think of ways to help your team (11) …. its goals. Find the way to work in different conditions. Adapt to change in your work setting. Be responsible and accept new ways of (12) …. your job. If you do these things, you will be a better team member. Your future employer will (13) …. your good work.

a) doing

h) appreciate

b) job

i) team

c) to be

j) preparing


k) meet

e) working

l) done

f) to

m) cooperatively

g) willing

n) employees

6. Read and act out the situations.

1. You haven’t decided yet what you’d like to do exactly after finishing the ninth form: either to continue your education at school or go to a college or a vocational school. Discuss this problem with your classmate. Ask him/her questions about his/her plans for the coming year.

2. You’ve decided to continue your education in a college. You are trying to choose the right educational establishment for yourself. Discuss this problem with your classmate. Use the plan given below.

• Say what sciences/school subjects you are interested in.

• Ask/Say if you’re interested in dealing with people or not.

• Ask/Say if you prefer working in your parents’ business to working in another company.

• Talk about the possibilities of further education in the future.

• Talk about the possibilities of getting a good job and studying after work.

7. More teenagers choose prestigious professions like lawyers or economists, fewer choose eternal ones, such as doctors or teachers. Write an essay about the choice of professions in the modern world. What profession would you like to have? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this profession? What do your parents advise you?

Think of your records. Decide how well you know it.

4 = very well, 3 = OK, 2 = a little, 1 = needs to improve.

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