Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (5-й рік навчання) - Т. І. Бондар - Методика Паблішинг 2017 рік

Unit 2 School prepares me for my future

Words in action: Favourite subjects

1. Favourite subjects

a) Read an article for the school contest about student's favorite subject.

b) Think of your favourite subject and prove why you tike it. Here are some of the ideas to help you.

2. Sort words

a) Decide which category (subjects) the words belong to. Some words can belong to more than one category. Explain why.








map • angle • three toe-touches • distillation • border • nation • line • fable • circle • Pythagorean Theorem • dialogue • jump • monologue • syllable • acid • chlorine • electron • organic • triangle • laser • pollution • run • synthesis • oxygen • table • temperature • weight • water • global • hemisphere • equator • nucleus • mountain • radiation • five sit-ups • ballad • stress • historical fiction • legend • square

b) Think of more words to fill the grid.

c) Work in groups of four. Tell the word which will start with the last letter of previous word. The one who will tell the last word will win the game.

What is needed for a job?

3. Leam to recognize suffixes

a) A suffix is an added word ending that makes another word. Guess the new words in blue on die right. You already know other words from the same word family.

b) Make lists of typical suffixes for nouns and adjectives. Give at least two examples for every suffix.

c) Think of more typical suffixes.

4. What is needed for a job?

a) What kind of person do you need to be for die jobs in the photos?

I'm not sure what kind of employment is best for me. I'm quite imaginative - I once won a prize with a drawing of an alien. I don't think I'd like to work for a huge organization. Of course I want an enjoyable job. I need to be successful, too. Money is a weakness of mine. I definitely want a good lifestyle.

5. Match the American and British words

a) You already know some differences between American English (AE) and British English (BE). Look at the words below and pair up words with the same meaning.

pupil • break • autumn • Year 1 • year • elementary school • grade • recess • kindergarten • fall • student • primary school • anorak • bill • bin • city center • crisps • football • jacket • garbage can • downtown • check • potato chips • soccer

b) Listen, check, and change if you need. Explain the meaning of the words you learned.

c) Change the AE words in blue into the BE words.

Don’t throw your trash in the street - put it into the garbage can.

My brother is an elementary school student.

Kindergarten students have lunch at 11 o'clock.

Let's meet in the downtown in 10 minutes.

It’s cold outside. Don’t forget your jacket.

My friend loves soccer. I do too.

I don't eat potato chips. It’s unhealthy. - Neither do I.

A 20-minute recess is enough to discuss the latest news after the weekend.

Ready for the homecoming dance?

6. School words

a) Make a grid. Use the headings: British schools, American schools, Ukrainian schools. Put the words from die box under die right heading. Some words can belong to more than one category.

baseball • pupil • Make a Difference Day • Grade 9 • American football • cheerleaders • school uniform • Year 9 • holidays • Ukrainian language • student • football • vacation • vyshyvanka

b) Think of more school words and add them to your lists.

7. Let's look: Ready for the homecoming dance?

It's time for the homecoming dance. Look at the two pictures.

What has/hasn't Miles done? And what about Sharleen? Use the box for help.

dyed hair • put on jacket • bought flowers • cleaned shoes • put tickets in wallet • chosen jewellery • put on dress • done hair • collected Sharleen • packed evening bag

8. Messages from the dance

Three students wrote text messages from the dance. Rewrite their messages with long forms. The words in the box can help you.

juice • cousin • your/you're • could • love • homecoming queen • landed • decorations • next • fixed • threw • something • later • sister • you • about • Sharleen • what • next • be

9. Different school rules

Choose the right words and complete this e-mail from an American girl.

Hi Kate,

You are my … student. Our class teacher said we can … an e-mail to our partner. I have read your school… . We have some different rules and I … to tell you about them. You probably know that we … wear a school… . You can wear your own … here.

But you can't wear T-shirts with … on them for things like drugs and… . You … smoke in school or on the way there. There are some other rules but you needn't know about them … you are here. Oh and I must tell you about the … dance. Dress is … so you must bring a long … with you.

Bye! Terri


Develop a school webpage.

Report school news.

Plan a year book.

Plan a project.

Follow school rules.

Use present perfect and past perfect.

Compare school rules.

Talk about a school yearbook.

Compare schools in Ukraine, the UK, and the USA.

Describe your personality and career.

Write messages.

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