Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (5-й рік навчання) - Т. І. Бондар - Методика Паблішинг 2017 рік

Unit 2 School prepares me for my future

Revision 1 Make, let, have, get, talking about the future, have someone or have something done, present perfect, must, mustn't, needn't

1. Make, let, have, get

Complete the sentences with “make" “let" “have" and “get". Listen and check your answers.

1. Sam really wants a dog, but his parents don’t ….him have a pet.

2. The teacher …each other students write an essay describing their future goals in life.

3. Sally … me take off my shoes before I went into her house. She said she wanted to keep the carpet clean.

4. My parents … the courier take a copy of my application over to FLEX office last week.

5. Diane thinks television is a waste of time, so she won’t… her children watch TV.

6. Marcus … me ride his new bike. I couldn’t believe how fast it was.

7. How did you … the doctor to make a house call?

8. Tommy didn't want to go to his cousin's birthday, but his mom … him go.

9. I can’t believe the zoo keeper … you feed the snake. That was so cool.

10. I… the translator recheck his work several times to make sure there would be no misunderstandings.

2. Talking about the future

Put die verbs in die correct form (will, going to, simple present or present progressive). Listen and check your answers.

1. I love London. I…. probably go there next year.

2. Our train (leave) at 4:47.

3. What (wear / you) at the party tonight?

4. I haven’t made up my mind yet. But I think I (find) something nice in my mum’s wardrobe.

5. This is my last day here. I (go) back to England tomorrow.

6. Hurry up! The conference (begin) in 20 minutes.

7. My horoscope says that I (meet) an old friend this week.

8. Look at these big black clouds! It (rain)

9. Here is the weather forecast. Tomorrow (be) dry and sunny.

3. Have someone do or have something done

Choose the right word. Listen and check your answers.

1. I have the cleaners wash / washed the floor every day.

2. She will have Taner paint / painted the house.

3. Please have your secretary fax /faxed me the letter.

4. I have the floor cleaned / clean by the cleaners every day.

5. She will have the house paint / painted by Tom.

6. Please have the letter fax / faxed me by your secretary.

“My father didn’t tell me how to live; He lived and let me watch him do it.”

4. Getting ready for the homecoming parade

a) The drama dub at Paradise Valley High School wants to take part in the homecoming parade. At their last meeting die students in die dub made a list of things to do.

Then they started to do them. Look at die list. What have they already done? Example: They’ve already put the club on the parade list in the Activities Office.

b) What haven't they done yet?

5. Rules at the homecoming parade ('must; 'mustn't: 'needn't)

The organizers have made rules and give for die event Make sentences about what the students at the parade must, mustn't or needn't do.

Example: Clubs which take part mustn’t arrive after 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

5. Your Own School or club event ('must', 'mustn't', 'needn't')

Think of an event at your school or dub and make rules and give tips about what die people there must, mustn't or needn't do.

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