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1. Listen to the dialogue and write down all the gerund and infinitive forms of the verbs you hear. Then make up a similar dialogue and act it out with your partner.

A: Would you like to go hiking with me this weekend?

B: I don’t have hiking boots. If I had hiking boots, I’d love to go.

A: Professor Jones is giving a lecture on modern poetry. How about going with me?

B: Thanks for asking, but I don’t understand modern poetry. If I understood it better, I’d really like to attend that lecture.

A: Your father doesn’t need the car tonight. Let’s go to the baseball game on the other side of the town.

B: Unfortunately, I can’t drive at night. If I were able to drive at night, I’d enjoy going to that game.

2. Choose the correct item.

T. Michael’s talent for choosing / to choose the right investments made him rich. 2. Katie’s talking caused me making / to make a mistake. 3. I’m bored of to do/doing the same old thing every weekend. 4. Neil Armstrong is famous for to be /being the first man to walk on the Moon. 5. The zoo keeper allowed us to pet / petting the cheetah. 6. I went to snorkel / snorkelling in Hawaii. It was spectacular! 7. Carrie reminded me calling / to call Dave and Stacey and invite them over for dinner. 8. The little girl pretended to be /being sick, so that she didn’t have to go to school. 9. She took up to play/ playing the piano at the age of six. 10. Constance denied to be / being related to the royal family.

Exam Skill Builder

3. Read the text and say whether the statements below are true or false.

Off the Streets

It’s a typical Saturday afternoon on Cathedral Square in Peterborough, in the east of England. Two noisy gangs of young people are sitting in the centre of the square. One group are wearing tracksuits and baseball caps and brand-new white trainers. A lot of them are wearing jewellery, like gold chains and earrings. They’re the «Chavs». The opposite team are the «Goths». They’re wearing black Doctor Marten boots, long black coats and black T-shirts with the names of their favourite bands on them. Nervous shoppers hurry past them, trying not to make eye contact. It seems to be quiet but you feel that at any moment a fight could start. The police say these young people are probably harmless - perhaps they just hang around the square because there’s nothing better to do. But older people say they are tired of putting up with the noise and litter. These kinds of problems certainly aren’t unique to Peterborough. But after trying several different methods, Peterborough City Council has a radical plan to change things.

The council’s controversial plan to bring peace to the city starts on a Tuesday morning during the half-term holiday. A group of fourteen Chavs and Goths of both sexes are travelling by bus to a secret location in the countryside, ten miles out of town. There are more Chavs than Goths - maybe it’s hard for some Goths to get up in the mornings! When they finally arrive, supervisors ask them to put on camouflage clothing. And then the two gangs spend the rest of the morning pretending to shoot at each other.

Don’t worry - the guns are not real (they fire plastic balls filled with paint) and it’s all for fun. But isn’t it dangerous to fight aggression with aggression? Is a game of paintball really the best way to bring young people together? Steve Mayes, the organizer of the event, feels that it is. «It gets rid of a lot of energy too - it’s much better than playing games on Playstations and Xboxes», he says. Meanwhile, the Chavs and Goths are fooling around: there’s a lot of shouting and laughter and everyone appears to be having fun.

At the end of the day it is clear that the event was a success - the two groups are already talking to each other. «It’s like football. You choose which team you belong to», says Denise, another organizer. «But at the end of the day, Chavs and Goths are the same sort of people».

Dan, one of the Goths, says, «There was a lot of aggression to begin with but everyone calmed down in the end. I bumped into an old friend from primary school who I hadn’t spoken to for years but he seems just the same as ever - in fact I got on with him really well.» The atmosphere in town is probably a lot better now.

1. The scenes that are described in the first paragraph don’t happen very often.

2. The shoppers in Peterborough are afraid to look at the young people in the square.

3. The police don’t think the young people are dangerous.

4. Peterborough isn’t the only place where you can find such problems.

5. Only boys are taking part in the council’s events.

6. At the end of the day Chavs and Goths start playing football together.

4. Find phrasal verbs in the text in exercise 3 (in bold) and match them with the following definitions.

1. Be quiet and relaxed after you have been nervous or excited - ___

2. Behave in a silly or irresponsible way - ___

3. Tolerate, accept - ___

4. Have a good relationship with - ___

5. Wait or spend time somewhere and do nothing - ___

6. Meet somebody when you don’t expect to - ___

7. Wear clothes - ___

5. Complete the sentences with the correct form of a phrasal verb from exercise 4.

1. I only started to ___ my sister after she left home!

2. Your boyfriend never helps you. I don’t know why you ___ his laziness.

3. The kids always ___ when the teacher isn’t in the classroom.

4. Guess what! I ___ Matt in the supermarket yesterday. He’s married now!

5. Get up and ___ your coat. It’s beautiful outside! Stop playing those silly games on your laptop!

6. Try not to worry… just have a cup of tea and try to ___ .

7. The gang used to ___ in the park until the neighbours started complaining.

6. Complete the sentences with the correct preposition. Use the Grammar Reference Box or the dictionary if necessary.

1. The tablet must not be taken ___ getting up in the morning.

2. ___ having a shower, I waited for Steven.

3. In spite ___ studying a lot he didn’t pass the exams.

4. Pat is angry ___ walking in the rain.

5. John is good ___ working in the garden.

6. The girl is crazy ___ playing tennis.

7. We are excited ___ making our own ___ film.

8. Sandy is famous ___ singing songs.

9. I’m fed up ___ being treated as a child.

10. Hannah is fond ___ going to parties.

11. She is glad getting a present again.

12. Are you interested writing poems?

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