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1. Complete the time line with the dates and time markers.

2. Listen to the interview and say when the events given below happened in Mr.Morgan’s life.

Cristina: Hello, Mr Morgan. I’m Cristina Marcos from Stoke News. I’m here to interview you.

Steven: Great. And do call me Steven.

Cristina: OK. Steven, where do you come from?

Steven: Well, I’m from Nigeria.

Cristina: So when did you come to England?

Steven: A long time ago. My parents brought me to Great Britain when I was five.

Cristina: So were you at school here?

Steven: I was at High Oak, and I left in 1992. Then I got a job in a local shop.

Cristina: How long did you work there?

Steven: Just for a year. It was really boring, so I didn’t stay long.

Cristina: What did you do next?

Steven: I got an apprenticeship as a mechanic in a local garage.

Cristina: That was in 1993, right?

Steven: Yes. I worked at the garage for four years, but I always knew it wasn’t the right job for me. I really wanted to work with young people. I come from a big family and I love being with young people.

Cristina: So is that when you decided to become a youth worker?

Steven: Yes, that’s right. I did a course in youth work at City College.

Cristina: When was that?

Steven: |n 1997. | was at college for three years, and then I started my job at the Junction in 2000.

It was difficult at the beginning.

Cristina: Really?

Steven: Yes. The Junction had big money problems and in 2001 it nearly closed. That’s when I started to think of ways to raise money for the centre.

Cristina: What kind of things did you do?

Steven: Lots of different things. The first thing I did was in 2001. I …

1. He started to work for the Junction.

2. He got a job of a mechanic.

3. He studied at City College.

4. He got his first job in youth work.

Focus on Grammar

Past Tenses Review

3. Put the verbs in brackets in the Past Simple or the Past Continuous.

1. I (share) a flat with him when we were students. He always (complain) about my untidiness. 2. My dog (walk) along quietly when Mr. Red’s bulldog

attacked it. 3. I (light) a fire at six and it (burn) brightly when Tom (come) in at seven. 4. When I (arrive) the lecture had already started and the professor (write) on the overhead projector. 5. When I (arrive) she (have) lunch. She apologized for starting without me but said that she always (lunch) at half past twelve. 6. He was very polite. Whenever his wife (enter) the room he (stand) up. 7. He always (wear) a raincoat and (carry) an umbrella when he (walk) to the office. 8. He (not allow) us to go out in the boat yesterday as a strong wind (blow). 9. I just (open) the letter when the wind (blow) it out of my hand. 10. He suddenly (realize) that he (travel) in the wrong direction. 11. When I (look) for my passport I (find) this old photograph.

Exam Skill Builder

4. Read the text about Barack Obama. Make up a time line of the most important dates in his life. Then give the titles to the paragraphs of his life story.

Barack Obama was born in Hawaii on August 4th, 1961. His father was born in Kenya. He grew up herding goats as a domestic servant. Later he won a scholarship that allowed him to leave Kenya and attend the University of Hawaii. Barack’s mother, Ann Dunham, grew up in Kansas. Barack’s parents met in the University of Hawaii where they were both attending school. The marriage between Obama’s parents was short and when Barack was two years old his parents divorced. When Barack was six, they moved to Indonesia near the capital of Jakarta where his half-sister Maya was born. At the age of ten, Barack returned to Hawaii, and lived with his grandparents. Barack was called «Barry» by his family and friends. He was sent to a private academy called Punahou School in Honolulu.

Barack graduated from Punahou and went on to attend Occidental College in Los Angeles. He later transferred to Columbia University in New York City which he graduated from in 1983. He earned his undergraduate degree in political science and became a community organizer in Harlem. He later moved to Chicago to work for a church-based social-services organization there.

Barack Obama soon applied to and was accepted at Harvard Law School. In 1990, he was elected president of the Harvard Law Review journal. He was the first African American to serve i n the post. After graduation from law school, he refused job offers from top Manhattan law firms, with starting salaries of $100,000-a-year range. Barack chose to return to Chicago and work for a small firm that specialized in civil-rights law. His work involved defending the poor і n housing and employment discrimination cases.

During his Harvard Law School years, Barack took a job as a summer associate at a Chicago firm and the attorney assigned to mentor him was Michelle Robinson. Robinson came from a working-class black family and grew up on the South Side. The two began dating and were married in 1992.

Barack’s advocacy work led him to run for the Illinois State Senate, where he served for eight years. In 2004, he became the third African American since Reconstruction to be elected to the U.S. Senate. Barack was chosen as the presidential candidate for the Democratic Party in August of 2008.

Barack is proud and grateful to his family, his wife, Michelle, and his two daughters, Malia and Sasha.

5. Read the text in exercise 3 and answer the questions below.

1. In what state was Barack Obama born? 2. Where was Barack Obama’s father born? 3. Where was Barack Obama’s mother born? 4. Barack Obama was two years old when his parents divorced. True or false? 5. When Barack Obama was six, where did his family move to? 6. At the age of ten, Barack moved back to Hawaii. Who did he live with? 7. By what nickname did Barack’s family and friends call him? 8. In which field did Barack Obama earn his undergraduate degree? 9. Where did Barack Obama go to law school? 10. For what position was Barack Obama elected for the Harvard Law Review journal? 11. What company did Barack Obama serve eight years in? 12. After Harvard Law School, Barack worked on civil-rights cases. True or false? 13. The Democratic Party chose Barack Obama as their presidential candidate in August of 2008. True or false?

6. Study the template of an autobiography. Then turn the Obama’s biography into the autobiography: imagine being Barack Obama and writing the autobiography.

You may use the Internet for some more information.

Paragraph 1: Personal information

My name is Christopher Columbus. I am the son of Gomenico Colombo and Susanna Fontanorossa. I live in Genoa, Italy. My siblings are Bartolomeo, Giovanni and Giacorno. I was born in 1451. I have got two children, Diego and Fernando. My wife’s name is Filipa.

Paragraph 2: Early life

When I was young, I used to help my father in working at his cheese stand. Even in my young age, I used to dream of sailing and discovering lands.

Paragraph 3: Education

I never entered a formal education, but I learned Latin and Portuguese. I have become quite knowledgeable in Astronomy, Geography and History by reading works of Ptolemy, Marco Polo, and Pope John Pius II.

Paragraph 4: Accomplishments

Through my persistence in achieving my dream to become a sailor, I was able to discover the land now called America. My exploration proved that the Earth is round. I also discovered the island of Japan and a lot more.

Paragraph 5: Descriptions

As a typical European man, I have light coloured eyes, a light complexion, blonde hair and a height of about 6 feet. I am a persistent kind of a person. Once I have a dream, I will do all my best to achieve it.

Paragraph 6: Obstacles

One of the biggest problems that I encountered in life was when kings and queens from different nations kept neglecting my proposal to sail west and discover lands. I finally convinced the Queen of Spain to allow me to sail west and give me all the necessary materials and money for sailing.

7. Use the exercises 5 and 6 and write an autobiography.

Use the following algorithm:

• Make up a list of five or six important events in your life;

• Make up a mind map of your life events by adding something special about each event on the list;

• Write an autobiographic essay.

8. Project work.

Use the exercises 5 and 6 and write an antobiography pretending you’re a celebrity in Ukraine (some famous singer, actor, polititian etc.). Use the Internet for the necessary biographical information of the celebrity.

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