Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (9-й рік навчання) - Л.І. Морська - Астон 2017 рік



1. Leave out that!who,which or whom, if possible.

1. The man that appeared at the doorway was called Jason Pollock.

2. The woman that she showed you in the theatre comes from Poland.

3. My mother, whom I love so much, is seriously ill.

4. My friend that I haven’t seen for 10 years is here.

5. The bracelet which we looked at in the shop was too expensive.

6. I liked the dancer who was wearing blue trousers.

2. Say whether the following sentences contain defining or non-defining classes.

1. London, which is the capital of England, is one of the largest cities in the world. - ___

2. This is the dress my mother has made for me. - ___

3. Queen Elizabeth II, who is 83, has been the queen of England for 57 years now. - ___

4. That’s the dog that bit me. - ___

5. Tom Cruise, who has starred in a lot of films, is a famous American actor. - ___

6. The village where I grew up is very small. - ___

7. Greg, whose job involves travelling a lot, has been in nearly all the countries in the world. - ___

8. The office I have just rented is near my home. - ___

9. This is the officer that arrested the burglar. - ___

10. Lady Gaga, who is a well-known pop star, is only 24. - ___

Exam Skill Builder

3. Read the text and find and then state the following elements that are typical of a postcard.

1. Salutation.

2. Informing of the location and the current activities.

3. Informing of some special things (exciting, upsetting, etc, example, the weather conditions, some important events, success, failure, etc) and the writer’s opinion of such things.

4. Informal signing off (’cheers’) and use of first name only.

5. Ungrammatical language.

6. Informal language (use of contractions and ’OK’, use of smilies/ emoticons, etc).

Hello Sis,

This is my second week at the camp in Scotland and I’m really loving it. I met lots of people from all over the world - Poland, Spain and even Africa and Asia. My roommate is a student from Deha in Qatar! We both like English films so we have much to talk about.

The weather hasn’t been very good so far. It rains every day. After English classes we watch films or go to a sports centre. That’s fine with me :) Hope you’re OK.

See you soon,


4. Make the sentences as short as possible (use contractions, omit unnecessary words).

1. I miss you a lot. - Miss you a lot!

2. I hope to see you soon.

3. I cannot wait to see you again.

4. I will ring you when I come back.

5. I will not forget this holiday.

6. I have met a lot of interesting people.

5. Read the postcard and rewrite it to make the postcard as short as possible. Add emoticons and abbreviate as many words as you can.

Hi there,

I am sending you best wishes from Wales.

It is a wonderful place. There are lots of nice beaches and lovely castles here!

It is sunny and breezy. I have seen lots of things and I have met a nice girl.

I hope you are all right.

I give you my hugs,


6. Change the postcard from the previous exercise to describe the same holiday but in a negative way.

Model: It’s a wonderful place. - It’s a horrible place.

7. Read the card and put these words in the right places.

and saw beautiful by dear did some when took last love hello great when very took had

________ Fred,

________ from England!

________ the train to London ___ Saturday and ___ some sightseeing and ____ shopping. The weather was ___ so we ___ lunch in the sun in Green Park and then ___ a walk ___ the river ___ all the things you see on postcards (like this one!)

It was ___ late ___ we got back but it was a ___ day.

See you ___ I get back next week.

___ .


8. Use exercises 3-7 and write a postcard to your friend. Imagine you’re on holiday in a new place (a. city, a country, a famous tourist attraction).

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