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1. Listen to the dialogue and write down the sentences in the Passive Voice.

A: Can we leave soon? It’s been a long day.

B: Yes, all the beds have been made.

A: Has the laundry been put away yet?

B: Yes, and all the dishes have been done.

A: But has the garbage been taken out yet?

B: Oh, no. The garbage hasn’t been taken out yet. I’ll do it right away.

2. Group work. Discuss the following questions.

1. Do you think people should be allowed to clone organs? Why?

2. What do you think about GMO (genetically modified organisms) vegetables?

3. What do you think robots should be used for?

4. Do you think unemployment (loss of jobs) will be caused by robots in the future or more work places will be created? Why?

5. Do you think using cell phones too much is bad for our physical or mental health? Why?

6. If you could copy your brain for future generations, would you? Why?

Present Continuous Passive

Present Continuous Active

Present Continuous Passive

am/is/are doing

am/is/are being done

I am examining Tom at the moment.

Jane is reading my book now.

Tom is being examined by me at the moment.

My book is being read by Jane now.

3. Rewrite the sentences in the Passive Voice. There is a model to help you.


Sheila is drinking a cup of tea. — A cup of tea is being drunk by Sheila.

1. My father is washing the car. 2. Farmer Joe is milking the cows. 3. She is taking a picture of him. 4. I am writing a poem. 5. We are not playing football. 6. He is not wearing a tie. 7. Is she preparing the party? 8. Are they talking about the meeting? 9. Is she watering the flowers?

4. Read the statements below. Put them on a scale from 1 (almost certain/ very probable) to 5 (almost impossible/ very improbable). Give your reasons.

Model: I am almost certain that aliens have already visited the Earth. A lot of people say they have seen UFOs. I guess they were brought by aliens.

• Alien life exists on other planets.

• Aliens have already visited the Earth.

• Some people have been kidnapped by aliens.

• The US government has many secrets about UFOs.

• The Egyptian Pyramids were built with alien intelligence.

Exam Skill Builder

5. Read the newspaper article and match the paragrap titles A$D whith the paragraphs 1$4.

A Different views

B Government announcement

C Government secrets

D Recent UFO sightings

UFOs Exist - It’s Official!

1. ________

Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) are ’definitely real’, according to Nobutaka Machimura, a spokesperson for the Japanese government. Machimura’s statement was made after the government was asked about its policy on UFOs. Reporters were told that research should soon begin to investigate the sightings of UFOs that have been reported.

2. ______

No UFOs have been seen in Japan in recent years, but there have been sightings in India, the United States, Britain and Poland. In Bangalore, India, one man took pictures of bright lights in the sky that were in the shape of a triangle. In Poland, seventeen unidentified triangular objects were observed in the sky above Sluzew in the Polish capital city of Warsaw. Around the world, over 20 UFO sightings are reported every year.

3. _____

Machimura’s official acceptance of UFOs came as a surprise to many ufologists. Many governments are more secretive. It is still believed by many people that an alien spacecraft crashed in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico. The US army, they claim, hid the crash, but contact was made between them and alien life forms. In the United States, millions of dollars are spent every year on research in the SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) project.

4. _____

Critics of SETI claim that the project is a waste of money. Enough research has already been done, they say. Studies of UFO sightings show that explanations have been found for more than 70%. Some sightings have natural explanations. Others were dreams. Ordinary Americans, however, are not convinced. Recent polls show that half the US agrees with Nobutaka Machimura.

6. After-task reflection. Answer the following questions.

1. What key words in paragraph 1 helped you to match the headline? 2. What strategy helped you to match the headline with the last paragraph? 3. What word in paragraph 1 is synonymous to the word «announcement»? 4. Find the evidence in paragraph 1 that the announcement was made by the government.

7. Read the article in exercise 5 again and say whether the statements are true or false.

1. The Japanese government has a policy on UFOs.

2. Many UFOs have been seen in Japan recently.

3. There have been only 20 UFO sightings in the last ten years.

4. Something secret happened in the New Mexico desert.

5. No research has been done into UFOs.

6. Most UFO sightings have ordinary explanations.

8. Study the sentences below and rewrite the second sentence in each pair using either the Present Simple Passive or the Present Continuous Passive tense form.

1. They discuss profits every Monday. Profits ___ every Monday. 2. They are discussing profits now. Profits___ now. 3. She works with this student twice a week. This student ___ twice a week. 4. She is working with this student now. This student ___ now. 5. They renovate this building once a decade. This building ___ once a decade. 6. They are renovating this building now. This building ___ now. 7. Somebody is looking at me. I ___ at. 8. She washes her sons’ sweatshirts twice a week. Her sons’ sweatshirts ___ twice a week. 9. They are counting the money. The money ___ . 10. Someone is painting the walls. The walls ___.

9. Read the tongue-twister as quickly as you can.

If coloured caterpillars could change their colours constantly, could they keep their coloured coat coloured properly?

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