Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (9-й рік навчання) - Л.І. Морська - Астон 2017 рік



1. Listen to the dialogue and act it out with your classmate. Pay attention to the words in bold. Make up a similar dialogue.

Ted is talking to Mr. Rooney who he has just met in a cafe. They are having a conversation when Ted asks Mr. Rooney what he does for a living …

Ted: What do you do for a living?

Mr. Rooney: I am sorry I don’t understand the question.

Ted: What is your occupation?

Mr. Rooney: I’m a mechanic. I work in a garage on Oxford Street.

Ted: A mechanic? You must do a lot of work and get very dirty.

Mr. Rooney: Yes, I do lots of work. Every day I fix cars and it takes a long time to get clean after work.

Ted: That is really interesting. How many cars do you think you fix in a day?

Mr. Rooney: On average, I probably fix about seven cars every day. I do get tired. What kind of job do you have, young man?

Ted: I don’t have a job at the moment.

Mr. Rooney: Why?

Ted: I’m a schoolboy.

Mr. Rooney: Oh, I see. Thanks for the chat, anyway. I have to get back to work now.

Ted: Yes, thanks. It was nice meeting you.

2. Look at the pictures and study the words.

3. Read what people do at work and guess their occupations.

1. I move people around. I drive a car. I charge a fare. - This person is a taxi driver.

2. I wear a uniform. I work in a surgery. I work in a hospital. I make sick people feel better.

3. I wear a uniform. I often have a gun. I conduct traffic. I catch thieves.

4. I wear a uniform. I work in a hospital. I help a doctor.

5. I like the ocean. I have got nets. I work on a boat. I catch fish.

6. I work outdoors. I work with cement. I wear a hard hat. I construct houses.

7. I use markers or chalk. I instruct students. I give homework.

8. I work in the sky. I serve food and drinks. I should always be good-natured.

9. I don’t have a job. I stay at home. I am a woman. I take care of my family.

10. I work in an office. I make phone calls. I send emails. I make appointments.

11. I work in the sky. I wear a uniform. I travel a lot. I fly planes.

12. I wear a uniform. I work shifts. People in trouble call me. I put out fires.

4. Match the occupation with the daily activity.



1. mechanic

A. catches fish

2. teacher

B. takes pictures

3. dentist

C. fixes cars

4. doctor/nurse

D. cooks meals

5. journalist

E. pulls teeth

6. fisherman

F. plants flowers

7. gardener

G. puts out fires

8. chef/cook

H. takes care of patients

9. firefighter/ fireman

I. teaches classes

10. photographer

J. writes news stories

5. Read the text and say whether the statements after it are true or false.

What I Want to Be

Yesterday I was playing videogames in my room when I heard people screaming. I went out and saw: my neighbour’s house was on fire.

In less than 10 minutes the firemen arrived and fought against the fire for one hour until they made it. Wow! They are really brave! One of them entered the house and saved the Johnson’s dog that was trapped in the fire.

I made a decision: I want to be a firefighter when I grow up. I’ll be strong and brave enough to fight against the fire, to save people’s lives and property. I can’t wait! I can already see it in the newspaper: «Brave fireman rescues a family of four». My parents will be proud.

1. The boy’s house was on fire.

2. The boy thinks the firemen are brave.

3. He admires the firefighters.

4. It took long the firemen to arrive.

5. It took one hour to extinguish the fire.

6. The boy’s neighbours have got a pet.

7. A fireman saved the dog’s life.

8. The boy wants to be a firefighter when he grows up.

9. He wants to be as strong and brave as the firefighters.

6. Read the text in exercise 5 again and answer the questions:

What was the boy doing when the neighbours’ house caught fire? Did he want to be a fireman before that day?

Why did he decide to be a fireman in the future?

What qualities does he think are essential for being a fireman?

What can he already see in the newspaper?

Who do you think the newspaper title is referring to?

How does the boy think his mother will feel? Do you agree with him?

7. Write the answers to the following questions.

1. What’s your father’s job? What time does he start work?

2. What does your mother do for a living? What time does she finish work?

3. What would you like to be? Why?

4. Which jobs pay well in Ukraine? Give minimum three examples.

5. What outdoor jobs can you name? Would you like to do any of them?

6. Which job would you never want to do? Why?

8. Sort out the words from exercise 2 into three groups: a) jobs that people do inside; b) jobs that people do outside; c) jobs that people do both inside and outside.

Model: An accountant usually works inside. So this word goes to group a.

A carpenter can work in his workshop, but sometimes he works outside. So this word goes to group c.

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