Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (9-й рік навчання) - Л.І. Морська - Астон 2017 рік




A. Read the text and choose the correct answer. (10 points)

Life on Mars?

In the UK people celebrate the first day of April by playing jokes on each other and sometimes TV programmes and newspapers join in the fun! There have been some very clever jokes over the years which people believed because they were in the paper or on TV.

One that I remember vividly from when I was young was on a programme called «Tomorrow’s World». This programme looked at unusual scientific inventions and stories. It was on every week, and was very popular. Well, this particular April 1st the programme started off looking at the number of «missing people» in Britain over the last year. They then went on to «prove» that the USA and Russia were starting a colony on the planet Mars and this was where all these people had gone! They showed photographs of the planet with heat rising from the ground. Apparently the people were living under the ground in specially designed homes.

I believed this story completely! It seemed so real and so possible. That was until I got to school the next day and realized that the whole thing was a joke! But it was a very clever joke and one that I have always remembered.

1. On 1 April

a. there are parties

b. people exchange stories

c. there are untrue stories in the media

2. «Tomorrow’s World»

a. was an educational programme for schoolchildren

b. was on TV regularly

c. taught people how to invent things

3. This particular programme was about

a. people on another planet

b. the space development programme

c. the problem of people who run away

4. On the programme you could see

a. the people

b. the people’s homes

c. pictures of the planet Mars

5. The writer

a. still believes the story

b. didn’t like the joke

c. liked the joke

B. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs (active or passive). (20 points) ___ In prehistoric times, huge herds of horses lived throughout the Americas. But then, for some unknown reason, they (disappear) ___ completely from orth and South America. Even though the early horses (die)___ out of the Americas, they (survive) ___ in Asia. Long ago, horses (domesticate) ___ by central Asian nomads. At first, horses (use) ___ in war and in hunting, and oxen (use) ___ for farming. Later, horses also (become) ___ farm animals. Horses (reintroduce) ___ into the Americas by Spaniards in the early fifteenth century. Spanish explorers (come) ___ in ships to the New World with their horses on board. When the explorers (return) ___ to Spain, they (leave) ___ some of their horses behind. These (develop) ___ into wild herds. Native American tribes in the western plains (begin) ___ to use horses around 1600. Wild horses (capture) ___ and (tame) ___ for use in war and-in hunting. In the I950s there were several million wild horses in North America, By the 1970s, that number had become less than 20,000.

The wild horses (hunt) ___ and (kill) ___ principally for use as pet food. Today in the United States, wild horses (protect) ____ by law. They (can kill, not) ___ for sport or profit. What is your opinion? (Should protect,wild horses) ___ by law?

C. Label the pictures. (10 points)

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