Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (9-й рік навчання) - Л.І. Морська - Астон 2017 рік



1. Listen to the dialogue. Make up a similar one and then act it out with your partner.

Ronald: Do you want to see a movie tonight?

Carol: Hmm. Maybe. What’s playing?

Lucy: How about the new Steven Spielberg’s film? I’ve heard it’s really exciting.

Carol: Who’s Steven Spielberg?

Ronald: You know. He directed Jaws, E.T., and Jurassic Park.

Carol: Oh, Jurassic Park was boring. The book by Michael Crichton was fascinating, but the film was terrible!!

Lucy: Well, I’m interested in that new Johnny Depp movie. It’s a romance. It’s been playing for about a month.

Carol: Now that sounds good. I’ve never seen him in a romance, and I think he’s a wonderful actor!!

Lucy: You never saw Johnny Depp in Benny and Joon? That’s one of my favourite movies of all time!

Carol: Actually, I didn’t see that.

Lucy: It was OK.

Ronald: I saw it, too. And I thought it was awful.

Lucy: Well, I’ll call the cinema and find out what time this new movie starts. Hello. Could you tell me what time the new Johnny Depp movie is playing tonight? Oh,really? Oh. OK, thanks.

You guys won’t believe this. The new Johnny Depp’s movie just finished playing last night!!

Ronald: Oh, no.

Lucy: Yeah. What else could we do?

Ronald: I have an idea.

Carol: What?

Ronald: The new skating rink opens tonight. Let’s go ice-skating.

Lucy: Ice-skating? That sounds like fun!

Carol: Let’s do it!!

2. Work in pairs. Practise speaking as in the model.


My brother plays tennis but hardly ever watches it.

My brother prefers playing tennis to watching it too.

But my brother likes watching tennis rather than playing it.

1. My sister sings in a choir but hardly ever sings solo. 2. My father talks. He hardly ever listens. 3. My boyfriend drinks at parties; he hardly ever dances. 4. My uncle stays at home for his holidays; he hardly ever goes abroad. 5. My grandmother listens to the radio; she hardly ever watches TV. 6. My sister spends money; she hardly ever saves it. 7. My mother phones; she hardly ever does cooking. 8. My friend types; he hardly ever writes. 9. My grandfather mows the lawn but hardly ever weeds the garden. 10. My sister-in-law cooks but hardly ever goes shopping. While my brother-in-law does the shopping, but he hardly ever cooks something. 11. My cousin takes taxis; she hardly ever waits for the bus. 12. My boss takes people to restaurants; he hardly ever invites them to his house. 13. My nephew drives but hardly ever lets me drive. 14. My niece eats out; she hardly ever cooks for herself. 15. My son cycles; he hardly ever walks.

3. Read the story and then say what your idea of an interesting life is. How can modern people make their life more exciting and not turn themselves into coach potatoes?

A husband and wife come home from work, exhausted and stressed out. They don’t feel like preparing a real dinner, so they cook something in the microwave. Then they sit down on the couch for an evening, mesmerized by the TV set. Hours later, after having fallen asleep, they wake up and stumble off to bed. Each day they continue to do the same thing: get up, go to work, come home, grab a bite, then sit down and vegetate in front of the TV set. Does this sound like you? If so, are you satisfied with your existence? Isn’t there more to life than being a couch potato?

4. Choose the correct item.

1. He expects finishing / to finish his studies next summer. 2. National park officials do not permit entering / to enter the park without an official guide. You can hire one at the park office. 3. He offered to carry / carrying her books on the way home. 4. The archaeologist reported finding / to find a large, previously unknown pyramid deep in the jungle. 5. Samantha keeps to forget / forgetting to send us the documents. We need to have them by next week! 6. Felix decided not accepting / to accept the position in Miami because he wanted to stay in New York. 7. Exercising and eating / To exercise and to eat right can help you live a long and healthy life. 8. The refugees risked being / to be captured as they tried to escape through the mountains. 9. You have to wait forever at the doctor’s office. I suggest to take/ taking a good book to help kill time. 10. Mr. Miller asked to be / being included in the meeting with the new clients.

1. My friend is good at playing volleyball.

2. She complains ___ bullying.

3. They are afraid ___ losing the match.

4. She doesn’t feel ___ working on the computer.

5. We are looking forward ___ going out at the weekend.

6. Laura dreams ___ living on a small island.

7. Andrew apologized ___ being late.

8. I don’t agree ___ what you are saying.

9. The girls insisted ___ going out with Kerry.

10. Edward thinks ___ climbing trees this afternoon.

5. Complete the sentences with the correct preposition. Use the Grammar Reference Box or the dictionary if necessary.

Exam Skill Buider

6. The people below are all planning an evening’s entertainment. Read the descriptions of eight evenings out and match them with the people. Three descriptions are extra.

1. Anna is meeting an old school friend on Saturday night. She’d like to go somewhere they can chat and have a good meal, but hear some music at the same time.

2. Henry wants to listen to music in a lively place. He’s a confident person and is going out alone in order to meet new people.

3. George is planning to celebrate the end of his exams with his friends on Friday night. They want music and dancing, but no food, as they don’t have a lot of money.

4. Maria loves all kinds of music and wants to relax after a hard semester at school. She’d like to sit quietly and listen to music.

5. Carol is taking a friend out. She’s looking for a quiet place where they can eat and discuss some important plans for the future project in Geography.

A. «Julius Caesar» at the Octagon: A very modern and exciting performance of one of Shakespeare’s most popular works! After great success in other parts of Europe this entertaining play comes to Britain for the first time.

B. 70’s Night! : Party! Party! Party! There’s no time to stop! DJ Mike Murray and his 70’s disco music will keep you entertained all night! Eight until late this Friday. Light snacks available - if you have time!

C. Riverstone Restaurant: We are proud to announce a new chef and a new menu at the Riverstone! Choose from a wide selection of modern European dishes. Restaurant opens 7 p.m. every evening. Live music every Friday and Saturday night after 9 p.m.

D. Hollywood Stars: Make new friends and have fun at our Hollywood Stars night this weekend. Dress up as your favourite film star and enjoy a live band and disco.

E. Jazz and Stuff: «Jazz and Stuff» is one of the best concerts this town has seen for ages. Stars from around the world entertain with jazz, blues, country, soul, rock’n’roll and pop. There’s something for everyone.

F. «Life after Children»: A warm and entertaining play about a mother who is trying to look after her child and keep her job at the same time. This comedy should be seen by anyone with children - or anyone who’s ever been a child!

G. Upton Restaurant: Set on the edge of town and in pretty gardens, the Upton is the perfect place for romantic evenings, business meetings or for talking to friends. The quiet and pleasant place provides exciting and creative menus as well as a high standard service.

H. A night out at «Squares»: It’s a great new club that provides different kinds of entertainment through the week. Comedy nights are on Fridays and Saturdays and there’s live music on Mondays and Wednesdays. The rest of the week is dance time. Food available at lunchtimes only.

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