Підручник Англійська мова (9-й рік навчання) - Алла Несвіт - Генеза 2017 рік

Dear Learners

Finding Magic


Lesson 1-2. Back to School

Lessons 3-4. Basic Secondary Education in Ukraine

Unit 1 My Magic Circle: Family and Friend's

Lessons 1-2 Discover Yourself!

Lessons 3-4. Fashion Identity

Lessons 5-6 Hairstyle: Sophisticated? Smart? Extreme? … Cool!

Lessons 7-8. Young People Today

Lessons 9-10. Writing an Autobiography

Lesson 11. A Youth Organization

Lesson 12. Test Your Skills

Unit 2 Nature Magic: Web of Life

Lessons 1-2 This Is Our Earth

Lessons 3-4. Welcome to Ascania-Nova

Lessons 5-6. National Parks of the UK

Lesson 7. National Parks Around the World

Lesson 8. Test Your Skills

Unit 3 Environment and Greener Living

Lesson 1-2. Environmental Protection

Lesson 3. What is Fly-tipping?

Lessons 4-5. It's Up to People!

Lessons 6-7. SOS: Endangered Species!

Lesson 8. Are You Green?

Lesson 9. Sustainable Development

Lesson 10. What is Our Environment Like?

Lesson 11 Test Your Skills

Unit 4 Science Magic

Lessons 1-2. Technology Affects Our Life!

Lessons 3-4. Keep In Touch!

Lesson 5-6. Is Life Possible Without Computers?

Lesson 7-8. Working on the Computer

Lesson 9. Absurd Inventions!

Lesson 10. Test Your Skills

Unit 5 Anazing Britain

Lessons 1-2 Capital Cities

Lesson 3-4. Old and New Towns of Edinburgh

Lessons 5-6. The Giant's Causeway

Lesson 7. Stonehenge - Forever a Mystery

Lesson 8. The Wonders of Great Britain

Lesson 9. Test Your Skills

Unit 6 Information Magic: Radio and TV

Lessons 1-2. Mass Media in Our Life

Lessons 3-4. Television and Radio

Lessons 5-6. My Favourite TV Programme

Lesson 7. A School Radio Programme

Lesson 8. Test Your Skills

Unit 7 Career Magic

Lessons 1-2. The World of Professions

Lessons 3-4. A Day in the Life of.

Lessons 5-6. Career Prospects

Lesson 7. Top Ten Jobs in Ukraine

Lesson 8. Test Your Skills


Text 1. An A for Mrs B

Text 2. A Rescued Dog

Text 3. The Great Barrier Reef

Text 4. Thomas Alva Edison

Text 5. Sandra Bullock, a Non-typical Hollywood Star

Text 6. Is Television Useful or Harmful for Kids?


A Guide to British and American Culture





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