Підручник Англійська мова (9-й рік навчання) - Алла Несвіт - Генеза 2017 рік

Unit 1 My Magic Circle: Family and Friend's

In this you will:

Listen, read and talk about…


your friend's character and his/her appearance

youth life and interests

Learn how to…

describe people's appearance and character

find the necessary information quickly

Practice Revise…

Future forms will / be going to (do)

active and passive of previously learnt verb forms

if + Present Simple

Write Make…

an autobiography

Lessons 1-2 Discover Yourself!

1. Look at the photos. Say in what way you think young people in different countries are the same and different. Talk about their appearance, clothes, character, interests, way of life, etc. Start like this:

No matter where teens live, they are sure to experience intense and profound physical, emotional and social changes as they mature. However, when it comes to education, technology or basic health and welfare, the differences among the teenagers from one continent to another can vary widely and wildly.

2. a) Read the list of adjectives. Say if the following characteristics are «positive» (+), «negative» (-), or depend on the context (C). Consult the dictionary if necessary. Then write the adjectives in three columns. Can you add other adjectives to the list?



Depend on the Context

Shy, brave, sociable, friendly, helpful, easy-going, courageous, romantic, patient, tolerant, creative, generous, ambitious, angry, relaxed, sociable, outgoing, intelligent, fun-loving, indifferent, understanding, nervous, aggressive, selfish, sensitive, obstinate, responsible, determined, well-wishing, inquisitive, decent, honest.

b) Work in pairs. Discuss the results with your partner. Make sentences to illustrate your choice.

3. Read the sentences given below. Find the adjective in Ex. I you think each sentence illustrates.

1. Sarah is friendly and enjoys being with other people. (….)

2. Mark was not at all interested in the project. (….)

3. Alfred was determined to be successful, rich and powerful. (….)

4. John isn’t afraid of anything - bunjee jumping, sky diving, even mountain climbing. (….)

5. Monica is sympathetic and kind about other people’s problems. ( ….)

6. When my cousin thinks that a situation is unacceptable, he usually shouts trying to make people do what he thinks is right. (….)

4. a) Look at the photos. Talk about the children. How old are they? Where do you think they are from? Describe their appearance. What can you say about their character?

b) Read the essay. Who do you think has written it: Emily or Brian? What character traits does the author write about: positive or negative? Comment on your answer.

Discover Yourself!

Have you ever thought what makes a personality? A personality is someone who has a very strong character and is different from other people because he/she has character traits that make him/her interesting and enjoyable to be with. This is the one who has discovered the road to himself/herself and turned all challenges into the right steps in life. We all are just common people. But all of us can succeed in his/her life. We can do our best to become personalities.

Our life is ruled by three basic choices: what moral values to have, what people to be with and what aims to achieve.

First of all, we have to think about our inner world. People say, «When a man begins to understand himself, he begins to live.» In my opinion, it’s good to be easygoing, fun-loving, well-wishing and reliable. I can say that I’m a sociable person because I can easily communicate with others. That’s why I’m always surrounded with friends. Furthermore, I’m responsible because I know all the duties I’m in charge of and I try to fulfil them. So, both my parents and my friends can rely on me. I’m helpful when my friends face either difficulties or hardships. Finally, I’m ambitious because I want to be successful in life.

However, I have character traits I would like to get rid of. I think that my serious fault is being too moody at times when I feel unhappy and impatient without a reason. What is more, I often make critical remarks about other people’s work or behaviour. In addition, I can be obstinate at times. I don’t like to change my ideas and opinions even when other people think I’m unreasonable.

All things considered, none of us is perfect. But we have to be optimists in everything we do. I try to do my best to discover my own personality. I want to change myself and to become better. The person who thinks positively and tries hard to be sensible, honest, kind and caring will be wiser tomorrow than he or she is today.

In a few years I’ll have to make important decisions in my life by myself. My life will be enriched with my own responsibilities. I’m sure that I’ll make the right steps in my personal growth.

5. Look through the text above and explain what the highlighted words mean from the context. If you have any difficulties, consult the dictionary.

Vocabulary File

• a personality • to succeed in • to possess • a fault • the inner world • ambitious • a challenge • behaviour • obstinate • sensible • unreasonable • to be enlarged with •

6. Read and choose the correct item to complete the sentences.

1. We are just common people. All of us can in our life.

a) solve problems

b) succeed

c) change something

2. …. is someone who has a very strong character and is different from other people because he/she has character traits that make him/her interesting and enjoyable to be with.

a) An individual

b) An individualist

c) A personality

3. First of all, we have to think about our ….

a) inner world

b) family

c) friends

4. People say, «When a man begins to understand himself, he begins …. .»

a) to work

b) to think

c) to live

5. The author of the essay has some character traits he/she would like …. .

a) to get rid of

b) to improve

c) not to think about

6. The author states that …. .

a) it’s good to change ideas and opinions

b) it’s important to think about personal growth

c) it’s good to change yourself somehow

7. Work in small groups. Discuss the questions.

1. Do you think that parents should treat their children as equals?

2. What character traits do middle-aged people find irritating in teenagers?

3. What character traits do teenagers find irritating in middle-aged people?

4. What can help build good relationships*1 between the generations?

5. Do you need to change any character traits in yourself or do you want your parents to accept you as you are?

6. Why do you think teenagers aren’t given enough freedom while making their decisions?

Conversation Lab

8. Speak in class. What do you think another person in the photo to Ex. 4 could write about his/her positive character traits? What would he/she like to change in himself/herself?

9. Speak in class. Talk about the way you choose your friends. What character traits do you consider as essential ones? What similarities and differences between you and your friend do you find? 1

1 Слова, позначені зірочкою, включені до країнознавчого довідника на с. 224-231.

10. Rewrite each sentence so that it contains will / shall or be going to and the verb underlined. (Consult Grammar Reference, pp. 250-252.)

1. How about talking about the difficulties your friends face?

2. He’s decided to organize a school trip to Zakarpattia.

3. I promise not to criticize you anymore.

4. I’d like you to be tolerant and accept your friend’s ideas even if you don’t agree with them.

5. I hope to be in charge of this project.

6. Would you like me to ask your mum for advice?

7. We could come back later of you like.

11. Write an essay "About Myself». Describe your personality. Which of your natural abilities would you like to develop? Which negative character traits would you like to change in yourself?

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