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1. Listen to the interview. Find the sentences used in the Present Perfect and the Present Perfect Continuous. Find and name the employee’s experience that helped him to cope with the job.

Employer: Good morning Ms Gilmore, please have a seat.

Employee: Good morning, it’s a pleasure to meet you.

Employer: Could you tell me who you work for at the moment?

Employee: I work for Frank and Banowitz importers.

Employer: How long have you worked for them?

Employee: I’ve been working for Frank and Banowitz for the past three years.

Employer: And how long have your been working in the accounting department?

Employee: I’ve been in the accounting department for the past six months.

Employer: You know this job requires a lot of travel. Have you done much traveling for business?

Employee: Yes, the job I had before Frank and Banowitz required me to travel monthly.

Employer: And why did you leave that position?

Employee: I was offered a more interesting position at Frank and Banowitz.

Employer: Have you had any experience in sales?

Employee: Yes, I’ve spent a few years working part-time as an advertising consultant for schools offering summer language courses.

Employer: That’s interesting. How successful have you been?

Employee: The schools I’ve worked for have increased registrations as a result of my collaboration.

Employer: Very interesting…

Job collocations

• Working environment - I have quite a stressful working environment.

• Hours of work - I don’t think I would like to be a doctor because the hours of work would be very tiring.

• Work-life balance - A sensible work-life balance can help employees work more efficiently.

• Job satisfaction - It is hard to underestimate the value of job satisfaction.

Career words

• Interview - The company needs to change the interview process so that it hires the right candidates.

• Qualification - It is not always the case that a university degree is the best qualification for the job.

• Experience - Some graduates have difficulty finding a job because they do not have the relevant work experience.

• Training - Employers need to provide training to ensure that their staff are able to adapt to new technologies.

• Promotion - He received a promotion as a result of the big efforts he had been making.

• Resignation - There is a danger that employees will hand in their resignation and look for another job.

Money words

• Salary - Not everyone is primarily interested in the salary on offer when they choose a job.

• Pay - Some people prefer to work part time even though the pay is less than full-time work.

• Bonus - One solution is to offer employees a bonus as an incentive to make them work more efficiently.

• Perk - Nowadays, it is less common for companies to offer a company car as a perk.

2. Read the sentences and guess the meaning of the words. Then use the words to make up five sentences of your own. Use the dictionary to help you.

3. When you finish your education, you will have to find a job. Sometimes people need to apply for a job in the written form. Read the statements and say which you would include in your application letter.

1) what you could offer to the job;

2) mention skills or qualifications you have;

3) ask questions about the job;

4) show enthusiasm for the job;

5) describe how wonderful you are;

6) state how much money you need.

4. Look at the photos. If you were an employer, which person would you offer a job to and why? Give your reasons.

5. Read the application letters for a Saturday job and say which person you would give the job to.

A. Hello Miss Evans,

I really want to work in the clothes shop you’ve got on High Street because it’s near where all my friends hang out. Can they come in for a coffee sometimes?

I’d be great for the job - everyone loves me and they all think I’m a really nice person!

What time do I have to start work? I hope the shop doesn’t open too early because I’m not that good at getting up on a Saturday morning. But, of course, I’d try very hard. I’ve worked in my aunt’s shop before so I know what it’s like.

I could really do with some extra cash because I’ve been spending too much money recently and I owe my mum and dad quite a bit.



B. Dear Ms Evans,

I am writing to apply for the Saturday job in your clothes shop, as advertised in the local newspaper. I would be very interested in working

in a clothes shop since I follow the latest fashion and have always wanted to work with clothes.

I am sixteen years old and still at school. One of my subjects is Design and I am thinking about studying fashion design when I leave school. I am not afraid of hard work and I am never late.

I would like to ask if you only wanted somebody for Saturdays, or would Friday evenings be possible as well? If this were the case, then I would be interested in working on Fridays, too. I would also be grateful if you could let me know how much the wages will be.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Barbara Green

6. Look at the two job advertisements. Use the template of an application letter and exercise 5 and write your application to one of the advertised companies.

Application letter template:

Paragraph 1: reason for writing, mention where you saw the advertisement for the job and why you are interested in it.

Paragraph 2: refer to the advertisement and how your skills and qualifications match the job.

Paragraph 3: show interest by asking for further information.

Paragraph 4: close with a formal phrase.

Advertisement A

Multi-national company offers the position of a secretary

We offer: - a competitive salary; - training; - the prospect of a career. Applicants must: - have a university or college degree preferably in economics; - be fluent in English; - have excellent computing skills (Office, Excel, Powerpoint); be able to type and take shorthands; - have a minimum of 2 year experience in interpreting and translating; - have a strong commitment to the job.

Send your CV and application letter to Mary Wattson at wattson@gmail.com

Advertisement B

Small firm is seeking a secretary to its Executive

Applicants need to have a high school diploma, and good communication skills. We consider shorthand and typing skills as advantages.

All our employees experience a friendly environment, have flexible working hours and anjoy a range of benefits that our company offers.

For a more detailed description, please visit our website: www.nanofirm.com

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