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LESSON 2 At the Library. School Life

1. Listen to the dialogue and act it out with your classmate. Make up a similar dialogue.

Ted: Excuse me, Sir, I would like to take some books.

Librarian: Which books would you like, young man?

Ted: I want «Sherlock Holmes Stories» by Arthur Conan Doyle and Shakespeare’s «Hamlet».

Librarian: Let me check on them… Yes, both of the books are available. Have you brought any books back?

Ted: Yes, I have brought «The Time Machine» by H. G. Wells.

Librarian: Fine. Now, you may take the new books. Remember to bring them back in due time.

Ted: Thank you very much. Good-bye.

Librarian: Good-bye.

2. Put the book sections in the right order.

1. Index

2. Title page

3. Chapter

4. Table of Contents

5. Appendix

6. Cover

3. Label the picture of a book.

4. Turn the following sentences into the Passive Voice.

1. We usually keep books on the shelves in our library. - Books are usually kept on the shelves in our library.

2. The librarians store information about library books in the online catalog or in the card catalog.

3. We place magazines and newspapers in the periodical section.

4. You can find the periodical section on your right.

5. You can read microfilms on the microfilm reader.

6. You can use the Internet in the IT centre. You can find it on your left.

7. You can ask a person at the enquiry desk in case you have got questions.

5. Discuss the variety of books with your classmate.

Use the model to help you.

You should discuss the following:

- The world of books

- Types of fiction

- Types of book format

- Give examples Model:

A: What types of books do you like reading?

B: Fiction. I love detective stories and adventure novels. What about you? Have you got similar tastes?

A: Nothing of the kind! I enjoy reading romances or biographical novels.

But the books should be in a hardback cover.

B: I don’t care, I don’t mind paperbacks as well. What about reading e-books?

A: No way! A book must be real. Moreover, my eyes hurt when I read much from the screen. By the way, what’s your favourite book?

B: «Crooked House» by Agatha Christie. And yours?

A: Mine is «Sense and Sensibility» by Jane Austin.

6. Read the headmaster’s promises about the school renovation and turn the sentences into the Passive Voice.

1. We’ll install safety gates in the entrance hall of our school. - Safety gates will be installed in the entrance hall of our school.

2. We’ll redecorate our school canteen. We’ll bring more tables and chairs there too.

3. We’ll equip our language laboratory with a new audio-visual centre.

4. We’ll build a swimming pool in our school.

5. We’ll equip our playground with new facilities.

7. Write a review of the book you have recently read.

You should include:

- Title, author.

- Characters (Who are they? How did they make you feel? Did you like them?)

- Plot (What happens? Is it interesting to read?)

- Your opinion (What is your favourite part? Are there any scary / funny / breathtaking / thrilling parts? What did you learn from the book?)

- Your recommendation.

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