Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (9-й рік навчання) - Л.І. Морська - Астон 2017 рік



1. Listen to the dialogue and write down the sentences in the Passive Voice.

A: Have Bob’s birthday presents been wrapped yet?

B: Yes, they’ve already been wrapped.

A: Has the birthday cake been bought yet?

B: Yes, it’s already been bought.

A: Has it been decorated yet?

B: Yes, it’s already been decorated, and all the invitations have been sent.

2. Group work. Discuss the following questions.

✵ HOW do you think face to face communication differs from communication using computers?

✵ What social changes have cell phones made?

✵ What are good and bad points of using computers?

✵ What is your opinion about children playing violent video games?

✵ What do you think should be done to people who spread viruses or create spam on the Internet?

✵ How often do you buy things on the Internet?

✵ Do you worry about identity theft or credit card number theft when buying things on the Internet?

✵ Have you used a chat site? What do you think about it?

✵ Have you used the Internet to learn English or read or talk in English? What are the pros and cons (good and bad points) about improving your English by Internet rather than with a teacher?

Focus on Grammar!

Past Perfect Passive

3. Rewrite the sentences in the Passive Voice. There is a model to help you.


I had worn blue shoes before I bought this nice pair of red shoes. - Blue shoes had been worn by me before I bought this nice pair of red shoes.

1. Joe had cleaned the tables before the guests went home. 2. We had lost the key before we got to the house. 3. They had started a fight before the police arrived. 4. I had already read the article when I found this book. 5. I had not closed the window before the rain started. 6. She had not noticed me at first but when I mentioned my name she remembered me immediately. 7. Had she solved the problem by the time her father came back from Germany? 8. Had he recorded that song before it was deleted from his computer?

4. Look at the picture and study the words.

Renewable Energy

5. Read the text and match the titles with the paragraphs. There is one extra title.

Solar Energy: The Myths? The Facts!

A. Current solar devices aren’t effective; a breakthrough is needed.

B. Solar energy is too expensive.

C. More energy is needed to manufacture solar equipment than is saved in its lifetime.

D. Solar energy can only heat water.

E. Collecting enough solar energy requires large areas of collectors.

F. Solar energy can’t be used at night.

G. There isn’t enough solar energy to maintain our current lifestyle.

H. Solar doesn’t yet supply much energy on a global scale.

Solar and other renewable energy supply options have the capability to supply a large proportion of our energy requirements. The increased use of renewable energy technologies will reduce pollutants and greenhouse-gas emissions as the energy is derived from the natural source of sun, wind, water and biomass.

1 Myth: ___

Reality: Solar (renewable) energy includes the production of electricity and heat directly from solar radiation for many applications. Designing your house to use solar energy passively can provide 60% - 100 % of your heating and cooking requirements. Solar cells, wind generators and hydro can supply electricity for any use. Biomass fuels include wood, alcohol, and methane for heating, electricity generation or transportation.

2 Myth: ___

Reality: Solar heat can be stored in thermal mass so it is available on demand at any time. In a solar efficient designed house, the building elements themselves store the energy in their thermal mass for nighttime comfort and for cloudy days. Electricity from solar cells can be stored in batteries.

3 Myth: ____

Reality: Some solar technologies require no additional costs. Some solar equipment costs less than conventional alternatives to buy and install and also has lower running costs. Solar equipment costs more up front, but is cheaper overall due to lower running and environmental costs.

4 Myth:

Reality: While researchers continue to produce further improvement in a wide range of renewable energy technologies, the big breakthrough needed is equality of financing terms with conventional energy. There is a wide range of Australian and New Zealand solar water heaters which are amongst the best in the world.

5 Myth: ___

Reality: There is sufficient roof space on homes alone to produce the total electricity requirements using existing solar technology. Wind generators occupy only a small space for the tower with the rest of the land area being available for agricultural uses. Solar supply allows the use of small modules which can be accurately matched to the land and which minimize electricity distribution.

6 Myth: ____

Reality: Even ignoring the bias in the statistics, solar (renewable) energy supplies 28% of the world’s energy now, made up of 14,4% biomass and 7, 5% hydro, in comparison to nuclear supplies of just 4,4 %. Solar energy supplies all the energy used to grow plants, to evaporate water for rain and to maintain the temperature of the planet, all necessary things for the human life.

7 Myth: ____

Reality: A solar water heater will repay its energy ’debt’ in only 6 to 18 months, depending on the location, and will last well in excess of fifteen years. Solar cells module will collect over its operating life four times more energy than used in its production.

6. After-task reflection. Answer the following questions.

1. How do you understand the meaning of «breakthrough»? What helped you to understand the meaning of this word?

2. What strategy did you use to find the matching title for myth 1?

3. Which words in the corresponding paragraph helped you to find the matching for title F?

4. Which word from paragraph Myth 3 is the opposite of «expensive»?

5. What strategy did you use to find the matching paragraph for title A?

6. What key words in paragraph Myth 5 helped you to find the matching title?

7. What word combination in the corresponding title helped you to find the matching for paragraph Myth 6?

8. Which word in the corresponding title meaning «production» (paragraph Myth 7) helped you to find the matching?

7. In the text in exercise 5, find the sentences in the Active Voice and turn them into the Passive Voice (if possible).


The increased use of renewable energy technologies will reduce pollutants and greenhouse-gas emissions as the energy is derived from the natural source of sun, wind, water and biomass. - Pollutants and greenhouse-gas emissions will be reduced by the increased use of renewable energy technologies as the energy is derived from the natural source of sun, wind, water and biomass.

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