Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (5-й рік навчання) - Т. І. Бондар - Методика Паблішинг 2017 рік

Unit 1 It's my life

Language 1 Used to, didn't use

Used to

I am ten years old. It's my first year at middle school. Middle school is a big transition for me.

I went from a class of 15 to a class of 30.

My biggest difficulty is that middle school starts 45 minutes later than my elementary school. I used to start elementary school at 8 in the morning and finish at twelve. In elementary school, we used to learn from one teacher.

She explained everything and answered any and every question, but in middle school there is one teacher per subject. There is also a difference in workload. In elementary school, I used to have about an hour of homework a night, and in middle school it became about two hours. It scares me a bit, but I am getting used to it, and that definitely prepares me for high school.

We use used*to Infinitive to describe past habits or states.

Note that you can talk about past habits using past simple tense with no difference in meaning. However, used to phrase is better to contrast two habits in time and it's more emotional.

1. Your turn: Then and now

a) Talk about things you used to do / like, but don't any more, and what you do / like now. Use the useful phrases from die box.


I used to paint much but now I love taking pictures.

I didn’t use to like healthy food but now I think it’s ok.

Useful phrases

to be interested in

to be good at

to enjoy

to love

to hate to like

2. Match

Match the phrases in the left column with the phrases in the right column.

l used to eat a lot of chocolate but Paul used to study in London but

He used to take the bus to school but

When I was a child I didn’t use to eat cheese

My parents used to go to a very traditional school

I used to really enjoy his company but

She used to play the piano a lot but

We used to go to the beach for our holidays

My father used to ride a motorbike but

When I lived in the city

now he walks.

but now I eat a lot.

now I find him boring.

now I am on a diet.

when we were young children.

I often used to go to the theater.

now he studies in Ukraine.

now she plays the guitar.

where they wore uniforms.

now he drives.

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