Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (5-й рік навчання) - Т. І. Бондар - Методика Паблішинг 2017 рік

Unit 2 School prepares me for my future

Let's talk: Website info

3. Let's talk: Website info

a) Look at the pictures and match them with the texts below from the website.


Have you already guessed which class is in the picture? Well, it’s Sandy from Mr MacDonald’s 9th Grade. Here, of course, she’s pledging allegiance to the flag as we all do in class every morning.

But notice the big difference: Every class now has a brand new American flag!


This year’s 9th Grade backto school dance is in the second week of school. So the cheerleaders choose the homecoming queen this week. Remember: The lucky girl goes to the dance with the captain of the school football team. And don’t forget: Everybody wears formal dress at the dance. So, please, no jeans and no T-shirts! And you just have enough time to practice ballroom dancing.


Cheerleaders are our greatest supporters at all the school games. When they chant, wave their pompoms and dance, they make every event more colorful and exciting. There are tryouts this week, where the sports teachers choose the best girls for this year’s cheerleader team.

b) Compare your school life with the information from die website.

4. For my folder: American schools

a) Make one mind map for each photo. Put these together and start a duster. Add words as you go through die unit.

b) Look for more info about one of die topics on the Internet and add more words to your duster.

c) At die end of die unit present your topic to the class.

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