Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (9-й рік навчання) - Л.І. Морська - Астон 2017 рік



1. Listen to the dialogue. Make up a similar one and act it out with your classmate.

Reporter: What do you do, Steven?

Steven: I’ve got my own language school.

Reporter: And how did you get started?

Steven: Well, I was teaching in a language school here in the city a few years ago. It was just a small school and I loved the work. But the owner of the school didn’t run it very well. Then, she decided to sell the school. I didn’t have the money to buy it. But I have an uncle who’s rich. So, I asked him for a loan. My uncle lent me the money, and I bought the school.

Reporter: And it’s going well for you. Right?

Steven: Very well. My uncle really helped me out. He gave me my lucky break. In fact, I’ve already paid him back almost all the money he lent me.

2. Answer the questions.

1. Would you like to start your own business in the future? Explain why or why not?

2. What kind of business do you think you might be good at? Give some explanation.

3. Who would you ask for help to set up your own business?

4. What would be the first steps to develop your business? Give at least three ideas.

5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of starting your own business?

Exam Skill Builder

3. Read the text and fill in the gaps with the appropriate word.

A Happy Job

Do you want a job that brings you happiness? If so you might want to consider

1) ___ as a career. A new 2) ___ has said that hairdressers are the happiest workers in the UK.

So what is it about being a hairdresser that makes you 3) ___ ? Jonathan Pickup who works at the Slice Salon in Newcastle and has been a hairdresser for 21 years says «It’s quite a young environment - it’s quite 4) ___ . You mix with quite a lot of young people. You get to my age and it is quite nice to be around people who are eager in their job». Michael Gooddy from examination body City & Guilds who conducted the survey said there were lots of 5) ___ why happiness and hairdressing should go hand in 6) ___ . «It is the relationship they have with their client which makes the job what it is…They are appreciated. They make people feel 7) ___ and look good.»

…But before you get out your curling 8) ___ and enrol on the nearest hairdressing 9) ____ , see what other hairdressers have to say! Here are some of the comments posted on the BBC website following this story.

«I am a 10) ___ hairdresser … and gave up 8 years ago to do a degree. I am now working at a university and have regular hours, no back problems, Saturdays to do what I want with and no late nights. There is nothing I 11) ___ about hairdressing.». Jill Handley from Norwich says «I did summer work [at a hairdressers] as a teenager and 12) ___ every minute of it. There was no way in the world I would want to be a stylist and now very 13) ___ working in IT.’

So maybe there are a few 14) ___ to being a hairdresser, even if the job does make some people happy - long hours and a lot of 15)______________________ ___ may not make everyone happy. If hairdressing isn’t your thing then you’ll be glad to hear that the same survey found that, as well as hairdressers, clergy, chefs, beauticians, 16) ___ and mechanics were also happy jobs to have. However, to save yourself from unhappiness in your job avoid being social workers, architects and estate agents! Maybe it’s about being able to do something practical or creative that makes you happy?


a. hairdresser

b. hairdressing

c. hairdressers

d. hairdressed


a. researcher

b. researching

c. research

d. researched


a. happiness

b. happiest

c. unhappy

d. happy


a. trendy

b. trend

c. trends

d. trendying


a. reasoning

b. reason

c. reasons

d. reasoned


a. hand

b. leg

c. arm

d. foot


a. well

b. goods

c. best

d. good


a. scissors

b. pliers

c. tongs

d. trimmers


a. discipline

b. master

c. course

d. training


a. former

b. previous

c. current

d. next


a. catch

b. hate

c. say

d. miss


a. liked

b. hated

c. spoke

d. missed


a. content

b. contents

c. contented

d. contenting


a. downside

b. downsiding

c. downsiders

d. downsides


a. sitting

b. standing

c. rising

d. raising


a. plumber

b. plumps

c. plums

d. plumbers

4. Read the text in the previous exercise again and find the names of the occupations mentioned in it. Say whether you would feel happy being one of them. Give your reasons.


It is mentioned in the text that social workers don’t feel happy at work. I wouldn’t say so. Working with people who need your help or some piece of advice is always pleasant: you feel that people need you, they feel better - you can see this progress in their lives. I would feel happy working as a social worker.

On the contrary, I wouldn’t feel happy being a mechanic. There are a lot of disadvantages in this occupation. It’s fine when it’s warm outside, but what about wintertime? It’s not that warm in those garages! Moreover, you are dirty all the time because of the dirty cars, the oil and the grease from the engine. No way! I wouldn’t like to be a mechanic.

5. Put the words in brackets in the correct tense form (Future Simple, Future Continuous, Present Simple, Present Continuous).

1. In an hour she ___still ___ (iron) my clothes. 2. I ___ (see) my dentist tomorrow. 3. When he ___ (be) in Australia, he will be staying with his friends. 4. Don’t worry about him. He ___ (find) the way out of this difficult situation for our company. He is a good manager. 5. Just think, next Monday you ___ (work) in your new job. 6. I ___ (eat) with Jane this evening so I can tell her.

6. Read the tongue-twister as quickly as you can.

A fly and a flea in a flue

Were caught, so what did they do?

Said the fly, ’Let us flee!’

Said the flea, ’Let us fly!’

So they flew through a flaw in the flue.

7. Write a description of a dream job you would like to have. Use the words from the box and the model to help you.

Model: Firstly, a happy job should be pleasant to do. I mean, a person can be pleased to do something he or she really enjoys doing.

Secondly, a dream job might be the one that is useful for the people or planet. It also should be rewarding. Human gratitude and the salary may serve as rewards for doing the job.

Finally, a good job should be the one that makes a person develop, it should be challenging. Doing monotonous things Monday to Friday may kill any interest or satisfaction at work.

challenging, rewarding, monotonous, boring, pleasant, enjoyable, interesting, easy to do, physically hard, exciting, useful, repetitive, stressful

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