Підручник Англійська мова (9-й рік навчання) - Алла Несвіт - Генеза 2017 рік

Unit 1 My Magic Circle: Family and Friend's

Lessons 5-6 Hairstyle: Sophisticated? Smart? Extreme? … Cool!

1. a) Work in pairs. Discuss the questions with your friend and then report in class as in the example.

✵ How often do you get a haircut?

✵ Have you ever had an unusual hairstyle?

✵ What was it? Did your friends like it? Why or why not?

✵ What was your best/worst hairstyle?


A: Maryna had bright red hair last year. She wore it for a month. She has short hair now, but she used to have long hair. I think her best hairstyle was when she had long hair.

B: Dmytro often changes his hairstyle. He dyed his hair black a week ago. He liked it, but his friends didn’t.

b) Look at the the photos of hairstyles and say what you think of them. Use the phrases:

Talking about Appearance

It’s great!

It’s awful!

It’s cool!

I don’t think it’s nice!

It’s gorgeous!

I’d never do it!

c) Look and match the photos (A-D) to the names (1-4).

1. French Braids

2. Emo Hairstyle

3. Mohawk* Punk Hairstyle

4. Bob Haircut

2. Read what the teens think about their hairstyles and match them to the photos (A-D) of Ex. 1c.

Hi! The Bob haircut is one of those classic hairstyles that seem to never go out of trend. It is a very amazing hairstyle. It is very famous and is wearing by many people. The bob hairstyles are very flexible. Through years the bob haircut is changed, for example, hair cutting things like as one side short while leaving the other long but it is still the bob hairstyle. No matter what the current fashion goes, it is always there. I prefer this style and I always look cool with a perfect hairdo.

Hello! I really like my hairstyle. Its name comes from the word emotional. My hair is thick and doesn’t have any curls at all and when it grows, it grows outward and makes my hair look like a bush, so I keep it short all the time. Basically let your hair get long… like down to your nose or so, then go somewhere and tell them that you want to look EMO. I dye my hair black in the front and blonde in the back. Then I gel the front of my hair downwards. After that I take the back/blonde part and spike it. This can be worn by both boys and girls.

Hey, guys! You see punk hairstyles are bizarre and colourful. I would rather say a Mohawk hairstyle is popular with those seeking a punk hairstyle. But you have to be courageous enough to have a shaved scalp with an upright strip of hair running across the crown of the head from the forehead to the nape of the neck. Are you ready for that? A punk hairstyle gelled and spiky is often accompanied by leather clothes and various body piercing.

Hello friends! I adore French braids! These are the braids that tightly fit head and create different patterns on it. The patterns can be various - from simple parallel lines to complicated ornaments. With an appropriate care, French braids can be worn up to 2 months. What kind of hair do you need to braid? All types of hair can be braided into French braids. The only condition is that hair must be no less than 15 cm long. How to wash French braids? The braids should be washed with a special non-foamy shampoo. Accurately wash partings between the braids no more than once a week.

3. Read and say if the statements are true or false.

1. A bob hairstyle is out of fashion.

2. An emo hairstyle name comes from the word emotional.

3. You can easily have bob hairdo on your own.

4. French braids should have a special hair care.

5. A punk hairstyle is very often accompanied by leather clothes and body piercing.

6. For French braids one should have the hair no less than 15 cm long.

7. A Mohawk hairstyle demands only leather clothes.

4. Most people agree that having a good haircut can do much to improve your mood and confidence. Many people complain, however, that those good haircuts are so very rare!

a) Listen to the professional talking about different hairstyles. Say why the hairstyles change from time to time.

b) Listen to the text again and complete it with the words from the box given below.

✵ unique ✵ colours ✵ involved ✵ invention ✵ safety ✵ attractiveness ✵ disappear ✵ machinery ✵ stylists ✵ hairstyle ✵ youth ✵ pigtails ✵

The extraordinary (1) …. is the hair that amazes and attracts the most attention. In many cases, it has been the (2) …. of an amateur. Professional (3) ….. are always trying something new, but they usually keep it as a variation of what already exists. The truly new, and (4) …. hairstyle does not have to be anything extreme with artificial attachments and abnormal (5) …., nor should it simply be a re-invention of something old. The truly extraordinary hairstyles are natural outgrowths of the decade in which they were invented. For example, as women became more (6) …. in industry, they required hairstyles that could easily be protected from (7) …., with the result that the long flowing tresses began to (8)……………………. once the woman was of working age. A good example of a new hairstyle were the short (9) … that predominated in industrial societies, giving the woman (10) …. , (11) …., and (12) …. all in one.

5. Look through the text of Ex. 4b. Find the synonyms for these words and expressions. Write them in your exercise book.

1. To become better.

2. Used not very often.

3. Not professional.

4. Awareness.

5. Not natural.

6. Extraordinary.

6. Work in groups. Discuss the questions with your friends.

✵ What hairstyles are popular among the teenagers today?

✵ Which of them do your friends prefer?

✵ Can you do any?

✵ Why do teens sometimes prefer to wear extraordinary hairstyle?

7. Speak in class. Talk about one of your relatives or friends. Use the following outline to help you.

Physical Appearance


Build: height, weight, etc. (use adjectives like tall, plump, etc.)

Face: eyes, nose, mouth, etc.

Hair: length, style, colour, etc.

Distinguishing/unusual features: glasses, etc.


What he/she usually wears: types, typical/favourite colours, materials, style (trendy, old-fashioned, classic, etc.)

What he/she wears sometimes but doesn’t like.

Your opinion about his/her clothes and whether they suit him/her.


Use adjectives to describe his/her personality, and give examples that illustrate those characteristics.


Your opinion about him/her.

Why you become friends (how similar or different you are).

8. Write about your friend. Describe his/her appearance and personality.

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