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Check-in Let's listen and talk: The Chronicles of Narnia

Everyday English

Music matters

1. Let's talk: My music

a) What sort of music do you like most and least? Make a list and add the names of singers/rappers/ groups that make this sort of music.

b) Discuss the music and die people in your lists in part a). Why do/dont you like them?

So you like … most/least. Why?

Because … is a great/rubbish guitar player/singer/… .

Because the music/song/… makes me feel happy/sick/… .




heavy metal


2. Messages in a music chat room

a) When you chat, you can use slang words or short forms which you never write in other situadons. Read the messages and make two lists.

b) Read the messages again. Which style of music do die teenagers like?

slang/short form




normal/long form


you are (you're)

Strictly for gangstas

Peace! So ur Atlanta (home of OutKast and Lil Jon) boy or girlies (14—16) and hip hop musik and bling blings ur style - Cum to the Harland Club Teen Center next Saturday at 6 pm and learn to rap with us. If u’ve written a rap, then bring it with u. We’ll teach ya how to freestyle and diss other rappers. So chill out! Peace and c ya soon. Tuzie and Blugirl

Rock is our thing

Hi! We’re 14 n 15 n we’re from Atlanta. My homie and I like indie and rock music - Green Day, Led Zepplin etc. We don’t wanna diss anyone, but maybe you know a disco which plays ’our’ music? U c, we can only listen to our sound on old CDs! Just post us a message. CU. Carly + Jo

Any musicians (rock, metal, punk) in/around Austin?

Hi. If you're from Austin and you want to make music, read this! My friends and I live in Round Rock, a suburb of Austin. We aren’t gangsters and we don’t wear jewelry. We’re trying to form a band and we're looking for a drummer, a bass player and a singer. Right now there are only 3 of us: 2 guitar players and a singer. We’re into almost everything - rock, pop, funk, Latino, EXCEPT HIP HOP (no disrespect to you gangsters!). We’re all 15 and at high school. So if you’re around our age and are interested, e-mail us or check us out at myspace com. We hope to hear from ya! CU Rick, Sally an’ Sam

c) Use the words from part a) and answer one of the chat room messages the phrases can help you.

Hi/Peace/Hello! I'm/we're … years old.

I'm/we're from……. music is my/our style.

l/we write raps/sing/play ….

Everyday English Interviews with the four friends

3. Mediation and communication: A song: Scared of myself

This song is performed by Simon Dawes and appears on the soundtrack in Spider-Man 3 (2007)

May I never become unloved by you May you never have to know

my shadows by the name You're my heroine and you're a rose in my tea May I never become unloved by you.

May I always be on my way to you May I never have to meet the man I'd be alone I'm your criminal and you're my only friend May I always be on my way to you.

Cause I'm scared, scared of myself Oh, I'm scared, scared of myself

Oh, I'm scared, scared of myself without you.

I have found a way to watch over you I have found a way to face the burden of my dreams they are crooked but they're, well they're all I have I have found a way to watch over you.

Yes, I'm scared scared of myself Oh, I'm scared, scared of myself Oh, I'm scared, scared of myself without you. Cause I'm scared, scared of myself without you.

Without you.

Listen to a song. Can you answer a question about why he is scared of himself? What do you need to do to be able to answer this question?

Simon Dawes was a rock band originally from Malibu, California. The band’s current incarnation is Dawes. The band was composed of four friends. Two of its founding members, Taylor Goldsmith (vocals, guitar, keys, lyrics) and Blake Mills (vocals, guitar, and lyrics), began playing music together in junior high at Malibu High School, and their middle names formed the band name. The other two founding members were Grant Powell (bass) and Dylan Grombacher (drums). Their genres include Rock, Indie Rock, and Alternative.

4. More interviews

Watch die interview with the four friends. Read die phrases from die interview and explain what they mean.

• to bring out the inherent nature of the instrument

• our songs are based on our own experience

• the environment you grew up leaves the stamp on you

• it was written on the road

• to arrange a tour

• one performance is worth a bunch of rehearsals

• trace its roots

• teach me their perspective

• approach the situation

• resonate with me

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