Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (9-й рік навчання) - Л.І. Морська - Астон 2017 рік


LESSON 3 Ukraine and Great Britain

1. Look at the photos of famous Ukrainian cities and towns and match them with their names.

A. Dnipro

C. Lviv

E. Kyiv

G. Odesa

B. Chernivtsi

D. Zaporizhia

F. Kharkiv

H. Poltava

2. Use the mind map to speak about Ukraine.

3. Use the mind map to speak about Great Britain.

4. Read the sentences and guess which part of the United Kingdom they tell about: England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. There is a model to help you.

1. The invention of the telephone was made by the person originally from this part of the UK. - Scotland, because Alexander Bell invented the telephone. He was a Scottish.

2. Its capital city is Cardiff.__

3. A world famous music band started their career in one of its cities. Those four became the symbol of world pop music of the XX century. ______

4. Its patron saint is St. George and the holiday falls on the 23rd of April. ______

5. Its flag is a white diagonal cross on a blue background. ___

6. The eldest son of the British monarch is traditionally granted the title of the Prince of this part of the UK. ___

7. Belfast is the capital city here. ___

8. This part of the UK frightens people by its famous lake monster. ____

5. Compare the capital cities of Ukraine and the UK. Use the model to help you.


With the population of about 13 million people, London is bigger than Kyiv, which has got the population of about 5 million residents.

Kyiv is (much) younger than London. It was founded in 998, and London began its history in the 1st century before Christ (BC).

6. Correct the mistakes in the given sentences.

1. It’s quite colder this month than it was the previous month. - It’s rather colder this month than it was the previous month.

2. She is clever but almost lazy.

3. It’s rather an interesting film.

4. I don’t almost understand what he means.

5. The teacher put a «12» for my test. It was almost a surprise.

6. Quite all students in our class love English.

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