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Check-in Let's listen and talk: The Chronicles of Narnia

Language 1 Using defining relative clauses

Remember: Using defining relative clauses

You use relative pronouns when you introduce a relative clause:

… nos the first person who produced photos ….

The photos which he took… .

The first public movie which people sow… .


The journey from the first still (still picture) to the first movie (a film which moves) lasted about 70 years. It took another 30 years to go from silent movies to talkies (motion pictures with sound).

1. Eadweard Muybridge was the first person who produced photos of motion. The photos which he took were of a horse. He set up 24 cameras and put a string on the shutter of each one. But it was the horse which took the photos! As it ran, it broke the strings. This opened the shutters. Light fell onto the film and this produced the photos.

2. A famous American inventor, Thomas Edison, invented the Kinetoscope. But it was his assistant who built it. The Kinetoscope was a box with some film and a light bulb. The film showed a series of stills. But a motor moved the film quickly across the light and it became a movie.

3. Edwin Porter directed the first western.

Its title was ‘The Great Train Robbery’.

And it was the first public movie which people saw in the US.

4. They built the first film studio in Hollywood. Stage actors and actresses were more famous than those who acted in movies. But this soon changed and the rise of movie stars began. Charlie Chaplin was one of the first actors who became a star.

5. The first ‘talkie’, ‘The Jazz Singer’, made film history. But two years later it was a silent movie which got the Oscar for Best Film.

1. Who did what?

a) Read the texts on page 56. Find the name of the person who did these things:

first produced photos of motion • invented the Kinetoscope • was one of the first stars in Hollywood • built the Kinetoscope • directed the first Western

b) Tell your partner about them. Start like this: It was … who first produced photos of motion.

2. People in the movie business

Read die text again and make sentences which expbin the underlined words. Use 'who'or 'which'. Example: 1. Actors and actresses are people who….

3. Let's look: A movie poster

a) Complete die sentences and describe die poster for "Prince Caspian". Use “who' or ’which'.

1. I can see four chidren who….

2. Peter is hodling a sword which he received….

3. Susan was second bom who….

4. I can see Lucy….

5. Lucy is holding a dagger….

6. There is also a man….

7. He is riding a horse….

8. He is holding a sword….

b) Think of your own poster for this dim and describe it using 'who' and 'which'.

4. Let's talk: Talking about a movie

Talk to a partner about a film which you know. What sort of him is it? Where does it take place?

Who acts in it?

Do you know the actors from other films? Compare it with other films which you like. Did it get any awards?

It's a fantasy/… film/… which takes place in… .

… is in it.

He's/she's the one who was so good/bad/…in… .

The film is about … .

But… is more exciting/interesting than… .

It got an Oscar/the Best Song Award/… in the year… .

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