Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (9-й рік навчання) - Л.І. Морська - Астон 2017 рік



1. Listen to the dialogue. Make up a similar one and act it out with your classmate.

Robert: I don’t know what classes to take this semester. I can’t decide what I want to do with my life. Have you thought about it, Brenda?

Brenda: Yes, I have, I think I’d make a good journalist because I love writing. Maybe I could be a teacher because I’m very creative. And I like working with kids.

Robert: Oh, I wouldn’t like to be a teacher. I’m too impatient.

Brenda: I know one thing I could never do.

Robert: What’s that?

Brenda: I could never be a stockbroker because I’m not good at making decisions quickly. My History professor says I should think about a career in politics. But I don’t think I’d make a good politician.

Robert: Why not, Brenda?

Brenda: Oh, you know me. I’m terrible at speaking in front of a lot of

people. You know, like giving speeches. And politicians have to speak in public, all the time.

Robert: That’s true. You know, that reminds me the problem I’m experiencing.

Brenda: What is it?

Robert: You know my parents have a really successful restaurant, right? Well, my father wants me to be the manager.

Brenda: And you don’t want to?

Robert: No, not at all. I’d be a terrible manager. I’m too disorganized.

2. Look at the pictures and study the words describing people’s character.

3. Use the occupation list in exercise 2 (lesson 5) and the words in the previous exercise to say what features of character are good / bad for a particular job. You may add up your own ideas.


An accountant should be a hard-working person. He or she should be reliable as well. Such person should also be very serious. He or she mustn’t be forgetful or disorganized. If a person is impatient, he or she won’t make a good accountant, to my mind.

4. Use the words in exercise 2 (lesson 5) and say what people usually do at work. Use the model to help you.

Model: an accountant.

This person usually works in an office. He or she counts the money that is spent and earned by the company. He or she also counts the money that is paid to workers.

5. Read the text about personality types and corresponding suitable jobs. Define what type you belong to. Then complete the table with appropriate jobs according to the information in the text.

Nearly 50% of all workers have jobs they aren’t happy with. Don’t let this happen to you. If you want to find the right job, don’t rush to look through the ads in the newspaper. Instead, sit down and think about yourself. What kind of person are you? What makes you happy?

According to psychologist John Holland, there are six types of personalities. Nobody is just one type, but most people are mainly one type. For each type, there are certain jobs that might be right and others that are probably wrong.

accountant, actor, bookkeeper, carpenter, detective, doctor, factory worker, manager, mechanic, nurse, photographer, politician, psychologist, researcher, salesperson, secretary, songwriter, teacher

6. Read the text in the previous exercise and write down the list of adjectives describing character types. Use the words you have written down to make up 5 sentences about various occupations.

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